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1. Cope Galway Community Catering Website Email
Address: Contact Details:
Telephone: (091) 700800
Email: communitycatering@copegalway.ie
Website: www.copegalway.ie

COPE Galway Community Catering was formerly Meals on Wheels but the name changed in November 2006.

COPE Galway Community Catering is a positive development dedicated to the provision of nutritional support for Galway's older people. COPE Galway Community Catering prepares and delivers over 40,000 hot, nutritious meals per annum to older people in Galway City & County.
Our objective is to assist older people to live their life independently and in their own home if that is their wish.
We provide nutritious, client centered home delivery meals. 

This service can be temporary, in order to assist an older person overcome a recent illness or can become long term, the choice is theirs.
They may receive our meal service for as long as needed and may go on and off service as medical or personal needs change.
We also provide special meals based on medical requirements, some examples include: no salt, coeliac or renal.

There is a nominal fee for our meals. Our meals service is subsidised, delivered by volunteers and is not dependent on income levels. However, some people may be in a position to pay slightly more then those on basic income.

Who can apply?
COPE Galway Community Catering provides daily nutritional support for Galway City's older people.
While our service is primarily for older people it is not exclusively so. We also provide meals to anyone who, through disability or injury, is unable to prepare a hot meal for themselves.


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