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This website is designed for people who wish to find information on all the various support services that are available to them in the West of Ireland.

Twenty different categories are listed in order to make looking for information a bit easier and you can also search by keyword or put in your local town.


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1. Local Employment Service Network Website Email
Address: Contact Details:
122 Bohermore

Galway Peoples' Resource Centre.
St Clares Walk
Merchants' Road
Galway 091 565311

Ballybane Community Resource Centre
Galway 091 768304

Westside Community Resource Centre
Seamus Quirke Road
Galway 091 581955
Email: info@gcples.ie
Website: www.gcp.ie

The Local Employment Service is a free, focussed and respectful Employment Guidance and information service for people who are unemployed or part-time employed and are currently actively job seeking.  As a support to this we can also help you find the training or education course you need to get the job you want.

Our job is to support the individual on their journey back to work. This support is given on a one to one basis and at a realistic speed. While we support people to make sure they have both the training and the experience for work, our main goal is to help people into the work force. Please contact one of the above 4 offices for further information or to book an appointment for assistance.


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