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1. Pathfinders Play Therapy and Creative Psychotherapy Centre Website Email
Address: Contact Details:

Golf Links Road
Roscommon Town

Telephone: 086 0653801
089 4385869
Email: pathfinderstherapycentre@gmail.com
Website: www.facebook.com/pg/Pathfinder...

Pathfinders is a play therapy and creative psychotherapy centre for children and adolescents.

Play therapy can facilitate the optimum growth and development of your child. It is a useful intervention for a range of behavioural, emotional and psychosocial  issues that affect children and young people such as bereavement and loss, low self esteem, bullying, divorce/separation, relationship difficulties, anxiety, learning disabilities, trauma and abuse.

Therapy takes place through one-to-one sessions with a trained play therapist and psychotherapist and parents/guardians are supported throughout the process.


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