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1. Counselling West Website Email
Address: Contact Details:
Co Galway
Contact: Gina Dowd
Telephone: 087 9913179
Email: counsellingwest@gmail.com
Website: www.counsellingwest.ie

My name is Gina Dowd and I work as a Counsellor/ Psychotherapist with Adults, Teenagers and Children. I have been providing counselling and support to individuals and families for over 15 years in various settings.  A qualified Psychotherapist, I trained with the Tivoli Institute in Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy. I am a member of the Irish Association of Counselling Practitioners and am Garda vetted by the HSE.
My initial training was in Social Work. I have worked within both the public and private sector of the HSE and NHS in Ireland and the U.K. Having completed a Degree and Masters in Social Work I gained further training in Bereavement and Loss, Family Therapy, Children and Loss, Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. My experience includes work with Bereaved adults and Children in Hospice and Palliative Care Teams, Adult Survivors of Childhood Abuse, direct work with young Children and Teenagers with anxiety and loss. Personal development in Yoga training with adults and children has enabled me to incorporate and understanding of both body and mind in my counselling approach.

This work offers an opportunity to young children to explore issues of anxiety, loss change or upset that may be happening in their lives. Working alongside parents in family sessions promotes the interaction and communications patterns that facilitate change. All work requires parental consent and initial family consultation. I work with children from age 4+.

Teenagers/ Adolescents
One to one work which supports the sharing of feelings regarding anxiety, change & loss, sexual identity, fears and worries loneliness or frustration. The therapeutic space I offer is an opportunity for a young person to begin to get to know themselves and figure out their own place in the world. Family sessions are offered in consultation with the younger person as a way to encourage communication and facilitate positive change within the family network.

The work of therapy is most often associated with present difficulties and a sense of unease in the world. For many this often relates to childhood memories, experiences and introjections. My training in the psychodynamic and eclectic model affords me the opportunity to work with adults who face many challenges and upsets in their lives. For many feelings of stress, despair or anxiety lead to unhappiness in themselves and confusion around identity and the way forward. I offer adults the opportunity to talks through their concerns in a helpful and supportive way so that a person can make sense of both their feelings in body and mind. Short or long term support is offered depending on individual need and requirements.

The Older Adult
From my experience over the years older people today face many issues which are unique to the 65+ age range. Elder Abuse, Issues of identity, Bereavement and Separation are some of the many issues which face the older adult today. Having worked with older people for most of my career to date I have found that support to enable the older person to express feeling of loss and change due to illness, death or abuse are so important. The support I offer is grounded in an appreciation of the wisdom and challenges faced by many older people today and the opportunity to share and express all that is relevant about ageing today.

The many issues that I deal with include:
Childhood Issues & Trauma, Sexual Identity, Grief, Loss& Relationship Separation Anxiety & Depression, Personal Development, Sexual, Physical & Emotional Abuse, Self Esteem Confidence & Assertiveness.

People to Contact

Gina Dowd
087 9913179


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