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1. Youthreach Tuam Website
Address: Contact Details:
Ballygaddy Road
Co. Galway
Contact: Michael McDonagh
Telephone: 093 - 26246
Website: http://galwayroscommon.etb.ie/...

YOUTHREACH Tuam was established in 1997 and is located in North Galway. It is a 25 person Centre and runs a number of B.T.E.I programmes. Youthreach Tuam aims to provide a programme of education, training and work experience for young people who have left school. While with us, our participants develop skills, knowledge and attitudes that will unblock barriers to learning and help them eventually to enter the world of work.

Youthreach Objectives

The programme is intended to facilitate young people in returning to learning and preparing for employment and adult life. Its general objectives are as follows:

Personal and social development and increased self-esteem
Second-chance education and introductory level training
The promotion of independence, personal autonomy, active citizenship and a pattern of lifelong learning
Integration into further education and training opportunities and the labour market
The promotion of social inclusion.

The programme consists of a Foundation Phase, which develops the skills essential for further learning, and a Progression Phase that allows for further development through education, training and work experience options. Trainees are presented with the opportunity to complete the FETAC Level 3 Certificate, a number of Level 4 modules and the Leaving Certificate Applied if they wish.

Subjects on Offer:

FETAC - Level 3:
Computer Literacy
Food & Cookery
Graphic Communications
Office Procedures
Personal Effectiveness
Preparation for Work
Work Orientation
Work Experience
Health Related Fitness.

FETAC – Level 4:
Information Technology
Craft Modules

People to Contact

Michael McDonagh


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