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1. Roscommon County Council Housing Department Website Email
Address: Contact Details:

Áras on Chontae


County Roscommon

F42 VR98

Telephone: Tel: 09066 37100
Email: info@roscommoncoco.ie
Website: www.roscommoncoco.ie/en/Servic...

The overall aim of Housing Policy is to:

  • Provide and facilitate the provision of suitable accommodation to those unable to provide it from their own resources.
  • Provide assistance to people to acquire and upgrade accommodation to meet their accommodation needs, in accordance with Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government policies and guidelines.
  • Maintain and manage existing housing stock and promote good estate management practices, and develop sustainable communities where people are happy to live and in which all residents can participate and prosper.

The core activities carried out by the Housing Department are:

  • The Housing Construction Programme including the purchase of dwellings.
  • The Assessment of Housing Needs, the allocation of Local Authority dwellings, and the assessment and collection of housing rents.
  • The promotion of home ownership through Tenant Purchase Schemes, Annuity and Shared Ownership loan schemes and affordable housing schemes and reconstruction loans.
  • The improvement of accommodation for elderly and disabled persons through financial assistance under the Housing Adaptation Grant Schemes for Older People and People with a Disability.
  • Rental Accommodation Scheme and Long Term Social Leasing.
  • Assisting Voluntary Organisations to provide accommodation for qualifying persons.
  • The provision and management of Traveller Accommodation.
  • The provision of Low Cost Sites.
  • The registration of Private Rented Dwellings.

Public Opening Hours

9.30am - 5.30 pm Monday - Friday
Closed for Lunch 1.00pm - 2.00pm


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