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1. Counselling and Psychotherapy Email
Address: Contact Details:
Castlebar Counselling & Therapy Centre
Clogher, Breaffy
Co. Mayo
Telephone: 0879683155
Email: duffyj123@hotmail.com

I am an accredited Psychotherapist with IAHIP and have private practice in Castlebar Counselling and Therapy Centre. I am in Supervision for my clinical practice. I am working with clients with relationship difficulties, neglect/abuse in childhood, anxiety, depression, addiction, suicide, grief, loss, self esteem and many other issues.     I offer a warm and supportive servuce and work from a Humanistic and Integrative Orientation.    I deeply value the humanity of my client and I offer a consistent acceptance and compassion towards them where they can feel safe to explore what is going on for them and can become empowered to take the necessary steps to grow and self-actualise.


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