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1. Mayo County Council Housing Department Website Email
Address: Contact Details:
Ground Floor
Mayo County Council
Aras an Chontae
The Mall
Telephone: Phone: (094)902 44 44
Email: Housing@mayococo.ie
Website: www.mayococo.ie/en/Services/Ho...

Housing Schemes and Services


•Rental Accomodation Scheme
•Local Authority Housing - Local authorities are the main providers of housing for people who are in need of housing and who cannot afford it from their resources.
•Voluntary Housing Capital Assistance Scheme - Under this scheme voluntary housing bodies provide accommodation, generally one or two bedroomed units, to meet special housing needs such as those of the elderly, disabled, homeless or smaller families.
Rental Subsidy Scheme - Under this scheme, voluntary housing bodies provide housing for renting particularly to meet the needs of low income families.
•Tenant Purchase Scheme - If you have been a tenant of a local authority house for at least one year, you may apply to the local authority from which you rent your house to purchase it either outright or by way of shared ownership.
•Shared Ownership System - offers home ownership in a number of steps to those who cannot afford full ownership in one step in the traditional way.
•Affordable Housing Scheme - Under this scheme new houses are provided by local authorities on land, which they own at discounted prices to eligible purchasers.
•Low cost housing sites - Under this scheme, a local authority may make housing sites available at low cost which may be as little as €127 per site. To be eligible for one of these sites, you must be a person whose application for local authority housing has been approved by the local authority.
•Mortgage Allowance Scheme - If you are a tenant or tenant purchaser of a local authority house returning your existing house to the local authority and taking out a mortgage of at least €38,092 to purchase a house or to have a house built for yourself, you may qualify for a mortgage allowance.
•Disabled Persons Grant - Under this scheme, a local authority may make a grant for the provision of additional accommodation or necessary works of adaptation to your house to meet the needs of a member of the household who is disabled. The grant may be up to 90% of the approved costs.
•Mayo County Council also provides a number of other services including:
•Voluntary Housing Schemes and
•Local Authority Loans for home purchase and improvement Charter for Rented Housing
• Taking In Charge Policy For Housing Developments

Mayo County Council’s policy in relation to taking in charge of housing developments /estates is now available to view online.

•Taking In Charge Policy For Housing Developments (PDF Format)
•Taking In Charge Policy For Housing Developments (MS Word Format)
•Taking In Charge Of Housing Developments Application Form (PDF Format)
•Taking In Charge Of Housing Developments Application Form (MS Word Format)
Please read on to find out more information on our services, or feel free to contact your local Mayo County Council office:

Ballina Office          (096) 76100

Ballinrobe Office     (094) 9541111

Belmullet Office      (097) 81004

Castlebar Office     (094) 9024444

Claremorris Office   (094) 9362954

Swinford Office      (094) 9251495

Westport Office      (098) 50400

Opening Hours: 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
and 2:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.


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