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1. Hypnotherapy by Helplink Website Email
Address: Contact Details:

1st Floor
The Plaza
Headford Road

Telephone: 091 759887
Email: helplinksupport@helplink.ie
Website: www.helplink.ie/counselling/hy...

Hypnotherapy provided by Helplink Support Services

Hypnotherapy is a specialised form of psychotherapy involving a deep state of relaxation called hypnosis. During hypnosis, skilled verbal communication is used to help direct a client’s imagination in such a way as to bring about intended change in the client’s internal perceptions (such as feelings, thoughts and bodily sensations) and behaviour.

Professional Clinical Hypnotherapy is a very safe and effective form of therapy and it is applied to a range of medical and psychological problems and to enhance motivation, change, improve skills.

People use hypnotherapy for: anxiety and stress conditions, smoking cessation, weight management and addictive behaviour, confidence issues, IBS and depression.


Standard Hypnotherapy Appointment: a talking therapy based on the professional relationship between you and your therapist involving therapeutic interventions and hypnosis. The aim is to tailor interventions to meet your personal needs in a best possible way in order to construct solutions that work for you. 

  • Initial Appointment (to assess a person’s particular needs) – €50.
  • Subsequent Appointments – €65

Special Weight Clinic: New technique based on gastric band fitting and state of the art technology including 4 sessions for only €200!

Special Smoking Clinic: Condensed 1 session approach based on a combination of techniques and with state of the art technology for only €145!

Our specialist Hypnotherapist’s name is Katja Keane. Katja has also been fully Garda vetted by Helplink Support Services CLG.

Contact: talk to us at (091) 759887 or email us at helplinksupport@helplink.ie 



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