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1. Sinéad Brody Addicion Counselling and Psychotherapy service Website Email
Address: Contact Details:

Swangate,                                                                The Dancing Soul,

Athenry,                                                                          Monksland        

Co. Galway                                                                      Athlone

                                                                                  Co. Westmeath

Ballybane Enterprise Centre,



Contact: Sinead Brody
Telephone: 087 1499633
Email: sinead.brody@gmail.com
Website: www.thedancingsoul.ie/sinead-b...

Online (video) counselling available nationwide from your home/private setting or from two different locations if you are apart for work etc.
In person at our Galway City offices (face-to-face appointments).
If your relationship is in distress or if you experience:

Addiction Counselling in all areas of Addiction i.e Alcohol, Gambling, Drug misuse, Eating Disorders, Compulsive Impulsive Behaviours. 

Poor communication (tools and skills will be introduced to achieve results)
Trust issues
Lack of intimacy (tools & skills will be introduced to establish deeper levels of intimacy)
Incompatibility (issues might be explored to establish mutual goals for you live together as a couple & family)
Domestic violence
Spectrum of psychological disorders including Alcoholism, depression, anxiety, Erectile Dysfunction, psycho-sexual issues etc Ref: http://www.minddisorders.com/Br-Del/Couples-therapy.html
Maybe you notice that things just aren’t ‘right’, and need some objectivity to explore what’s going on.
The Goal of couple’s therapy is to identify stresses and devise a treatment plan designed to establish harmony and alleviate relational distress.

The Objective is to restore healthy functioning, so that the couple can move forward in their lives.

People to Contact

Sinead Brody
087 1499633


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