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1. HSE Roscommon Alcohol and Behavioural Addiction Counselling Website
Address: Contact Details:

Primary Care Centre,

HSE West,

Golflinks Road,


Co Roscommon.

Contact: James Dooney
Telephone: 0906665050
Website: hse.ie

The HSE Alcohol and Behavioural Addiction Counselling Service provide support to those who may have a concern about their alcohol use or feel they may have a difficulty with a behavioural addiction such as gambling, eating, internet or sex addictions.

Services provided must be referred through Roscommon Mental Health Service by GP and directed to the Co-ordinator Roscommon Mental Health Service, 2nd Floor Roscommon Primary Care Centre, Golf Links Road, Roscommon.  tel.  0906665050

Services Provided include,




                                    One-to-one addiction counselling.



                 People to contact

                        John Wynne, 


                        James Dooney,


People to Contact

James Dooney

John Wynne


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