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1. Gambling Problem / Addiction Counselling Service (free) Website Email
Address: Contact Details:

Avaiable Nationwide Online or by Phone 7 Days a Week & Out-of-Hours

Contact: Administration Gambling Problem Counselling Service
Telephone: 0818 998880
091 759887
Email: gamblingsupport@helplink.ie
Email: helplinksupport@helplink.ie
Website: helplink.ie

Helplink Mental Health, a mental ehalth chartiy with a suite of counselling services for children, young people and adults alike, has joined forces with the Gambling Awareness Trust to provide a national gambling addiction / gambling dependency counselling service that is available for free; 7 days a week and out-of-hours.

This service is available through online counselling (like Skype but more secure) or phone counselling nationwide.

GPCS by Helplink is funded via the Gambling Awareness Trust an independent charity setup in 2019 to fund research, education and treatment services to help minimise gambling related harm in Ireland.

Service Appointment Opening hours:

  • 9 am to 9 pm Monday to Friday
  • 12 to 6 pm Saturday and Sunday
  • Closed on Bank Holidays and Christmas/New Year’s Eve

Age Restrictions:

This service is for young people (16 to 18 years) and adults alike. However, Helplink must have written permission (by email) from the young person’s parent or guardian before the appointments can begin.


Appointments are available for people over 16 years of age experiencing gambling issues/problems/addictions and their family members; who may be affected by their loved one’s gambling.

Each client is assigned a minimum of six free appointments in a 12-month period. If your Counsellor feels you may need more and you are in agreement, then they can allot a further three or six free appointments.

If you want to cancel or postpone your appointment you must do so 48 hours in advance. Consequently, if you do not cnacel or postpone in time you will lose one of the free appointments.

Your first appointment will be one hour long in order for you  to go over the counselling contract (which will be provided to you before the appointment begins via email), an initial assessment and risk assessment after this all appointments are 50 minutes long.

How does it work?

You contact us by emailing gamblingsupport@helplink.ie or by phone to 0818 99 88 80 to arrange an appointment or to get more information.

Once you have asked for an appointment you will have two options to engage with your Counsellor:

  • through online counselling (the best option as you can see your Counsellor and they can see you – it’s like Skype but more secure)
  • through phone counselling

When you have chosen your appointment method our administrators will email you, detailing your appointment date/time for your appointment.

You will also receive an email with all the details for engaging with your Counsellor/appointment and you will also receive some documentation about the service.


We do not provide a crisis service. People seriously contemplating suicide or in need of immediate help should go to their local A&E. Dial 999 for assistance.

Our national phone number is not a crisis helpline it is used to provide information about the service and to arrange appointments.

For some other useful resources and supports for help with problem/compulsive gambling please go to our website helplink.ie and click on the Gambling Counselling page.


People to Contact

Administration Gambling Problem Counselling Service
0818 998880

Administration Helplink
091 759887


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