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1. Galway Rural Development Website Email
Address: Contact Details:
Galway Rural Development Co. Ltd.
Mellows Campus,
Co. Galway
Telephone: 091 844335
Email: grd@grd.ie
Website: www.grd.ie

GRD administers the Local Community Development Programme (LCDP), and the Rural Development Programme (RDP). GRD also administers the Rural Social Scheme, the North East Galway Rural Transport Programme, Homestart and sponsors a Community Employment Scheme providing maintenance work for local communities and clerical and administrative support

GRD recognises that funding alone will not result in sustainable development, GRD therefore has two roles. a) Developmental support - over the course of the above programmes GRD works to ensure that communities and individuals in the rural areas of County Galway are provided with relevant information, enabled to identify their own local needs and act on these. Through our staff, GRD offers support and guidance to local communities and individuals. This is facilitated through promotion campaigns, public meetings, workshops and seminars. b) Grant aid for specific projects – while the work within GRD is carried out synonymously across both the Social Inclusion Programme and the Rural Development Programme, there are separate guidelines for each.

Eligibility for grant aid varies according to each programme and measures therein. This is outlined in the relevant sections on the different programmes. The company operates across its programmes under three teams.

    Community Development
    Enterprise/Services to the Unemployed
    Education/Training and Youth


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