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1. INCADDS// Irish National Council of Attention Deficit Disorder Support Groups Website Email
Address: Contact Details:
Unit 17A Ballybane Enterprise Centre,
Ballybane, Galway.
Contact: Rose Kavanagh
Telephone: 091 755090
Email: info@incadds.ie
Website: www.incadds.ie

Information, Support .  

To raise awareness of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.
To facilitate, inform and promote training opportunities for those involved in service provision to people effected by ADHD.
To help develop policies on ADHD.
To develop appropriate networks and strategic links with relevant bodies at local, national and international level.
To promote activities appropriate to the needs of people affected by ADHD.
to promote and undertake training, Education and rehabilitation for persons suffering from ADHD.
The relatioship between ADHD and Substance Misuse.
Gaining Knowledge on the size and scope of the problem.
Early detection and treatment for children and adolescents with ADHD.
Development of evidence.   ICASA www.adhdandsubstanceabuse.org/about ICASA.

People to Contact

Rose Kavanagh
091 755090


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