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1. Mental Health Ireland Website Email
Address: Contact Details:

1-4 Adelaide Road,
Co. Dublin

Galway Development Officer,
Nicola Morley-Kilmartin
Jigsaw Galway
Fairgreen Road
Galway City


Contact: Nicola Morley - Area Development Officer – Galway City & County
Telephone: 01 284 1166 Galway
Email: info@mentalhealthireland.ie
Website: www.mentalhealthireland.ie/

Mental Health Ireland is a national voluntary organisation which was established in 1966 as the Mental Health Association of Ireland. MHI’s aim is to promote positive mental health and wellbeing to all individuals and communities in Ireland. We have a network of 92 Mental Health Associations throughout the country, all led by volunteers. Our Mental Health Associations fundraise to organise outings and events for those struggling with mental health in their communities.

The organisation’s core staff includes a CEO and support staff who operate at a national level and a team of Area Development Officers in regional areas of the country.

Our Area Development Officers support the Mental Health Associations and deliver awareness-raising initiatives and targeted education and training programmes on mental health issues in a variety of settings in local communities.

Our Mission

Mental Health Ireland promotes positive mental health and wellbeing to all individuals and communities, and through our network of Mental Health Associations, we support people who experience mental health difficulties on their journey of recovery.

Our Vision

MHI’s vision is for an Ireland where mental health is valued as being an essential part of personal wellbeing and the health of the nation. MHI will lead the way in informing Irish society’s understanding of mental health and fostering a culture where people with mental health difficulties are respected and supported.

Our Values & Beliefs

We believe that everyone is entitled to inclusion in society and opportunity for personal fulfilment;
We believe in the right of everyone to be treated with dignity, respect and equality;
We believe in the right of those experiencing mental health difficulties to be supported in their recovery;
We are committed to transparency in our work and compliance with the highest ethical standards.

People to Contact

Nicola Morley - Area Development Officer – Galway City & County
086 3837607

Teresa Keane - Area Development Officer – Mayo and Roscommon
087 1679549


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