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1. The Asthma Society of Ireland Website Email
Address: Contact Details:

Asthma Society of Ireland
42-43 Amiens Street,
Dublin 1

Telephone: 01 8178886
Email: office@asthmasociety.ie
Website: www.asthma.ie/

The Asthma Society's vision is for Ireland to take a leading role in Europe by developing an integrated public health approach to asthma management, delivering evidence based care; enabling patients to enjoy optimal asthma control and quality of life.

The Asthma Society of Ireland's mission is to optimise asthma control through support, education, effecting change and research.

The Asthma Society of Ireland has a clearly defined role in providing support services for people living with asthma. With over 470,000 people living with asthma in this country alone, we actively engage with the general public, healthcare professionals, the government, third party organisations and other stakeholders to keep asthma high on the agenda.


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