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This website is designed for people who wish to find information on all the various support services that are available to them in the West of Ireland.

Twenty different categories are listed in order to make looking for information a bit easier and you can also search by keyword or put in your local town.


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1. Ballybane Community Resource Centre Website Email
Address: Contact Details:
Ballybane Community Resource Centre,
Telephone: 091-768300
Email: reception@bcrc.ie
Website: www.gcp.ie

We provide a drop-in service for people from the community seeking advice and or referrals about education, training, access, finances, migrants rights, housing, form filling, etc. We provide practical assistance in the form of photocopying, faxing and printing documents. We support children from 0-10 years and all adults. We provide support & information to community & voluntary groups in the community. We run a range of accredited and unaccredited courses in the community ranging from cookery, zumba, stress management, sewing machine use, wood turning, car maintenance, organic gardening, forging & welding, women's & men's DIY, beauty specialism, childcare, and more. We provide a range of other ad-hoc services responding to the needs in the community at any given time.


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