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1. The Learning Curve Institute Website Email
Address: Contact Details:
The Learning Curve Institute
Co Mayo
Contact: Anne Printer
Telephone: 098 25530
Email: info@thelearningcurve.ie
Website: www.thelearningcurve.ie

The Learning Curve Institute is a registered FETAC provider delivering easily accessible, superior quality, innovative training and education programmes across a wide spectrum of higher education.

Amongst other topics, The Learning Curve Institute is a provider of addiction specific FETAC accreddited courses, available to the general public, and a provider of quality in-house training to organisations working within the addiction field.

The primary objective of The Learning Curve Institute is the provision of student-centred, high quality, easily accessible education and training in a range of disciplines to students of different ages and backgrounds.
The Institute is a registered provider of internationally recognized, FETAC accredited courses and programmes.
There is a distinct emphasis on delivering education programmes in areas of Ireland that may not benefit from the vast range of educational opportunities that exist within cities. The Learning Curve Institute is committed to creating and developing a wide range of FETAC accredited courses part time programmes that meet the current needs of the public and to provide these training programmes at times where there will be as little disruption to the students’ life as possible.

People to Contact

Anne Printer
098 25530


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