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1. Post Polio Support Group Website Email
Address: Contact Details:

Unit 319 Capel Building,
Mary's Abbey,
Dublin 7,

Telephone: (01) 889 8920
Email: info@ppsg.ie
Website: www.ppsg.ie/

The Post Polio Support Group CLG (PPSG) is a charitable organisation set up by Polio Survivors to assist their fellow survivors.


Regular meetings are held countrywide at which Polio Survivors can get together.  This can provide a focus for sharing information on the Late Effects of Polio, often with the help of specialist practitioners who frequently attend the meetings by arrangement.  If there is not a social support meeting near you and you have ideas for meeting with other Polio Survivors please let us know by telephone at 01 889 8920 or E-mail  info@ppsg.ie.


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