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1. UCD School of Psychology - Disability Studies Website
Address: Contact Details:

Dublin 4

Telephone: (01) 716 7225
Website: www.ucd.ie/

The Centre for Disability Studies was established in 2002 with the appointment of the NDA Chair in Disability Studies at University College Dublin and joined The School of Psychology within The College of Human Sciences in September 2005.
The Centre is dedicated to the emerging field of disability studies, a multi- and inter-disciplinary area of research, teaching, training, and practice that aims to develop a better understanding of disability.

This includes looking at the nature of disability (both historically and currently), the impact of disability on people with disabilities, their families and wider social context, and how services can met the needs and maximise the potential of people with disabilities and their families.

Through the MSc in Rehabilitation and Disability Studies and the various research projects based in the Centre, we work to make a contribution to national and international understanding and practice in the field of Disability Studies.


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