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1. ASC Website Email
Address: Contact Details:
Market Lane
Galway City Centre
Telephone: 091 447111
Email: info@ascgalway.ie
Website: www.ascgalway.ie

ASC is a non-judgemental, respectful, caring and confidential service that provides counselling and support for people who have or feel they may have a problem with alcohol and/or drugs. At ASC it is recognised that people may require help and support for many different aspects of their alcohol and/or drug use ranging from wondering if you have a problem, to managing more serious and devastating consequences of your drug and/or alcohol use. ASC also provides addiction counselling for those who know they have a problem and need support as they address these issues.
In addition ASC provides support and counselling for parents, partners and siblings of a person suffering from alcoholism/addiction.
ASC does not judge or label, instead ASC provides a safe, accepting and supportive environment with a qualified addiction counsellor in which your issues can be explored and addressed at a pace that suits you.


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