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1. Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind Website Email
Address: Contact Details:

National Headquarters and Training Centre,
Model Farm Road,
Cork City,

Telephone: Locall: 1850 506 300
Email: info@guidedogs.ie
Website: www.guidedogs.ie/

Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind is a national charity dedicated to helping people improve their mobility and independence.
The charity provides training for persons who are blind or vision impaired and also for the families of children with autism.

All services are provided free of charge and training takes place at our newly redeveloped residential National Headquarters and Training Centre which is located on Model Farm Road, Cork City.

Our Vision Impaired Services are available to people throughout the Republic of Ireland, who are blind or vision impaired and include:

Guide Dog Mobility Training
Orientation and Mobility (Long Cane) Training
Independent Living Skills Training
We also have an Assistance Dog Programme, where we provide trained Assistance Dogs to families of children with autism.


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