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Community & Voluntary support services in Roscommon

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1. Ballyfarnon Community Council View More Details on Ballyfarnon Community Council
Address: Contact Details:
Ballyfarnon, Boyle
Contact: Mary Shivnan
Telephone: 078 47096

People to Contact

Mary Shivnan

2. Callow Community Centre View More Details on Callow Community Centre
Address: Contact Details:
Callow, Frenchpark
Contact: Margaret Neary
Telephone: 0907 70602

People to Contact

Margaret Neary

3. Cootehall Community Centre View More Details on Cootehall Community Centre
Address: Contact Details:
Cootehall P.O., Boyle
Contact: Francis Dowd
Telephone: 079 67001

People to Contact

Francis Dowd

4. Creeve Community Centre View More Details on Creeve Community Centre
Address: Contact Details:
Kye, Elphin
Contact: Paddy Farrell
Telephone: 078 35275

People to Contact

Paddy Farrell

5. Croí- The West of Ireland Cardiac Foundation View More Details on Croí- The West of Ireland Cardiac Foundation Visit the Croí- The West of Ireland Cardiac Foundation Website Email Croí- The West of Ireland Cardiac Foundation
Address: Contact Details:
Croí House,
Moyola Lane,
Telephone: 091 544310
Email: info@croi.ie
Website: www.croi.ie

A range of specialised Cardiac Health and lifestyle Programmes are now available in the Croí Heart and Stroke Centre.

  • Heart Smart
  • Cardiac Fitness Assessment
  • 6 Week Back to Fitness' Programme
  • Specialist Cardiac Dietetic Consultation
  • Weight  Management
  • Yoga
  • Specialised Physiotherapy and Exercise Prescription
  • Croi Health Wise Programme
  • Low Functioning Exercise Class
  • Walking Football

6. Drum Road Community Centre View More Details on Drum Road Community Centre
Address: Contact Details:
Drum Road, Summerhill, Athlone
Contact: Paddy Kelly
Telephone: 0902 92200

People to Contact

Paddy Kelly

7. Family Carers Ireland View More Details on Family Carers Ireland Visit the Family Carers Ireland Website Email Family Carers Ireland
Address: Contact Details:
Barrack Street,
Co Galway
091 880418

The Glebe
Co Galway
093 70022

The Harlequin Plaza
Garvey Way
Co Mayo
086 3775702

Castle Street
Roscommon Town
Co. Roscommon
090 6627698
086 8099494
Contact: Ann Gardiner
Telephone: (091) 880418
Email: info@familycarers.ie
Website: www.familycarers.ie/

Family Carers Ireland is a registered charity (number CHY 10962) and a company limited by guarantee, emerging from the coming together of two long standing charities of over 25 years – The Carers Association and Caring for Carers in 2016. The merger brings the best of both charities together whilst broadening the range of services and supports to family carers and giving one national voice to represent fairness for carers. 

See our website for all the services that Family Carers Ireland has to offer.

Carer Groups

Family Carers Ireland runs carer groups all over the country. These groups meet regularly, usually once a month. The carers that attend set the agenda. Carers often use the time to share coping strategies and local information in addition to offering emotional support. Guest speakers such as Public Health Nurses, HSE and Social Welfare experts are invited to meetings to address carers on issues of interest to them. Groups provide a valuable opportunity to meet others with similar caring experiences. Indeed this is how many enduring friendships began.

Groups are also integral to the operation of Family Carers Ireland. We operate on the basis of group membership because it believes that local networks best promote inclusion and support at local, regional and national levels. Groups play a vital role in promoting recognition of the identity, contribution and needs of family carers, in articulating existing and emerging need and in representing family carers’ issues both to policymakers and to the general community. The organisation recognises three categories of group as eligible for membership in this capacity: local groups, regional forums and virtual groups.

Five or more members coming together with the same goals and meeting on a regular basis may form a group affiliated with Family Carers Ireland. Members of FCI groups will be united by a common bond, which could simply be a shared geographical area, or caring for family members with a condition in common, e.g. parents of children with Autism / ADHD.

There are three different fee options in relation to membership:

An annual subscription fee of €10, (€8 for group members) enables you to become a full member of FCI and add your voice to that of other family carers.
In addition, full members can, on payment of an annual €10 supplementary fee, avail of a discount card which entitles you to our negotiated exclusive deals.
Some groups may opt to become Associate Members of Family Carers Ireland, for €250 per group per annum.
Your membership fee helps to fund a range of services to carers and their families.

Carer groups allow carers to:

  • share their experiences, feelings, ideas, concerns, information and problems
  • access information on their rights and entitlements
  • act together to highlight carers issues with decision makers
  • have a sense of connection with other family carers in similar circumstances
  • have a break from the caring situation
  • relax, socialise and learn from other carers
  • cope from day to day

People to Contact

Ann Gardiner
(086) 0271454

8. Family Life Centre View More Details on Family Life Centre Visit the Family Life Centre Website Email Family Life Centre
Address: Contact Details:

Military Rd
Co. Roscommon


Telephone: 071 9663000
Email: info@boylefrc.ie
Website: www.boylefamilyresourcecentre....

The centre has a very varied and extensive programme of workshops, support groups, creative groups, personal growth, counselling and
psychotherapy, violence against women services, parent care, health and relaxation therapies, men's and women's groups/services.

It is managed by a voluntary management committee, which comprises of members of the local community.

Counselling and Psychotherapy

Available Monday to Friday, day and evening.

It is available in as far as possible at a time to suit the individual, family or couple and is by appointment only.

Emergency times are available

The cost is on a sliding scale and is negotiable.

Our Therapists have a wide range of training and experience. We provide person-centred, humanistic, psycho-dynamic, integrative and cognitive behaviour approaches.

9. IASE View More Details on IASE Visit the IASE Website Email IASE
Address: Contact Details:

No 3 Broadhaven House
Lower Barrack Street
Co Mayo


Contact: Sarah Togher
Telephone: 00 353 97 82894
00 353 97 82895
Email: info@iase.ie
Email: admin@iase.ie
Email: media@iase.ie
Website: www.iase.ie

IASE (Irish Association of Supported Employment) is a national voluntary organisation which was established in February 1994 with the aim of promoting and developing supported employment throughout Ireland.  IASE is the representative voice of almost 800 members in Ireland who in turn work with over 5,000 people with disabilities who are receiving supports through a range of supported employment initiatives.  The organisation is currently funded by the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government under the white paper for voluntary services.

IASE is a nationwide service.


People to Contact

Sarah Togher
097 82894

10. Kilbride Community Centre, Sports Hall & Gym View More Details on Kilbride Community Centre, Sports Hall & Gym
Address: Contact Details:
Four Mile House

Co Roscommon
Contact: Bernie Kearney
Telephone: 090 6629779 / 090 6629949

People to Contact

Bernie Kearney

11. Martin Dooney Counselling & Psychotherapy View More Details on Martin Dooney Counselling & Psychotherapy Visit the Martin Dooney Counselling & Psychotherapy Website Email Martin Dooney Counselling & Psychotherapy
Address: Contact Details:
Main Street
Co. Roscommon
F45 F6W4
Telephone: 0876433684
Email: martin.dooney1@gmail.com
Website: martindooney.com

I offer a safe, confidential and supportive environment to explore problems you may be experiencing. The aim of Counselling/Psychotherapy is to provide an opportunity for you to work towards living in a more satisfying and resourceful way. You may attend therapy to help with a specific problem, to help resolve conflicts in your life or simply to gain greater confidence.

I work with people experiencing a range of difficulties including...
•Addiction and Dependency
•Bereavement & Loss
•Confidence & Self-Esteem
•Family Issues
•Panic Attacks
•Obsessive Thinking
•Personal Development
•Relationship Issues
•Sex and Sexuality
•Work Issues

If you wish to book an appointment either face-to-face or on Skype or Google Hangouts, you can contact me on 087-6433684 or by emailing martin

12. Roscommon Friendly Call Service View More Details on Roscommon Friendly Call Service Visit the Roscommon Friendly Call Service Website Email Roscommon Friendly Call Service
Address: Contact Details:
Roscommon LEADER Partnership Company,
Unit 12, Tower B,
Roscommon West Business Park,
Golf Links Road, Roscommon Town,
Co. Rosocmmon
Contact: Sandra Quigley
Telephone: 09066 30252
Email: sandra@ridc.ie
Website: www.rosleaderpartnership.ie

Roscommon Friendly Call Service is a free and confidential telephone service offered to people living in County Roscommon. this service is managed by trained volunteers and workers, and is available from Monday to Friday each week.

Interested people will be contacted at a pre agreed time. There will be plenty of time for a chat, to find out useful information, talk about current and local events, and if required, find ways of linking in with other local services.

You can arrange how often you recieve a call with the Friendly Call worker. All calls last a maximum of ten minutes.

People to Contact

Sandra Quigley
090 6630252

13. Roscommon Leader Partnership View More Details on Roscommon Leader Partnership Visit the Roscommon Leader Partnership Website Email Roscommon Leader Partnership
Address: Contact Details:
Roscommon West Business Park
Golf Links Road
Telephone: 09066 30252
Email: info@rosleaderpartnership.ie
Website: www.rosleaderpartnership.ie

Please see our website for details of schemes and services

14. Roscommon Women's Network View More Details on Roscommon Women's Network Visit the Roscommon Women's Network Website Email Roscommon Women's Network
Address: Contact Details:
Unit 5,
The Old Mill,
Co. Roscommon
Contact: Nora Fahy - Manager
Telephone: 0949 621690
Email: info@rwn.ie
Website: www.rwn.ie

The Roscommon Women’s Network is an organisation providing services, training and supports to the women of Roscommon and their families.We are committed to equality, empowerment and the development of our communities.


We have many supports open to both men and women available at the Roscommon Women’s Network Centre in Castlerea.


We offer a range of counselling services including:

    General Counselling
    Addiction Counselling (Drug and Alcohol)
    Domestic Violence Counselling
    Low cost counselling.

For any further information on any of the above, contact Roscommon Women’s Network 094 9621690.

People to Contact

Nora Fahy - Manager

15. The Wheel View More Details on The Wheel Visit the The Wheel Website Email The Wheel
Address: Contact Details:

Irish Social Finance Centre
10 Grattan Crescent
Dublin 8

Telephone: (01) 454 8727
Email: info@wheel.ie
Website: www.wheel.ie/

The Wheel is a support and representative body connecting Community and Voluntary organisations across Ireland. Established with a mandate from over 200 organisations and individuals, The Wheel has evolved to become a resource centre and forum for the Community and Voluntary sector.

16. Vita House Family Centre View More Details on Vita House Family Centre Visit the Vita House Family Centre Website Email Vita House Family Centre
Address: Contact Details:

Abbey Street
Co. Roscommon

Telephone: 090 6625898
Email: vitahouse@eircom.net
Website: www.vitahouse.org

Vita House Family Centre is a community and voluntary organization located in Roscommon town which provides a holistic service to the community, including a wide range of enrichment and family support programmes, courses, seminars and workshops.  Professional counselling  / psychotherapy and family mediation services are offered.

Vita House also engages in ongoing research and outreach programmes as requested by the local community and groups in the community.

Born out of the Christian Tradition, Vita House Family Centre, a voluntary organisation is open to all faiths.   It aims to:

    facilitate the community to identify their needs and develop services accordingly

    provide a space and place of listening during times of crisis

    address disadvantage in its many forms and maintain the
    focus on vulnerable / marginalized groups in research and in developing services

    offer outreach, especially to disadvantaged groups and ethnic minorities

    facilitate ethnic and minority groups in analysing and responding to their needs

    promote the well-being of the family and to value the uniqueness of each person, irrespective of age, status, social class or religion

    adopt a holistic approach recognising the emotional, physical, social and spiritual dimensions of the human person

    work in co-operation with all agencies and bodies in the statutory and voluntary sectors whose focus is the well-being of family in its diverse forms



17. Work4You - Acquired Brain Injury Ireland View More Details on Work4You - Acquired Brain Injury Ireland Visit the Work4You - Acquired Brain Injury Ireland Website Email Work4You - Acquired Brain Injury Ireland
Address: Contact Details:
Acquired Brain Injury Ireland
Upper Chapel Street
Co., Mayo
Contact: Mairead Bradley
Telephone: 0949026630
012804164 ext 301
Email: work4you@abiireland.ie
Email: mbradley@abiireland.ie
Website: www.abiireland.ie

Work4You is a vocational assessment service for people who have an acquired brain injury (ABI) and who want to return to work, training or education. Work4You also provides essential ABI information and education for employers, tutors and trainers who are supporting people affected by an ABI. ABI Ireland has three Work4You teams located in the Border, Midlands and West Region. Each team includes an Occupational Therapist and two Vocational Facilitators who will carry out one-to-one assessments as well as providing on-going vocational guidance and support. Every Work4You participant will be supported to develop a Personal Progression Plan (PPP) which will enable them to set, and achieve goals relating to education, training and employment. The west team covers the counties Mayo, Galway, Roscommon, Sligo, Leitrim and Donegal.

A full Work4You assessment is carried out by an Occupational Therapist, highlighting each Work4You participants work skills, knowledge and experience. The Work4You team use Valpar assessment tools while also taking a holistic look at the participants’ life. Focusing on the individuals functional and work capacity, identifying transferrable skills.
Work4You will:
- Give the individual a chance to get involved in tasks which they may find more challenging, such as identify areas of work they find difficult or impossible to do
- Provide assistance in setting vocational goals; which include outlining potential work, training and education options
- Ensure that those with an ABI receive feedback, recommendations and strategies with which they can build on their vocational strength
- Develop a sustainable working environment for both the employee, employer, student, tutor and trainer. 

Work4You referrals can be made by the person with an ABI, a family member, or employer as well as healthcare and allied professionals. Work4You participants must meet the following criteria:
- Have sustained an ABI
- Live in counties Donegal, Sligo, Leitrim, Mayo, Roscommon, Galway, Offaly, Longford, Westmeath, Louth, Cavan, Monaghan or Laois
- 16-65 years
- Receive a Department of Social Protection payment
- Be approved by the Department of Social Protection to participate in Work4You

ABI Ireland will coordinate an eligibility check on behalf of the Department of Social Protection. Once approval has been received the Work4You team will begin to work with the individual to ensure an effective Personal Progression Plan is put in place to help them return to work, training or education. In the event of someone not being eligible for this programme, the team will link them in with appropriate community support services.

Work4You is funded by the Department of Social Protection and the European Social Fund under the Disability Activation Project (DACT). The programme ‘Work4You’ is the first community based neuro-assessment service of its kind in Ireland.

The Work4You hub for the West and North-West Region is located at Upper Chapel Street, Castlebar. For more information about Work4You contact 094 9026 630 or see www.abiireland.ie 

People to Contact

Mairead Bradley

Zoe Barnett

Rosaleen Gaffney