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Traveller support services in Galway City

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1. Adolescents and Adults Psychotherapy Service Galway View More Details on Adolescents and Adults Psychotherapy Service Galway Email Adolescents and Adults Psychotherapy Service Galway
Address: Contact Details:

1st Floor Druid Building,

Flood Street,


Contact: Tara Hynes
Telephone: +353863952535
Email: adolescentsandadults@gmail.com

People to Contact

Tara Hynes

2. Domestic Violence Response View More Details on Domestic Violence Response Visit the Domestic Violence Response Website Email Domestic Violence Response
Address: Contact Details:
The Courtyard,
Main Street
Co. Galway
Contact: Co-ordinator
Telephone: Telephone: 091 866740
Email: Email: dvr@indigo.ie
Website: www.domesticviolenceresponse.c...

Domestic Violence Response is a rural based project responding to the issue of domestic violence primarily in West Galway. 

Our aim is to identify and respond to the needs of women and children in Co. Galway who are subjected to violence and abuse in the home; and to develop long-term responses that work towards the elimination of domestic violence.

What is domestic violence?

Domestic violence is any form of physical, sexual or emotional violence which puts safety or welfare of a family member at risk.

What happens when you contact the service:

  • We provide a free and confidential service to give you an opportunity to explore problems you may be having in your relationship.
  • We will arrange a once off assessment visit with you at a place that is safe and accessible for you.
  • We will offer you further follow up appointments, court accompaniment and referrals to other agencies as needed.
  • We will accompany you to relevant agencies as needed.
  • We also provide telephone support.
  • We also provide education and awareness.

Impact of living with domestic violence includes:

  • Feeling afraid.
  • Believing the abuse is your fault.
  • Doubting yourself and your judgement.
  • Feeling guilty and ashamed.
  • Physical injuries.

Contact us at 091 866740 to find out the support and protection available to you.

People to Contact


3. Galway Traveller Counselling Service View More Details on Galway Traveller Counselling Service
Address: Contact Details:

1 Plaza Offices
Headford Rd,
Galway .

61 Main St.,
Loughrea ,
Co. Galway.

Telephone: 087 6379074
091 765390
091 880916

This is an independent service specifically set up to providenculturally appropriate counselling toTravellers from Galway City and County.

All Travellers 18yrs or older can get counselling in this service (children will be seen where a family/parent have come together  for counselling).

To make an appointment ring 087 6379074 and ask for  counselling .  Our counselling co-ordinator will take your name and number and within 2 days the counsellor will call you and arrange to meet.

4. Galway Traveller Movement View More Details on Galway Traveller Movement Visit the Galway Traveller Movement Website Email Galway Traveller Movement
Address: Contact Details:

No. 1 The Plaza
Headford Road
Galway City

61 Main St


Telephone: 091 765390
091 880916 Loughrea
Email: info@gtmtrav.ie
Website: www.gtmtrav.ie

The Galway Traveller Movement was set up as an Independant Traveller Organisation in 1994. It was established by Travellers and settled people in Galway with the ultimate aim to achieve equality and self-determination for the Traveller community in Galway city. Since its inception it has been a force in creating positive social change for Travellers with a strong emphasis on mobilising Travellers to work collectively to challenge discrimination in all its forms. The management and staff were clear about what GTM was aiming  to achieve and were committed to using a community development approach to achieve these aims.

The organisation is committed to the principles of community work, such as active participation, collective action, lobbying and campaigning to bring about positive social change for Travellers. There is also pro-active mobilisation to be part of a movement at a local, regional and national level to bring about this positive change.

GTM Vision Statement

‘To achieve full equality for Travellers and the participation of Travellers in social, economic and cultural life as well as the broader enhancement of social justice and human rights’.

The Galway Traveller Movement was set up as an independent Traveller organisation in 1994. It was established by Travellers and non Travellers in Galway with the ultimate aim to achieve equality and self determination for the Traveller community in Galway city and county. Applying community work and human rights based approaches GTM as part of its strategic plan 2014-2016 plans to dedicate its resources to enabling the Traveller Community to be part of a movement that challenges structural inequality.

The primary principals which underpin the work of the Galway Traveller Movement are as follows:

  • Travellers are a minority ethnic group and are entitled to live in a way that is culturally acceptable to them
  • Travellers should be consulted and involved in meaningful decision making in relation to all issues affecting their lives
  • The individual and institutional racism which Travellers are subjected to must be tackled at a local, national and international level


5. Involve View More Details on Involve Email Involve
Address: Contact Details:
Telephone: 090 6498017
Email: info@involve.ie

Involve (Originally N.A.T.C) is the main provider of Youthwork Services for young Travellers throughout the country.

Involve delivers support, training and strategy to enhance the development of the youth projects linked to the Association. Each project has its own unique programme of activities and in total the projects engage with approximately 4,000 youths every year.