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Do you want support for a drug or alcohol problem?

Do you want suport for a drug or alcohol problem

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Health support services in Galway City

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1. Adolescents and Adults Psychotherapy Service Galway View More Details on Adolescents and Adults Psychotherapy Service Galway Email Adolescents and Adults Psychotherapy Service Galway
Address: Contact Details:

1st Floor Druid Building,

Flood Street,


Contact: Tara Hynes
Telephone: +353863952535
Email: adolescentsandadults@gmail.com

People to Contact

Tara Hynes

2. biological test View More Details on biological test Visit the biological test Website Email biological test
Address: Contact Details:
Poll na Clough
Co. Galway
Contact: Heery
Telephone: 091555025
Email: advancedhealthireland.com@gmail.com
Website: advancedhealthireland.com/biol...

Advanced Health work closely with Biological test Services offering you a range of microbiological tests.

We have been working with BTS for over 6 years.

What are BTS (Biological Testing Services)?

Biological Test Service is the Irish agent for the leading German micro-biological Dr. Hauss Laboratory, near Hamburg: www.hauss.de.

What kind of tests can you order?

BTS offers a wide range of mainly micro-biological tests.

From a simple stool sample BTS can test for:

  • intestinal candida and other fungi (a full screen for all yeasts and moulds)
  • pH of the stool (included in the fungal screening)
  • intestinal parasites
  • bacteria in different materials
  • resistance tests for pathogenic bacteria
  • bacteria which cause acute diarrhoea
  • complete status of intestinal colonization (bacteria + fungi)
  • pancreatic function test
  • leaky gut (alpha-1-antitrypsin )
  • intestinal inflammation (PNM-elastase)
  • intestinal immune system (sIgA)
  • celiac disease
  • candida IgG, IgM, IgA, IgE
  • skin and nail fungi
  • Helicobacter pylori ( stomach ulcers)
  • intestinal bleeding
  • colo-rectal tumour markers
  • lactose intolerance
.... and much more 

People to Contact


3. Cancer Care West View More Details on Cancer Care West Visit the Cancer Care West Website Email Cancer Care West
Address: Contact Details:
Cancer Care West Support Centre
72 Seamus Quirke Road
Telephone: 091 545 000
091 540 040
Email: info@cancercarewest.ie
Website: www.cancercarewest.ie

Cancer Care West is a cancer patient and family care organisation whose aim is to enhance patient and family care and well being in a holistic way, and in support of conventional medical treatment and interventions. The Charity also undertakes research on care for patients and families and also undertakes educational and awareness initiatives in this area.

The Charity's activities and supports seek to add value for patients and their families to the treatments and care provided within the public and private healthcare systems in Ireland.

We offer a variety of support groups geared towards the different needs of patients and their families. 

We also have an individual support service to help you in your journey whether you are a cancer patient or someone you love has been diagnosed with cancer. Offering information, psychology consultations, benefits advice and a range of complementary therapies our cancer support specialists are here to work with you in whatever way you find helpful. 

See our website for further information.

4. Comfort Keepers View More Details on Comfort Keepers Visit the Comfort Keepers Website Email Comfort Keepers
Address: Contact Details:
Comfort Keepers,
Unit 1 Liosban Business Park,
Tuam Road,
Contact: galway
Telephone: 1850 911 800
091 455100
Email: care@comfortkeepers.ie
Email: galway@comfortkeepers.ie
Website: www.comfortkeepers.ie/

At Comfort Keepers, we provide care and support services so your loved one can stay at independent and happy in the comfort of his or her own home, ensuring peace of mind for you and your family.

We offer personal, homecare and companionship services and cater for a wide range of clients.

People to Contact

091 455100

comfort keepers
1850 455 100

ruth collins
091 455100
5. Counselling View More Details on Counselling Visit the Counselling Website Email Counselling
Address: Contact Details:



Co Mayo

Contact: hello@essentialcounselling.ie
Email: hello@essentialcounselling.ie
Website: www.essentialcounselling.ie

Do you avoid therapy because you worry about disclosing private information or personal secrets?  If so, then BWRT (brain wave recursive therapy)  may be the way forward for you.

BWRT® works with personal problems, fears, anxieties, grief, over eating and most issues. Clients have found that even severe difficulties that have lasted for years can go away and often in just a few short sessions. The therapy can be carried out via zoom. 

People to Contact


6. Cristina Galvin Psychotherapy & Counselling View More Details on Cristina Galvin Psychotherapy & Counselling Visit the Cristina Galvin Psychotherapy & Counselling Website Email Cristina Galvin Psychotherapy & Counselling
Address: Contact Details:

Galway City

Telephone: 087 3140274
Website: www.psychotherapyforyou.com

Cristina Galvin, MA, MSc is a fully accredited psychotherapist and counsellor, registered with IAHIP and ICP. 

Cristina runs a trusted, professional Psychotherapy and Counselling practice in Galway city. She has many years of experience, both overseas and here in Ireland, working with people struggling with the effects of trauma, grief, loss, addictions, eating disorders, depression and anxiety. as well as a host of other issues that cause stress and relationship difficulties.

She takes a person-centred approach to people and the issues they bring to therapy. This means that you are given time and space to talk and feel heard. Her way of working is also practical in that you come away equipped with tools to cope, whatever your struggle, and it is psychodynamic, meaning that sessions may explore how past experiences may be influencing present emotional and behavioural patterns. The insight and understanding this gives you will help to shed light on hidden hindrances and seemingly intractable issues in your life so that doorways to more expansive ways of living may open up. If you are struggling with a personal crisis or difficult life events, don't struggle alone. Cristina's compassionate support is just a call or click away. For more information and to make an appointment, call 0873140274 or visit www.psychotherapyforyou.com.

7. Croí- The West of Ireland Cardiac Foundation View More Details on Croí- The West of Ireland Cardiac Foundation Visit the Croí- The West of Ireland Cardiac Foundation Website Email Croí- The West of Ireland Cardiac Foundation
Address: Contact Details:
Croí House,
Moyola Lane,
Telephone: 091 544310
Email: info@croi.ie
Website: www.croi.ie

A range of specialised Cardiac Health and lifestyle Programmes are now available in the Croí Heart and Stroke Centre.

  • Heart Smart
  • Cardiac Fitness Assessment
  • 6 Week Back to Fitness' Programme
  • Specialist Cardiac Dietetic Consultation
  • Weight  Management
  • Yoga
  • Specialised Physiotherapy and Exercise Prescription
  • Croi Health Wise Programme
  • Low Functioning Exercise Class
  • Walking Football

8. DeafHear View More Details on DeafHear Visit the DeafHear Website Email DeafHear
Address: Contact Details:
9A St. Francis Street,
Telephone: 091 564871 (Text: 086 8648659)
Email: galway@deafhear.ie
Website: www.deafhear.ie

Support service for members of the deaf community in Galway.

9. Department of Health and Children – Office for Older People View More Details on Department of Health and Children – Office for Older People Visit the Department of Health and Children – Office for Older People Website Email Department of Health and Children – Office for Older People
Address: Contact Details:
Hawkins House,
Hawkins Street,
Dublin 2
Telephone: 01 6354000
Email: info@health.gov.ie
Website: www. health.gov.ie/

The Office for Older People is based in the Department of Health and Children. The Office comprises three Units – Services for Older People; Long Stay Charges; Strategy Development.

10. Department of Social Protection View More Details on Department of Social Protection Visit the Department of Social Protection Website Email Department of Social Protection
Address: Contact Details:
Áras Mhic Dhiarmada,
Store Street,
Dublin 1
Telephone: 01 7043000
Email: info@welfare.ie
Website: www.welfare.ie

The Department's role is to promote a caring society through ensuring access to income support and other services, enabling active participation, promoting social inclusion and supporting families. Older people are supported through income and other support services including the following;

– Information Services – 1890 66 22 44
– Free Travel, Household Benefits, State Pension, Domiciliary Care, Widow(er)s Pension, Widowed Parent Grant, Blind Persons Pension - Tel: 1890 500 000
– Carer's Allowance, Carer's Benefit, Disability Allowance, Disablement Benefit, Invalidity Pension, Bereavement Grant - Tel: 1890 927 770
– Supplementary Welfare Allowance - 071 9157100
– Homemakers Te 1890 690 690
– Respite Care Grant – Tel: 01 6732222
– Illness Benefit, Injury Benefit, Medical Care – Tel: 1890 928 400
– Treatment Benefit -Telephone 1890 400 400 
Social Welfare Local Office Galway Tel 091 500800 
Hynes Building, St. Augustine Street, Galway, Co. Galway

11. Family Carers Ireland View More Details on Family Carers Ireland Visit the Family Carers Ireland Website Email Family Carers Ireland
Address: Contact Details:
Barrack Street,
Co Galway
091 880418

The Glebe
Co Galway
093 70022

The Harlequin Plaza
Garvey Way
Co Mayo
086 3775702

Castle Street
Roscommon Town
Co. Roscommon
090 6627698
086 8099494
Contact: Ann Gardiner
Telephone: (091) 880418
Email: info@familycarers.ie
Website: www.familycarers.ie/

Family Carers Ireland is a registered charity (number CHY 10962) and a company limited by guarantee, emerging from the coming together of two long standing charities of over 25 years – The Carers Association and Caring for Carers in 2016. The merger brings the best of both charities together whilst broadening the range of services and supports to family carers and giving one national voice to represent fairness for carers. 

See our website for all the services that Family Carers Ireland has to offer.

Carer Groups

Family Carers Ireland runs carer groups all over the country. These groups meet regularly, usually once a month. The carers that attend set the agenda. Carers often use the time to share coping strategies and local information in addition to offering emotional support. Guest speakers such as Public Health Nurses, HSE and Social Welfare experts are invited to meetings to address carers on issues of interest to them. Groups provide a valuable opportunity to meet others with similar caring experiences. Indeed this is how many enduring friendships began.

Groups are also integral to the operation of Family Carers Ireland. We operate on the basis of group membership because it believes that local networks best promote inclusion and support at local, regional and national levels. Groups play a vital role in promoting recognition of the identity, contribution and needs of family carers, in articulating existing and emerging need and in representing family carers’ issues both to policymakers and to the general community. The organisation recognises three categories of group as eligible for membership in this capacity: local groups, regional forums and virtual groups.

Five or more members coming together with the same goals and meeting on a regular basis may form a group affiliated with Family Carers Ireland. Members of FCI groups will be united by a common bond, which could simply be a shared geographical area, or caring for family members with a condition in common, e.g. parents of children with Autism / ADHD.

There are three different fee options in relation to membership:

An annual subscription fee of €10, (€8 for group members) enables you to become a full member of FCI and add your voice to that of other family carers.
In addition, full members can, on payment of an annual €10 supplementary fee, avail of a discount card which entitles you to our negotiated exclusive deals.
Some groups may opt to become Associate Members of Family Carers Ireland, for €250 per group per annum.
Your membership fee helps to fund a range of services to carers and their families.

Carer groups allow carers to:

  • share their experiences, feelings, ideas, concerns, information and problems
  • access information on their rights and entitlements
  • act together to highlight carers issues with decision makers
  • have a sense of connection with other family carers in similar circumstances
  • have a break from the caring situation
  • relax, socialise and learn from other carers
  • cope from day to day

People to Contact

Ann Gardiner
(086) 0271454

12. Family Planning Clinic View More Details on Family Planning Clinic
Address: Contact Details:
Augustine Street
Telephone: 091 562992

13. Friends Ireland View More Details on Friends Ireland Visit the Friends Ireland  Website Email Friends Ireland
Address: Contact Details:
Friends Ireland
High. St. 
Co. Galway
Contact: Norah
Telephone: Norah 085-7043142
Marie 087-7619671
Email: friendsgalway2013@gmail.com
Website: www.friendsireland.ie

Friends Ireland is a charity aimed at developing friendship in all adults through free classes and meet ups in many areas throughout county Galway with a full time centre in Tuam. 
Classes include Basic computers, laptop and smartphone classes, Introduction to Mindfulness, Embroidery, Felt Needle, Knitting, Embroidery, Healthy Eating and many more. Get in touch now to see how we can help you.

We are also continuously  seeking volutneers to help out in our centre in Tuam with the charity shop or volunteering time to share your expertise in the classroom. 

There are many ways to get involved with your community and many different areas to suit everybody.

Look after yourself, look after your mental health. Get involved with your community now!

Call Norah on 085-7043142 or email friendsgalway2013@gmail.com or Facebook on our page Friends Galway


People to Contact



14. Galway Autism Partnership View More Details on Galway Autism Partnership Visit the Galway Autism Partnership Website Email Galway Autism Partnership
Address: Contact Details:
Galway Autism Partnership
Tigh Ronan
36 Laurel Park
Galway city
Contact: Louise Sheehy
Telephone: (091) 588 899
Email: info@galwayautismpartnership.com
Website: www.galwayautismpartnership.co...

Galway Autism Partnership GAP is a registered charity for Autism Spectrum Disorders in Galway city and County.

Galway Autism Partnership was formed to support, assist and identify requirements of families living and support a person with autism.  Our current aim is not to re-create a system but identify the 'gap'.

GAP was formed in 2011 by parents struggling with the lack of information and support while raising children with autism IN THE WEST, through a facebook page.  Our patron is President Michael D. Higgins.  We are currently based at Tigh Ronain, Laurel Park Newcastle from 9.30-1.30pm four days a week, provide telephone support seven days a week and facilitate a facebook page and website.  We have one part time office manager.

Our current membership is just peaking at over 400 families.  Our families are based in Galway City and County, however we do have families from surrounding counties in the region who liaise with us and we have established fantastic links with other autism groups in the country.  An average of 3 families join GAP a week.

What does GAP do?
As stated above we aim to bridge the gap in current support systems for families living with the challenges of autism.  We liaise with our members on an ongoing basis and take our direction from them.  Based on that we have established -

1. A junior youth group - in conjunction with foroige this group facilitates children with autism aged between 11-14 years with the aim of easing the transitions to teenage years and secondary school.  This has been identified by parents as a hugely problematic area with some serious consequences for these kids.  This group facilitates 12 children and has been established since September 2012.

2. A senior youth group - this group again delivered in conjunction with Foroige continues to support individuals aged 15-18 years with mainstream challenges and liviing with autism.  Our facilitators encourage the group to work on social interaction with an aim to problem solving and being able to advocate for themselves.  This group facilitates 12 individuals.

3. 3 afterschool groups - we currently provide three afterschool groups for children aged 4-7 years in Tuam, Knocknacarra and Doughiska.  The groups are facilitated by primary schools presently.  The groups provide a fun environment for children with autism to work on social skills through play and necessary respite support for parents/caregivers on that given afternoon.

4. 1 Saturday kids club - we are launching our first Saturday kids club next week for children with autism and complex sensory needs.  The children in this group have a complex level of autism and do not partake in mainstream activities.  The group will be based at Tigh Ronain with an emphasis on outings in the community.  The group provides essential respite support to these families to concentrate on other family requirements of siblings.  It would be our vision to have a 2nd Saturday kids group in 2014 as demand for weekend activities is evident.

5. Summer camps - In 2013 GAP undertook their first summer camps for children with autism TO INCLUDE their siblings.  When schools close for Summer the majority of families with children with autism struggle.  We identified this and facilitated 40 children over 4 weeks in August.  We offered a range of activities from swimming, yoga, music therapy, circus skills, computers, cooking and outings in the community.

6. Social Care Respite Program - In March 2013 GAP did a pilot study with students of the Social Care Degree program at NUI Galway.  These students are required to avail of 200hours practical placement during each academic year.  GAP identified this opportunity and through talks and alot of work we will have 30 families availing of student placement to assist their families one day a week for 3 hours.  This service will provide an essential support system for families.

7. Assisted support - GAP has launched a major recruitment, interview and assessment campaign for volunteers in 2013.  Galway is academically rich due to our 2 fantastic third level institutions and we identified the need for the students studying relevant childcare/education courses for practical experience.  Based on this recruitment GAP has a wonderful network of volunteers to assist all of our programs and also assist any child with autism on a 1:1 capacity should they wish to participate at a mainstream activity i.e. Art classes at Galway Arts Centre.

8. GAP holds monthly support meetings at our base in Tigh Ronain and quarterly family days out in a variety of locations i.e. Loughwell farm, Kilcornan walled garden and Busy Bees.

Based on the above information alone 80 families in Galway City and County will be availing of direct practical support and a service this September.

Partnership Models
At GAP we are totally aware of our limitations on services we can provide.  However to maximise our service provision we buit valued partnerships in the community.  Some of those partnerships include
School awareness packs - In March 2013 GAP produced a school awareness pack for 50 primary schools in Galway city and county.  This information pack and 10 minute CD presentation was very well received with schools from all over Ireland requesting copies of same.
Brothers of charity services and use of their facilities at Kilcornan, Clarinbridge
Forogie - use of their facilities at Foster Street Galway for Youth groups
Health and Leisure clubs - facilitated swim sessions for members at Salthill hotel & Maldron hotel Galway.
City Taxis- this taxi company kindly facilitated our summer camps this summer.
Rosedale school - Through a very generous offer of practical support from Celestrica Galway, GAP identified the need for support for Rosedale school and its children.  Rosedale school facilitates 68 children with severe to profound intellectual disability and severe autism.  The condition of this school is an absolute disgrace in modern society and GAP has endeavoured to to built on community spirit and generosity to engage with these wonderful schools and facilities who work tirelessly with autistic children.  Through much work and meetings Celestica has committed financial support and personnel to improving this school.

GAP was recognised for their contribution to the community and its valuable resource to its members with an invite to speak at the World Autism Conference at NUI in April 2013.  Many worldwide professionals attended and presented at this event.  We continue to liaise with ICAN (Irish Centre for Autism and Neurological Disorders) at NUI Galway on projects, including managing challenging behaviour and oral hygiene.
We also won the Volunteer Organisation Section of the 2013 national Better Together Awards and were recogised by Galway City Council in 2013 for our contribution to social inclusion

Short Term goals
GAP has began the process of identifying the individuals with severe to profound intellectual and autism who are now 18 and have left the education system.  This group have profound needs and to date are being returned home to their families with no structured placements for many and no respite system in place for families.  GAP are working on identifying the current plans in place and bridging these gaps.
GAP will be producing 50 more school awareness packs November 2013
A strategic plan to engage more multinational companies in Galway to pursue practical projects for much neglected special needs facilitates in Galway city and county
A planned conference to liaise with all teachers of children with autism in Galway to also include social workers and early intervention teams, Iin November 2013.
Planned week long event to celebrate World Autism Week to encompass World Autism Day April 2nd 2014 and our very successful Light It Up Blue Campaign, see Galway Cathedral Light It Up Blue 2013.

Long Term goals
A sustained service delivery model with core government funding.
A GAP transport system!!
A permanent well functioning base!!

People to Contact

Louise Sheehy

15. Galway Carers Support Group View More Details on Galway Carers Support Group
Address: Contact Details:
Contact: Bríd Lynch (Group Co-ordinator)

The Galway Carers Support Group aims to promote the quality of life of family carers by recognising and valuing their role, and by providing carers with emotional and practical supports. The Support Group’s activities include: arranging information sessions, monthly meetings, training courses, respite breaks, accessing and disseminating information to carer members, and providing a support network for carers.

People to Contact

Bríd Lynch (Group Co-ordinator)
087- 9159508

16. Galway Family Planning Clinic View More Details on Galway Family Planning Clinic
Address: Contact Details:
Galway Family Planning Clinic
Lismoyle House,
St. Augustine Street,
Telephone: 091 562992

Opening Hours: Mon - Fri. 10:00am - 5pm
Sat. 10:00am - 1:00pm

Medical Clinics Mon : 11:30am - 2:00pm
Tues: 10:00am - 12 noon
Wed: 10:30am - 1:30pm & 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Thurs: 11:00am - 1:00pm & 5:00pm - 9:00pm
Sat: 10:30am - 12:30pm

The Galway Family Planning Association has been providing a comprehensive range of Family Planning Services since 1977.
It is a licensed Family Planning Clinic and is a self-financing, but not for profit organisation.

17. Galway Head Injury Support Group (GHISG) View More Details on Galway Head Injury Support Group (GHISG) Email Galway Head Injury Support Group (GHISG)
Address: Contact Details:
Telephone: 091 768168
Email: galwayhisg@gmail.com

The GHISG endeavours to improve the quality of life of people with acquired brain injury and their families.

18. Galway Hospice Foundation View More Details on Galway Hospice Foundation Visit the Galway Hospice Foundation Website Email Galway Hospice Foundation
Address: Contact Details:
Galway Hospice Foundation
Dublin Road


H91 R2T0
Telephone: 091 770868
Email: info@galwayhospice.ie
Website: www.galwayhospice.ie

Galway Hospice Foundation is a voluntary organisation that provides a comprehensive range of palliative care services to patients with active and progressive diseases which cannot be cured.

19. Galway Stroke Support Group View More Details on Galway Stroke Support Group
Address: Contact Details:
Telephone: 091 700210 (Imelda Walsh Resource Worker, Acquired Brain Injury Irl)

The Stroke Support Group aims to provide an opportunity for Stroke Survivors, family/carers to talk about their experiences and how they are managing; to offer support to each other and to families whose relative/friend has just had a stroke. The group also provides information regarding stroke and stroke prevention, including information sessions from health care professionals. They also provide outings from time to time.

20. HSE Carers Services View More Details on HSE Carers Services Email HSE Carers Services
Address: Contact Details:
HSE West City Centre,
Seamus Quirke Road,
Telephone: 091 548333
Email: carersdepartment@hse.ie

Provides a support service to Family/ Informal Carers in Galway City, County & the Islands. Range of carers support services provided including training service, support group service, information and advice services, in home respite service, counselling service etc.

21. HSE Chiropody/Podiatry View More Details on HSE Chiropody/Podiatry
Address: Contact Details:
HSE West,
Shantalla Health Centre,
Telephone: 091 546040

The Chiropody/Podiatry Service is available to medical cardholders over 65 years and all Diabetics. This service is also offered to persons with a learning or physical disability based on their assessed need.

22. HSE Community Development View More Details on HSE Community Development
Address: Contact Details:
HSE West City Centre,
Seamus Quirke Road,
Telephone: 091 548331

Supporting Voluntary and Community Groups especially groups supporting the needs of Older People.

23. HSE Community Nutrition & Dietetic Service View More Details on HSE Community Nutrition & Dietetic Service
Address: Contact Details:
HSE West,
West City Centre,
Telephone: 091 548335

Provides information and support to individuals and groups on healthy eating and weight management.

24. HSE Community Occupational Therapy View More Details on HSE Community Occupational Therapy
Address: Contact Details:
Unit 10 A,
Merlin Park Hospital,
Telephone: 091 775323

Facilitate client to have independence in daily living skills and improve/maintain their quality of life. Information Service to clients Mon. to Fri. 9.30am -11.30am.

25. HSE Dental Galway View More Details on HSE Dental Galway
Address: Contact Details:
HSE Shantalla Health Centre,
Telephone: 091 546028

The Dental Department provides dental care to primary school children, and some special needs groups. Adults with a current medical card can access care from some dentists. A list of the contracted private Dentists is available from the dental department, Shantalla.

26. HSE Disability Service View More Details on HSE Disability Service
Address: Contact Details:
HSE Newcastle Road,
Telephone: 091 546209

The Disability Services Office works with a range of voluntary services in the area to provide care, training and development for children and adults with learning or physical disability.

27. HSE Environmental Health View More Details on HSE Environmental Health
Address: Contact Details:
HSE West City Centre,
Telephone: 091 548390

Provides services in the area of food safety, water sampling, and tobacco control legislation. Inspections of hospitals, nursing homes and institutions.

28. HSE Freedom of Information View More Details on HSE Freedom of Information
Address: Contact Details:
Merlin Park Regional Hospital,
Telephone: 091 773838

The HSE is covered by the Freedom of Information Act meaning that records held by the HSE can be applied for and if a range of criteria are met can be released to the public. Personal information like medical records can only be released to that person.

29. HSE General Practitioner Services View More Details on HSE General Practitioner Services
Address: Contact Details:
Your local health office can provide a list of GPs in the area.
Telephone: 091 523122

30. HSE Health Promotion View More Details on HSE Health Promotion
Address: Contact Details:
HSE West,
West City Centre,
Telephone: 091 548321

31. HSE Home Care Packages View More Details on HSE Home Care Packages
Address: Contact Details:
HSE West,
Newcastle Road,
Telephone: 091 546062/546065

A Home Care Package (HCP) consists of community services and supports which may be provided to assist an older person, depending on their individual assessed care needs, to return home from hospital or residential care, or to remain at home. Depending on resources available to the scheme, the HCP provided to any individual may include paramedical, nursing, respite and/or home help and/or other services depending on the assessed care needs of the individual applicant.

32. HSE Home Help Service View More Details on HSE Home Help Service
Address: Contact Details:
HSE West,
Newcastle Road,
Telephone: 091 546344

The Home Help service is a discretionary service which may provide personal care essential practical care and social care to the following care groups. Older people over 65 years, people with physical and sensory disability. In special cases families and children in need of practical and emotional care and support. The Home Help can be requested by a Public Health Nurse, any discipline within the HSE and potential clients and their families can also apply.

33. HSE Medical View More Details on HSE Medical
Address: Contact Details:
HSE West,
West City Centre,
Telephone: 091 546355

Provides services including assessment of clients for grants and allowances and long term care assessment.

34. HSE Medical Cards View More Details on HSE Medical Cards
Address: Contact Details:
HSE West,
Newcastle Road,
Telephone: 091 546207

Deals with applications for Medical Cards, GP Visit Cards and a range of schemes such as Drug Payment, Long term illness and Mobility schemes.

35. HSE Medical Social Work View More Details on HSE Medical Social Work
Address: Contact Details:
University Hospital Galway
Telephone: 091 544089

Provides information and support to in-patients in University Hospital Galway and Merlin Park Hospital regarding home supports, discharge planning, counselling, benefits and entitlements.

36. HSE National Information Line View More Details on HSE National Information Line Visit the HSE National Information Line Website Email HSE National Information Line
Address: Contact Details:
Telephone: 1850 24 1850
Email: info@hse.ie
Website: www.hse.ie

The HSE provides a national information services on a wide range of health services, entitlements and eligibility. The Info line operates from 8am to 8pm Monday- Saturday.

37. HSE Nursing Home Support Office View More Details on HSE Nursing Home Support Office
Address: Contact Details:
HSE West City Centre,
Seamus Quirke Road,
Telephone: 091 548426

Provides information on residential care, short term or long term.

38. HSE Ophthalmology View More Details on HSE Ophthalmology
Address: Contact Details:
HSE West,
25 Newcastle Road,
Telephone: 091 546255

39. HSE Physiotherapy Services Galway View More Details on HSE Physiotherapy Services Galway
Address: Contact Details:
Shantalla Health Centre,
Telephone: 091 546040

Maintains and promotes independence mobility and general well being through advice on exercise, safety and the provision of aids and appliances where appropriate. Group therapy is also provided in the area of falls prevention & osteoporosis.

40. HSE Public Health Nursing Service View More Details on HSE Public Health Nursing Service
Address: Contact Details:
25 Newcastle Road,
Telephone: 091 546365

Provides a home nursing service to all older clients. Offers advice and information on all aspects of home nursing care, e.g. equipment, respite care and services available in your area. Please contact your local health centre from 9.30am -10.30am Monday to Friday.

41. HSE Suicide Prevention Resource Officer View More Details on HSE Suicide Prevention Resource Officer
Address: Contact Details:
HSE West City Centre,
Seamus Quirke Road,
Telephone: 091 548360

Provides information, training and support in relation to suicide prevention.

42. I.D.E.A.L (Irish Detox Expert Advisory Links) View More Details on I.D.E.A.L (Irish Detox Expert Advisory Links) Email I.D.E.A.L (Irish Detox Expert Advisory Links)
Address: Contact Details:
Neale Park,
The Neale, 
Contact: valerie farragher
Telephone: 0949545623
Email: valfarragher@ymail.com
Email: maryhomedetox@ymail.com
Email: homedetox@mail.com

I.D.E.A.L is a brand new service.  To date it is the only one of its kind available in Ireland and is now providing home-based alcohol detoxification services for people who are dependent on alcohol and wish to stop drinking.
We provide "at home" care and support for the whole family in the family home.
Our program works by having a visiting health care worker, recovery mentor and family facilitor who comes to the family home until detoxification treatment is completed and recovery is well under way.
Our program lasts for a total of 7 weeks from start to finish.  Alcohol detoxification medication is prescribed for comfort and safety 
Home treatment is proven to be more cost effective than residential and this can be another huge benefit to financially restricted families.
it is not always necessary to be admitted to hospital or rehab for alcohol detoxification.

Home alcohol detoxification is suitable for

  • Self employed
  •  Lone parents
  •  Those in the public eye
  •  Low income families
  •  Those who do not wish to be separated from family for treatment
  •  Farming families
  • Those who need ultimate privacy
consultations are free of charge and we also have payment plan options 

People to Contact

valerie farragher

Mary coyne

43. Independent Living Ireland View More Details on Independent Living Ireland Visit the Independent Living Ireland Website Email Independent Living Ireland
Address: Contact Details:
5 The Parade
Bastion Court
Connaught Street
Telephone: 090 64 92702
Email: info@independentlivingireland.ie
Website: www.independentlivingireland.i...

Independent Living Ireland Ltd provides telecare and assistive living services to promote independence, dignity and quality of life to the elderly, people with disabilities and their carers.

Our products assist those in need to live safely in their homes by reducing the risks of fire and flood, improving security and providing peace of mind in emergency situations e.g fall detection, that a family member/neighbour/monitoring centre will be alerted immediately.

We have two demonstration houses in Athlone town and Ballyconnell Co.Cavan which allow carers, families and individuals to view a wide range of telecare and assistive living products and to test their application.

44. Mary Kilraine Hannon; Counselling, Psychotherapy & Play Therapy View More Details on Mary Kilraine Hannon; Counselling, Psychotherapy & Play Therapy Visit the Mary Kilraine Hannon; Counselling, Psychotherapy & Play Therapy Website Email Mary Kilraine Hannon; Counselling, Psychotherapy & Play Therapy
Address: Contact Details:
Ross House,
Merchant's Road (off Eyre Square)
Contact: Mary Kilraine Hannon
Telephone: 086 8110648
Email: mary@marykilrainehannon.com
Email: mary.kilrainehannon@gmail.com
Website: www.marykilrainehannon.com

Mary Kilraine Hannon; Counselling, Psychotherapy & Play Therapy Galway           Tel: 086 8110648 

Adults: Counselling and Psychotherapy

Counselling can a provide safe supportive place to find new ways to address a crisis in work or a relationship. Psychotherapy works on long standing problems often rooted in difficult traumatic early life experiences which when spoken about in detail can enable you to make better choices in relationships and life in general.

Counselling, sometimes called “talk therapy,” is a conversation or a series of conversations between the counsellor and client.  Counselling usually focuses on a particular problem and in taking steps decided by the client to address this problem.  The problem is often discussed in the present tense without too much attention to past experiences. You do not have to be in crisis to benefit from counselling or psychotherapy – however, it can be a great support or resource at times of crisis or difficulty in our lives.

Psychotherapy, like counselling, is based on a healing relationship between the therapist and client. Psychotherapy takes place over a series of meetings between the therapist and client over a longer timespan  than counselling. It enables you to deal with deeper, more long-term issues that may have their roots in your past, (e.g. traumatic issues from childhood) which are affecting our present life.


Adolescents: Counselling

Adolescence is a complex developmental stage, starting around twelve years of age. It is distinct from childhood and yet is not adulthood. Adolescent therapy helps teenagers and their families to negotiate the difficulties that can sometimes emerge at this time.  These include challenges in relationships at home, school, moving to third level education, bullying, sexuality, eating disorders, withdrawal, depression, anxiety, aggression, suicidal thoughts, family changes and bereavement.  Counselling can help the adolescent understand and make sense of their feelings/behaviour and who they are and want to be. It can also be the place where they learn about relating with a safe and caring adult.

I provide confidential one to one counselling and psychotherapy. I offer teenagers a safe, non- judgemental space  to explore the issues and challenges that they are meeting their daily lives.

It is important that adolescents feel secure to talk in a confidential place.  As such parents will be asked to allow their child the freedom to attend their sessions on their own.

I am interest in working with this age group as I believe that many of the problems faced by adults later in life could be helped with counselling and psychotherapy earlier in life.


Children: Play Therapy

Play Therapy refers to a variety of techniques and methods used to help children  who are experiencing difficulties with their emotions or behaviour.  Playing, drawing, building, using sand and pretending, as well as talking, are important ways of sharing feelings and resolving problems for children and adolescents.

Play Therapy helps children understand confused feelings and upsetting events. Rather than having to explain what is troubling them, as adult therapy usually expects, children use play to communicate at their own level and at their own pace. Play Therapy helps children work through emotional, social and behavioural difficulties and helps address family problems. It uses the medium of play, rather than talk, to help the child learn to express themselves, explore and make sense of the world in which they live and resolve any difficult or painful experiences.

Play therapy may involve an individual child, a family, or multiple families or a group of children. In children and adolescents, playing, drawing, building, using sand and pretending, as well as talking, are important ways of sharing feelings and resolving problems.


People to Contact

Mary Kilraine Hannon
086 8110648

45. Myhomecare View More Details on Myhomecare Visit the Myhomecare Website Email Myhomecare
Address: Contact Details:

Unit 19, 3rd Floor

Dockgate, Merchant's Road


Contact: Donna McCrystall
Telephone: 1 800 400 900
Email: info@myhomecare.ie
Website: myhomecare.ie/

Evidence has shown that people are happier and live longer within their own homes. All of our home care service programmes are designed to promote independent living within a safe and comfortable environment. Whether you’re looking for basic home help from qualified carers or advanced home nursing or home care services, our Home Care company can work with you to design a home care service package that meets your needs.

Our home care services include:

Respite Care
Assisted Hospital Discharge
Care for Children with Special Needs or Illness
Assisted Living
Dementia/Alzheimer’s Care
With offices in Dublin, Galway, Dundalk, Cork, Waterford and Limerick and a team of nationwide carers and registered nurses, our Home Care company, myhomecare.ie, is a leading supplier of home care services and home nursing solutions right across Ireland.

Would you like to work as a carer for myhomecare.ie?

If you have completed a carer course
If you are a caring person and have a genuine interest in helping others
If you have experience of caring for a loved one and would like to become a Homecare Assistant
If the answer is yes, we would love to hear from you.

People to Contact

Donna McCrystall

46. Order Of Malta View More Details on Order Of Malta Visit the Order Of Malta Website Email Order Of Malta
Address: Contact Details:
20 St. Helen’s Street,

Telephone: 091 525879
Email: info@orderofmalta.ie
Website: www.orderofmalta.ie

Provides first aid training, ambulance transport and community care services including day care centres and lunch clubs.

47. Soul Focus Therapy Galway View More Details on Soul Focus Therapy Galway Visit the Soul Focus Therapy Galway Website
Address: Contact Details:
Contact: Jenni
Telephone: 087 432 9466
Website: www.soulfocustherapy.com

I offer both long and short term talking therapy, lasting between 6 weeks and ongoing as long as you feel comfortable and the therapy is beneficial to you. I also offer counseling for couples. Each session lasts for 50 minutes. We can discuss the likely duration for the therapy in your first session, but many clients prefer to leave it open rather than working to time limits. 
As a therapist trained in both Transpersonal and Integrative techniques, I tailor my approach largely to you as an individual as well as to the stage in the therapeutic process that you are at. In addition to therapeutic discussion on the issue you present, we may work with the creative imagination which can be very powerful, should you be open, ready and willing to do this kind of exercise. For example, we may use dreams, music, sand trays, visualisations, imagery and more in order to guide you to an exploration of your own inner knowing.
I work with issues such as (but not limited to) the following:
Abuse (emotional, sexual, physical, verbal)
Career / life direction
Eating disorders
Low self esteem
Personality Disorders i.e., Borderline personality
PTSD and trauma
Relationship difficulties
Spiritual direction
Sexual problems

I am experienced in working with clients from all over the world, including refugees, immigrants and asylum seekers, and speaking a variety of languages in the therapy. 

Persian (Farsi) 

People to Contact

087 432 9466

48. St. Francis Day Centre View More Details on St. Francis Day Centre
Address: Contact Details:
Newcastle Road,
Telephone: 091 524574
091 565193

Provides day care and activities for older people.

49. The Alzheimer Society of Ireland View More Details on The Alzheimer Society of Ireland Visit the The Alzheimer Society of Ireland Website Email The Alzheimer Society of Ireland
Address: Contact Details:
Contact: Alzheimer National Helpline
Telephone: 1800 341 341
Email: helpline@alzheimer.ie
Website: www.alzheimer.ie

The Alzheimer Society of work work with people with dementia and their families. Our services include home care, day centres, support groups and dementia advisor and information services.

The Alzheimer Society of Ireland have services in Galway, Mayo and Roscommon.


In Galway we currently have the following services and supports; Day Care, Home Care, Carer Support Groups, Dementia Adviser Service, Alzheimer Cafe and Cognitive Stimulation Therapy.
Please visit our website on www.alzheimer.ie or contact our confidential helpline on 1800 341 341 or by e-mail on helpline@alzheimer.ie for further information or support in addition to contact details of our services.

In Mayo we currently have the following services and supports; Day Care.

Please visit our website on www.alzheimer.ie or contact our confidential helpline on 1800 341 341 or by e-mail on helpline@alzheimer.ie for further information or support in addition to contact details of our services.


In Roscommon we currently have the following services and supports; Day Care and Community Dementia Support Nurse.

Please visit our website on www.alzheimer.ie or contact our confidential helpline on 1800 341 341 or by e-mail on helpline@alzheimer.ie for further information or support in addition to contact details of our services.

People to Contact

Alzheimer National Helpline
1800 341 341

50. The Speech Centre View More Details on The Speech Centre Visit the The Speech Centre Website Email The Speech Centre
Address: Contact Details:
Knocknacarra Medical Centre
Clybaun Road Lower

Sports Clinic West
McHale Park, McHale Road
Telephone: 085 7489988
091 862220
085 1681158 Castlebar
Email: galway@thespeechcentre.com
Email: castlebar@thespeechcentre.com
Website: www.thespeechcentre.com

Providing private Speech & Language Therapy for Children and Adults, throughout Galway and surrounding areas. See our website for specialist areas. 

51. WestDoc - GP Out of Hours Service View More Details on WestDoc - GP Out of Hours Service
Address: Contact Details:
Telephone: 1850 365000

Westdoc is the out-of-hours GP service, which has been developed on a partnership basis between General Practitioners and the Western Health Board.

It provides out of hours medical care to public and private patients of participating doctors in the Western Health Board region between 6.00pm and 8.00am, Monday to Friday and 24 hours on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays.


52. Western Alzheimers View More Details on Western Alzheimers Visit the Western Alzheimers Website Email Western Alzheimers
Address: Contact Details:
Colonial Buildings,
Eglinton Street,
Telephone: 091 565193
Fax: 091-569223
Email: westalgalway@eircom.net
Website: www.westernalzheimer.ie

Western Alzheimers provides a range of person-centred services based on a ‘home-to- home’ philosophy. All services are designed with Alzheimer sufferers and their carers in mind. This support can range from providing a listening ear to providing respite, day care and in-home support.

53. Work4You - Acquired Brain Injury Ireland View More Details on Work4You - Acquired Brain Injury Ireland Visit the Work4You - Acquired Brain Injury Ireland Website Email Work4You - Acquired Brain Injury Ireland
Address: Contact Details:
Acquired Brain Injury Ireland
Upper Chapel Street
Co., Mayo
Contact: Mairead Bradley
Telephone: 0949026630
012804164 ext 301
Email: work4you@abiireland.ie
Email: mbradley@abiireland.ie
Website: www.abiireland.ie

Work4You is a vocational assessment service for people who have an acquired brain injury (ABI) and who want to return to work, training or education. Work4You also provides essential ABI information and education for employers, tutors and trainers who are supporting people affected by an ABI. ABI Ireland has three Work4You teams located in the Border, Midlands and West Region. Each team includes an Occupational Therapist and two Vocational Facilitators who will carry out one-to-one assessments as well as providing on-going vocational guidance and support. Every Work4You participant will be supported to develop a Personal Progression Plan (PPP) which will enable them to set, and achieve goals relating to education, training and employment. The west team covers the counties Mayo, Galway, Roscommon, Sligo, Leitrim and Donegal.

A full Work4You assessment is carried out by an Occupational Therapist, highlighting each Work4You participants work skills, knowledge and experience. The Work4You team use Valpar assessment tools while also taking a holistic look at the participants’ life. Focusing on the individuals functional and work capacity, identifying transferrable skills.
Work4You will:
- Give the individual a chance to get involved in tasks which they may find more challenging, such as identify areas of work they find difficult or impossible to do
- Provide assistance in setting vocational goals; which include outlining potential work, training and education options
- Ensure that those with an ABI receive feedback, recommendations and strategies with which they can build on their vocational strength
- Develop a sustainable working environment for both the employee, employer, student, tutor and trainer. 

Work4You referrals can be made by the person with an ABI, a family member, or employer as well as healthcare and allied professionals. Work4You participants must meet the following criteria:
- Have sustained an ABI
- Live in counties Donegal, Sligo, Leitrim, Mayo, Roscommon, Galway, Offaly, Longford, Westmeath, Louth, Cavan, Monaghan or Laois
- 16-65 years
- Receive a Department of Social Protection payment
- Be approved by the Department of Social Protection to participate in Work4You

ABI Ireland will coordinate an eligibility check on behalf of the Department of Social Protection. Once approval has been received the Work4You team will begin to work with the individual to ensure an effective Personal Progression Plan is put in place to help them return to work, training or education. In the event of someone not being eligible for this programme, the team will link them in with appropriate community support services.

Work4You is funded by the Department of Social Protection and the European Social Fund under the Disability Activation Project (DACT). The programme ‘Work4You’ is the first community based neuro-assessment service of its kind in Ireland.

The Work4You hub for the West and North-West Region is located at Upper Chapel Street, Castlebar. For more information about Work4You contact 094 9026 630 or see www.abiireland.ie 

People to Contact

Mairead Bradley

Zoe Barnett

Rosaleen Gaffney