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Counselling support services in Galway City

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1. Accord Marriage and Relationship Counselling View More Details on Accord Marriage and Relationship Counselling Visit the Accord Marriage and Relationship Counselling Website Email Accord Marriage and Relationship Counselling
Address: Contact Details:
Telephone: 01 5053112
Email: info@accord.ie
Website: www.accord.ie

ACCORD's essential function is to provide you with access to information and support if you are:

  • Looking for help with marriage and relationship difficulties
  • Preparing for marriage
  • Seeking to enhance your relationship
  • Learning more about marriage and family issues

Counselling - the service is based on the client's needs rather than their ability to pay.  A contribution is requested if the person or couple can afford to make one


Accord has centres in:

Ballina                        096 21478
Ballinasloe                  090 9643573  
Castlebar                    094 9022214
Charlestown               094 9254944
Galway                       091 562331
Tuam                          093 24900      

For further information and email addresses please see our website.


2. Acorns 2 Oaks Play Therapy View More Details on Acorns 2 Oaks Play Therapy Visit the Acorns 2 Oaks Play Therapy Website Email Acorns 2 Oaks Play Therapy
Address: Contact Details:
9 Kilkerrin Park,
Liosban Industrial Estate,
Galway City

Contact: Emer Mc Donagh
Telephone: 0876841231
Email: emer@acorns2oaksplaytherapy.com
Website: www.acorns2oaksplaytherapy.com

Acorns 2 Oaks is a Galway based Play Therapy Service, which offers a variety of services individually catered to each client.
Acorns 2 Oaks Play Therapy is run by Emer Mc Donagh, Play Therapist and Child Psychotherapist.  
I use a variety of toys and techniques in my work, including Non Directive Play Therapy, Therapeutic Story Work, Drama,
Puppets, Masks, Sand Play, Art and Clay.
I welcome contact from anybody who wishes to discuss a concern related to children in their care.

The desired outcomes of Play Therapy include a reduction in anxiety, increased confidence and independence, improved relationships with family and friends, positive behaviour changes, improved coping skills and increased resiliency. Play Therapy can benefit children from 3 years of age upwards. I also offer creative counselling and play therapy for older children and adolescents.

Play Therapy can be effective for children experiencing a broad range of difficulties, including:

•Emotional difficulties such as aggression, depression, low self esteem, anxiety and withdrawal
•Behavioural difficulties
•Loss or bereavement
•Abuse or neglect
•Problems with socialising
•Having poor play skills
•Have delayed development with ASD, ADHD or any Learning Difficulty
•Parental Separation
•Being bullied or has become a bully
•They are not reaching their fullest potential academically, socially, physically and/or emotionally

People to Contact

Emer Mc Donagh

3. Addiction Counselling by Helplink View More Details on Addiction Counselling by Helplink Visit the Addiction Counselling by Helplink Website Email Addiction Counselling by Helplink
Address: Contact Details:

1st Floor, The Plaza,

Headford Road,


Telephone: 091 759887
Email: helplinksupport@helplink.ie
Website: www.helplink.ie

Addiction Counselling Galway and Online Nationwide

Addictions allow people a temporary dangerous escape from their problems, and can develop quickly or over time from many activities such as  alcohol, drugs, eating, gambling, shopping, sex and misuse of the internet.

Helplink Support Services provides a specialised professional addiction counselling service, through it’s fully accredited professional addiction counsellors, in a safe and caring environment.

If you are a Full-Time Student or Unemployed and in receipt of a Social Welfare payment (e.g. Jobseeker’s Benefit/Allowance, Disability Benefit, Illness Benefit), one appointment costs  €30.

One standard appointment for employed people costs €60.

*To cancel or postpone an appointment you must contact us 48 hours before your appointment is due to take place or you may be subject to a cancellation fee.

4. Adolescents and Adults Psychotherapy Service Galway View More Details on Adolescents and Adults Psychotherapy Service Galway Email Adolescents and Adults Psychotherapy Service Galway
Address: Contact Details:

1st Floor Druid Building,

Flood Street,


Contact: Tara Hynes
Telephone: +353863952535
Email: adolescentsandadults@gmail.com

People to Contact

Tara Hynes

5. Adult Counselling Service for Survivors of Childhood Abuse View More Details on Adult Counselling Service for Survivors of Childhood Abuse
Address: Contact Details:
58 Upper Newcastle Road,
Contact: John Foden
Telephone: 091-528030 or 1800 234 114
091-585927 (Fax)

Individual and/or Group counseling for anyone who suffered childhood abuse, which includes sexual, physical, emotional and neglectful abuse.  There may be a short wait once contact is made with the service.  People can refer themselves.  The service is confidential, highly professional and person centred.  Service is available in Newcastle, Galway and other centers in Ballinasloe, Roscommon and Mayo.

AGE GROUP:   Anybody over 18years

People to Contact

John Foden

6. Affordable Counselling Service by Helplink View More Details on Affordable Counselling Service by Helplink Visit the Affordable Counselling Service by Helplink Website Email Affordable Counselling Service by Helplink
Address: Contact Details:

1st Floor
The Plaza
Headford Road

Telephone: 091 759887
Email: helplinksupport@helplink.ie
Website: www.helplink.ie

We provide traditional in person (face-to-face) counselling in our offices in Galway City. Helplink’s professional, insured, supervised and Garda vetted counsellors are there at times to suit you, 7 days a week.

We also provide counselling services online or by phone nationwide

Research shows that online (video) counselling or phone counselling works the same as traditional face-to-face counselling. The only difference is that appointments happen through your computer, smartphone or your standard phone in a place that can be more comfortable and more convenient for you; like your own home, car, office or other private setting!

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 9 am to 9 pm

Saturday & Sunday: 12 pm to 6pm

Closed: Bank Holidays & Christmas/New Year's Eve


If you are a Full-Time Student or Unemployed and in receipt of a Social Welfare payment (e.g. Jobseeker’s Benefit/Allowance, Disability Benefit, Illness Benefit), one appointment costs €30. Part-time workers under 20 hours can also avail of this rate Terms & Conditions apply.

One standard appointment for employed people costs €50 or €45 with a GP referral (letter or email)

We can help if you are dealing with:

Feeling unhappy, feeling low, being constantly worried, not sleeping, feeling stressed out and/or anxious, behaviour problems, anger issues, feeling sad, difficulty dealing with a death, being bullied/cyber bullied, feeling confused, drinking too much, addiction problems, problems with eating, not feeling good about yourself, lacking in confidence…

Contact: talk to us at (091) 759887 or email us at helplinksupport@helplink.ie or check out more of our information at www.helplink.ie.

Warning: we do not provide a crisis service, people seriously contemplating suicide or in need of immediate help should go to their local A&E; Dial 999 for assistance.

7. Anam Aire View More Details on Anam Aire Visit the Anam Aire Website Email Anam Aire
Address: Contact Details:
65 Manor Court

and other locations
Telephone: (091) 44 5555
(086) 665 8118
Email: info@anamaire.org
Website: www.anamaire.org

AnamAire is a non-profit partnership of psychotherapists, counsellors, group facilitators and trainers.
Professional counselling support serving both individuals and groups in Galway since 2008.

Fees range from €20 to €60 for individuals.
By appointment only.

Weekly run therapeutic support groups from 7pm till 10pm
        Sundays for men & women
        Mondays for men only

8. Arlene Naugthen @ Sugru Therapy View More Details on Arlene Naugthen @ Sugru Therapy Visit the Arlene Naugthen @ Sugru Therapy Website Email Arlene Naugthen @ Sugru Therapy
Address: Contact Details:
Main Office:
Co Roscommon
Outreach Service in Various Locations
Telephone: 0867920925
Email: arlene@sugru.ie
Email: info@sugru.ie
Website: www.sugru.ie

Arlene Naughten, the Clinical Director at Sugru, provides a range of services to meet the developmental and therapeutic needs of families, children, young people, teenagers, and parents. The main aim of Sugru is to provide a service that is fully accessible and thus has an option for everyone. 

For New & Expectant Mothers - Child Development & Parenting Workshop - Offering a valuable support to new mothers to equip them with tools to improve their emotional health and the well-being of their child.

For Families -  

An Individual Parenting Consutation is the first port of call for any parent experiencing any difficulty, where parents will get professional advice based on their individual needs as identified. 

Family based Therapeutic Intervention is designed to meet the needs of a family as a whole and will often include play therapy for younger children, cognitive behaviour therapy for teenagers, parenting support for parents, and attachement work with the whole family. (see www.sugru.ie for more information on each of these therapeutic techniques)

Parening Workshops - Small numbers per group, gives parents the opportunity to learn parenting skills specific to their families needs

o Communicating with your Child, From Baby to Toddler: The Early Years
o Managing the Family: A Tool for Busy Families
o Parenting a Teenage
o Parenting through Divorce/Separation
o Parenting a Child with Special Needs

For Children:

o Developmental Play Groups (age 2-3 years)
o Individual Therapeutic Play (age 3 - 12 years)
o Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (age 10 - 18 years)

Mindfulness for Everyone - Learn important relaxion technique and have the opportunity to practice same in the variety of sessions on offer

o Mammy & Baby Mindfulness
o Parent & Toddler Mindfulness
o Parent's Mindfulness
o Childrens Mindfulness
o Adult Mindfulness

Specialised Services for Children with Additional Needs - such as Autism, Dyspraxia, etc.

o Specialised Developmental Play Groups
o Social Skills Workshops
o Meditation & Movement Classes
o Socialisation Camps
o Sibling Support Groups

Your Practitioner: Arlene Naughten BA, PGDipPsyc, PGDipEd, MScPsyc, MScFPsycC, PGCertPBPT, mBPsS, mPsSI, mPTI, mTCI is a highly trained and experienced practitioner with a range of specialisms including working with Domestic Violence, Neuro-Developmental Needs, Fears, Anxiety, Attachment, Early Childhood Trauma, and Family Communication Breakdowns, to name but a few. Arlene's full biography can be seen at http://sugru.ie/?page_id=38. 

9. ASC View More Details on ASC Visit the ASC Website Email ASC
Address: Contact Details:
Market Lane
Galway City Centre
Telephone: 091 447111
Email: info@ascgalway.ie
Website: www.ascgalway.ie

ASC is a non-judgemental, respectful, caring and confidential service that provides counselling and support for people who have or feel they may have a problem with alcohol and/or drugs. At ASC it is recognised that people may require help and support for many different aspects of their alcohol and/or drug use ranging from wondering if you have a problem, to managing more serious and devastating consequences of your drug and/or alcohol use. ASC also provides addiction counselling for those who know they have a problem and need support as they address these issues.
In addition ASC provides support and counselling for parents, partners and siblings of a person suffering from alcoholism/addiction.
ASC does not judge or label, instead ASC provides a safe, accepting and supportive environment with a qualified addiction counsellor in which your issues can be explored and addressed at a pace that suits you.

10. Aware View More Details on Aware Visit the Aware Website Email Aware
Address: Contact Details:
Telephone: 1890 303302
Email: info@aware.ie
Website: www.aware.ie/help/support_grou...

Support Groups operate nationwide, including in Galway, Mayo and Roscommon. For more infromation see our website.

Our objectives

  • To educate the public on the nature, extent and consequences of depression.
  • To provide emotional and practical support to those affected by depression and related disorders.
  • To support research into the development and treatment of depression and related issues.

11. Bereavement Counselling by Helplink View More Details on Bereavement Counselling by Helplink Visit the Bereavement Counselling by Helplink Website Email Bereavement Counselling by Helplink
Address: Contact Details:

1st Floor
The Plaza
Headford Road

Telephone: 091 759887
Email: helplinksupport@helplink.ie
Website: www.helplink.ie/counselling/be...

Bereavement Counselling by Helplink

All Helplink counsellors are qualified, supervised, insured and Garda vetted, they are available for you 7 days a week to support you and/or your loved ones with counselling assistance when you are going through the bereavement process.

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 9 am to 9 pm
Saturday & Sunday: 12 pm to 6 pm
Closed: Bank Holidays & Christmas/New Year's Eve

Cost: one standard appointment for employed people costs €50 or €45 with a GP referral (letter or email). If you are a Full-Time Student or Unemployed and in receipt of a Social Protection payment (e.g. Jobseeker’s Benefit/Allowance, Disability Benefit, Illness Benefit), one appointment costs €30.

Please mention when you are booking your appointment that you wish to avail of Bereavement Counselling in order for us to allocate the right counsellor for you.

Contact: talk to us at (091) 759887 or email us at helplinksupport@helplink.ie or check out more of our information at www.helplink.ie.

12. BodyWhys View More Details on BodyWhys Visit the BodyWhys Website Email BodyWhys
Address: Contact Details:
Bodywhys - The Eating Disorders Association Of Ireland.
PO Box 105,
Co Dublin.
Telephone: 1890 200444
01 2834963
Email: helpline@bodywhys.ie
Website: www.bodywhys.ie

Bodywhys is the national voluntary organization dedicated to supporting the 200,000 people in Ireland affected by eating disorders.

Bodywhys provides a range of support services for people affected by eating disorders, including specific services for families and friends.

Our vision is that people affected by eating disorders will have their needs met through the provision of appropriate integrated, quality service being delivered by a range of statutory, private and voluntary agencies.

BodywhysConnect - Online Support Group

Who is it for?: BodywhysConnect is a free, internet support group currently offered to people with eating disorders aged 19 years and over. If you are aged 13-18 years, we also have a Teens Online Support Group.

BodywhysConnect aims to provide support to those who may be geographically isolated from a support group or those who find it too difficult to attend a face-to-face group. Meetings last for an hour and a half and are facilitated by two trained Bodywhys volunteers.

Please see the website for more details: http://bodywhys.ie/supportServices/online-support-group/

13. Cancer Care West View More Details on Cancer Care West Visit the Cancer Care West Website Email Cancer Care West
Address: Contact Details:
Cancer Care West Support Centre
72 Seamus Quirke Road
Telephone: 091 545 000
091 540 040
Email: info@cancercarewest.ie
Website: www.cancercarewest.ie

Cancer Care West is a cancer patient and family care organisation whose aim is to enhance patient and family care and well being in a holistic way, and in support of conventional medical treatment and interventions. The Charity also undertakes research on care for patients and families and also undertakes educational and awareness initiatives in this area.

The Charity's activities and supports seek to add value for patients and their families to the treatments and care provided within the public and private healthcare systems in Ireland.

We offer a variety of support groups geared towards the different needs of patients and their families. 

We also have an individual support service to help you in your journey whether you are a cancer patient or someone you love has been diagnosed with cancer. Offering information, psychology consultations, benefits advice and a range of complementary therapies our cancer support specialists are here to work with you in whatever way you find helpful. 

See our website for further information.

14. Catherine Wall Counselling View More Details on Catherine Wall Counselling Visit the Catherine Wall Counselling Website Email Catherine Wall Counselling
Address: Contact Details:
Telephone: 0870662932
Email: cwallcounselling@gmail.com
Website: www.cwallcounselling.com

I hold a BA (Hons) in Counselling and Psychotherapy and a BA (Ord) in Counselling and Psychometric Studies.

I work in an integrative way and use different counselling styles and modalities in my practice depending on the client's individual needs.

I offer counselling in areas such as: depression, anxiety, bereavement, stress, sexuality issues etc.

I also work with children from the age of 8.

15. Ceartig Therapies: Expressive Arts & Play View More Details on Ceartig Therapies: Expressive Arts & Play Visit the Ceartig Therapies: Expressive Arts & Play Website Email Ceartig Therapies: Expressive Arts & Play
Address: Contact Details:
20b Sandyfort Suites,
Galway City,

Contact: Marie Fariñas
Telephone: 0892450200
Email: ceartig@gmail.com
Website: www.ceartig.com

Individual Play Therapy Sessions Private Practice and School Partnerships Group Therapy

People to Contact

Marie Fariñas

16. Children's Play Therapy Clinic Galway View More Details on Children's Play Therapy Clinic Galway Visit the Children's Play Therapy Clinic Galway Website Email Children's Play Therapy Clinic Galway
Address: Contact Details:

Suite 10, First Floor. Ross House, Victoria Place,

Eyre Square, Galway City Centre. H91 FPK5.

Contact: Ursula Cisa
Telephone: +353876748425
Email: ursulacisar@gmail.com
Email: info@galwayplaytherapy.ie
Website: www.galwayplaytherapy.ie

Children's Play Therapy Clinic offers:

Helps the child to alleviate mild to moderate emotional or psychological conditions.
It can be also used to detect more serious problems.


Helps the child to alleviate chronic, mild and moderate emotional or psychological

Therapeutic Play and Play Therapy are an effective form of therapy for children with the following emotional, psychological conditions:


  • Abuse (Emotional, Physical, Sexual)
  • Adapting to Foster Care & Adoption
  • ADHD
  • Anger
  • Attachment Issues
  • Autistic Spectrum
  • Behaviour Problems
  • Bereavement/Loss
  • Bullied/Bullies
  • Communication Problems
  • Delayed Development
  • Depression
  • Nightmares
  • Physical Disabilities
  • Poor School Attendance
  • Relationship Issues
  • Selective Mute
  • Separated/Divorced Parents
  • Social Exclusion
  • Trauma
  • Unauthorised Absences
  • Under-Performing (Academically, Socially, Culturally)
  • Withdrawn Personality

Who am I?

Ursula Cisa is a Certified Practitioner in Therapeutic Play Skills. She studied at the National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG) and the Academy of Play and Child Psychotherapy (APAC).

She is a member of Play Therapy Ireland, Play Therapy International and the Psychologist Protection Society.
She also holds an Honours Higher Diploma in Education from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile from which she has over 20 years experience working with children.


People to Contact

Ursula Cisa

Ursula Cisa

17. Clare McGee Therapy View More Details on Clare McGee Therapy Email Clare McGee Therapy
Address: Contact Details:
Galway City
Contact: Clare McGee
Telephone: 086 270 6709
Email: claremcgeetherapy@gmail.com

I hold a Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy, a BSc (Hons) in Psychology and a MSc in Occuptaional Psychology.  In addition, I am also an accredited member of the Irish Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy (MIACP) and work within their code of ethics.

I work from an integrative perspective and tailor sessions to each client's individual needs.  I see my work as a collaberation with you, my client, to enable you to understand what has been troubling you and to help you to find ways to heal.

I offer counselling to help clients deal with many issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, self-harm, anger, berevement, low self-esteem etc.

If you feel you might benefit from counselling, please give me a call or email me.

People to Contact

Clare McGee

18. Counselling View More Details on Counselling Visit the Counselling Website Email Counselling
Address: Contact Details:



Co Mayo

Contact: hello@essentialcounselling.ie
Email: hello@essentialcounselling.ie
Website: www.essentialcounselling.ie

Do you avoid therapy because you worry about disclosing private information or personal secrets?  If so, then BWRT (brain wave recursive therapy)  may be the way forward for you.

BWRT® works with personal problems, fears, anxieties, grief, over eating and most issues. Clients have found that even severe difficulties that have lasted for years can go away and often in just a few short sessions. The therapy can be carried out via zoom. 

People to Contact


19. Counselling service View More Details on Counselling service Visit the Counselling service Website Email Counselling service
Address: Contact Details:
Dyke Rd
Contact: Sheelagh Garvey
Telephone: 086 8231670
Email: coumsellinggalway@gmail.com
Website: www.counsellinggalway.ie

Individual/couple/group counselling service Relationship/abuse/ work related issues Re

People to Contact

Sheelagh Garvey

20. Counselling with Mind and Body Solutions View More Details on Counselling with Mind and Body Solutions Visit the Counselling with Mind and Body Solutions Website Email Counselling with Mind and Body Solutions
Address: Contact Details:
Central to Galway, Mayo and Roscommon Mind and Body Solutions clinic in Milltow Tuam Co.Galway is within 45mins of Galway city, Castlebar, Roscommon Town.
Contact: David
Telephone: 085 7637059
Email: dofarrell@mindandbody.ie
Email: dofarrell@mindandbody.ie
Email: dofarrell@mindandbody.ie
Website: www.mindandbody.ie

At Mind and Body Solutions, the first session focuses on a needs Assessment, this will enable us and the client to focus on the issues that will impact on their quality of life immediately, by using a Solution Focused Approach to counselling we can ensure an immediate improvement in how you are feeling and a timely resolution to your difficulties.

Too often we put our own difficulties on the back burner, so why don't you begin to look after yourself."When You correct your Mind, everything else will fall into place" Lao Tsu

As an NLP Mind Coach and Counselling Psychotherapist my goal is to help you uncover your true potential and lead a life that is worth celebrating. While we can't change difficult situations of the past, we can work together to better understand and resolve challenges in your life. By applying Scientifically proven therapy approaches and techniques, we will unearth long-standing behavior patterns or negative perceptions that may be holding you back from experiencing a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

We are trained in Reality Therapy, CBT, CBT-E for Eating Disorders, Emotion Focused Therapy for Depression, Grief, Relationship Counselling. Mindfulness and Guided Imagery, NLP, using a holistic Multi disciplinary approach to our clients allows us to work towards a solution focused resolution to all presenting issues.If you're looking for extra support and guidance through a challenging situation or you're just ready to move in a new direction in your life, I look forward to working with you to achieve your goals.Please call or email me for a consultation today!Corporate stress . CBT Child Counselling . CBT & RT Teen counselling . Relationship counselling.Mind & Body Solutions use an accredited integrative approach to all psychological support, we work together with your medical practitioner to ensure a Holistic  outcome. We also offer specific CBT for Children & Teens experiencing Anxiety or Bullying.

Psychotherapy is an Evidence based appraoch for a wide range of Psychological Issues, including the Psychotheraputic treatment of ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Fibromylagia.

By using a Solution Focused Approach to counselling we can ensure an immediate improvement in how you are feeling and a timely resolution to your difficulties.

David is the only Brainspotting Psychotherapist in Ireland, recently trained to level2 certification by the founder of Brainspotting David Grand Ph.D. ( see Video below).Brainspotting is a new Brain Based Therapy for dealing with trauma and complicated issues such as severe Depression, Anxiety, Complicated Grief, PTSD.

There is no need to struggle on in silence, seek help from your GP or Contact Mind & Body Solutions for a consultation to start the journey on the road to recovery.

Mind & Body also specialise in Corporate related Stress Solutions.

We are trained in Reality Therapy, CBT, CBT-E for Eating Disorders, Emotion Focused Therapy for Depression, Grief, Relationship Counselling. Mindfulness and Guided Imagery, NLP, using a holistic Multi disciplinary approach to our clients allows us to work towards a solution focused resolution to all presenting issues.

Mind & Body Solutions " Helping You To Help Yourself

"When you correct your mind, everything else will fall into place"Lao Tzu

People to Contact


21. Couples and Marriage Counselling by Helplink View More Details on Couples and Marriage Counselling by Helplink Visit the Couples and Marriage Counselling by Helplink Website Email Couples and Marriage Counselling by Helplink
Address: Contact Details:

1st Floor
The Plaza
Headford Road

Email: helplinksupport@helplink.ie
Website: www.helplink.ie/counselling/co...

Couples/Marriage Counselling by Helplink Support Services

There are three options available:

  • Online (video) counselling available nationwide from your home, private setting, or from two different locations if you are apart for work etc.
  • Telephone counselling
  • In person at our Galway City office for face-to-face sessions.

Couples counselling can be benefical if your relationship is in distress or if you experience:

  • Poor communication (tools and skills will be introduced to achieve results)
  • Trust issues
  • Lack of intimacy (tools & skills will be introduced to establish deeper levels of intimacy)
  • Incompatibility (issues might be explored to establish mutual goals for you live together as a couple & family)
  • Domestic violence
  • Spectrum of psychological disorders including Alcoholism, depression, anxiety, Erectile Dysfunction, psycho-sexual issues etc Ref: http://www.minddisorders.com/Br-Del/Couples-therapy.html
  • Maybe you notice that things just aren’t ‘right’, and need some objectivity to explore what’s going on.

The Goal of couple’s therapy is to identify stresses and devise a treatment plan designed to establish harmony and alleviate relational distress. 

The Objective of couple's therapy is to restore healthy functioning, so that the couple can move forward in their lives.

Cost: the fee for this specialist counselling service is 65 euro or 60 euro with a GP referral (email or letter). 

Contact: talk to us at (091) 759887 or email us at helplinksupport@helplink.ie

Address: Contact Details:

St.Mary's Rd, Lower Salthill, Galway

Contact: Valeria Ballarotti
Telephone: 085-1248323
Email: creacounselling@gmail.com
Website: www.creacounselling.ie

Valeria Ballarotti MIACP, MBACP Accred is an experienced counsellor and an Accredited Member of both Irish and British Associations of Counselling and Psychotherapy.

She runs CREA Counselling Galway in a private and comfortable consulting room in Lower Salthill, near UCH and NUIG. She offers professional counselling and psychotherapy support to address a broad range of mental health problems including

  • depression
  • anxiety loss and bereavement
  • relationship problems
  • developmental trauma and abuse
  • work-related stress and burnout
  • low self-worth and perfectionism


Specialising in

Valeria has asubstantial experience working with people working in the health and social care sectors, in social work and education, providing a space for reflection and self-nurture.

Her eclectic therapeutic approach is also suited to those in creative professions and anyone who daren't call themselves an artist but longs to express their artistic nature.

Drawing from her own experience of migration, she also work with people from diverse cultures and background, facing trans-cultural challenges and experiencing isolation.

She works mainly in English but also offers counselling and psychotherapy through ITALIAN and FRENCH.

For further information or to get in touch click here

People to Contact

Valeria Ballarotti

23. Cristina Galvin Psychotherapy & Counselling View More Details on Cristina Galvin Psychotherapy & Counselling Visit the Cristina Galvin Psychotherapy & Counselling Website Email Cristina Galvin Psychotherapy & Counselling
Address: Contact Details:

Galway City

Telephone: 087 3140274
Website: www.psychotherapyforyou.com

Cristina Galvin, MA, MSc is a fully accredited psychotherapist and counsellor, registered with IAHIP and ICP. 

Cristina runs a trusted, professional Psychotherapy and Counselling practice in Galway city. She has many years of experience, both overseas and here in Ireland, working with people struggling with the effects of trauma, grief, loss, addictions, eating disorders, depression and anxiety. as well as a host of other issues that cause stress and relationship difficulties.

She takes a person-centred approach to people and the issues they bring to therapy. This means that you are given time and space to talk and feel heard. Her way of working is also practical in that you come away equipped with tools to cope, whatever your struggle, and it is psychodynamic, meaning that sessions may explore how past experiences may be influencing present emotional and behavioural patterns. The insight and understanding this gives you will help to shed light on hidden hindrances and seemingly intractable issues in your life so that doorways to more expansive ways of living may open up. If you are struggling with a personal crisis or difficult life events, don't struggle alone. Cristina's compassionate support is just a call or click away. For more information and to make an appointment, call 0873140274 or visit www.psychotherapyforyou.com.

24. Eriú counselling and psychotherapy View More Details on Eriú counselling and psychotherapy Visit the Eriú counselling and psychotherapy  Website Email Eriú counselling and psychotherapy
Address: Contact Details:
Triskel Centre, Salthill.
Telephone: 0861078444
Email: aoibheniraghallaigh@gmail.com
Website: www.aoifereillycounselling.ie

Counselling and psychotherapy for adults and teens from age 16 upwards. therapeutic group work.

25. Family Wellbeing View More Details on Family Wellbeing Email Family Wellbeing
Address: Contact Details:
Liosbán Industrial Estate
Tuam Road,
Telephone: 0868072322
Email: loughreaplaytherapy@gmail.com

Parent Mentor, offering counselling and education (courses, workshops and one-to-one counselling).
Play therapist, offering one-to-one or group sessions to help children work through their feelings and difficulties using the powerful medium of play and creative activities. Suitable for children from three upwards, and there is no upper age limit.

26. Family Wellbeing - Parenting Course View More Details on Family Wellbeing - Parenting Course Email Family Wellbeing - Parenting Course
Address: Contact Details:
People's Resource Centre,
St Clare's Walk,
Merchant Road,
Telephone: 086 8072322
Email: jenniec28@gmail.com

Ten week parenting course Covering the following topics:

-All parenting starts with self
-Family relationships and feelings
-All children are geniuses
-Helping children to become resonsable
-Family communication I
-Family communication II
-Children's challenging behaviour I
-Children's challenging behaviour II -Parents' challenging behaviour
-A different kind of discipline

Tuesday evenings, 7.30-9.00pm
Starting on 14th Oct 2014
Facilitated by Parent Mentor, Jennie Clarke Special price for ten weeks: €100, Unemployed €75 Coupled, €180

27. Galway Counselling Centre View More Details on Galway Counselling Centre Visit the Galway Counselling Centre Website Email Galway Counselling Centre
Address: Contact Details:
Waterdale Claregalway Co. Galway
Contact: P.atricia Heneghan
Telephone: 0876886239
Email: info@galway-counselling.ie
Website: www.galway-counselling.ie

I am relationship counsellor with over 11 years experience of working in the field. I am also a Clinical Supervisor. I hold a Masters, an honours degree, and a higher diploma in counselling. I use CBT together with inner child healing. I also do couple counselling and have worked with couples for many years.

People to Contact

P.atricia Heneghan

28. Galway Diocesan Family Centre View More Details on Galway Diocesan Family Centre Visit the Galway Diocesan Family Centre Website
Address: Contact Details:
Galway Diocesan Centre,
Galway City
Telephone: 091 565066
Website: /www.galwaydiocese.ie/pastoral...

The Centre provides programmes and support services including two programmes Rainbows and Beginning Experience which aim to support those who are grieving due to a death, separation or other painful transition.

29. Galway Psychotherapy View More Details on Galway Psychotherapy Visit the Galway Psychotherapy Website Email Galway Psychotherapy
Address: Contact Details:
58 Lower Dominick Street
Telephone: 086 1521474
Email: mariankirbyryan@gmail.com
Website: www.galwaypsychotherapy.ie

My commitment in this work is to facilitate and support my clients towards self empowerment and healing and I work with a broad range of issues in achieving this goal including:

• Anxiety
• Depression
• Panic
• Stress
• Life Changes
• Low self esteem
• Bereavement

30. Galway Psychotherapy Practice View More Details on Galway Psychotherapy Practice Visit the Galway Psychotherapy Practice Website
Address: Contact Details:
Contact: Ilona Haberska
Telephone: 0861941889
Website: www.galwaypsychotherapy.com

I am a Registered Psychologist with the Psychological Society of Ireland and a Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist accredited by Eurapean Federation for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy.

I received my MA in Psychology from Jagiellonian University in Krakow in Poland.

I also completed two years of training in Group Analysis and four years of postgraduate proffessional training  in Psychotherapy, obtaining Diploma in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy.

I worked as a psychologist with the National Psychiatric Services in Poland and in private practice in Ireland.

I offer help to people suffering from: depression, anxiety, family and relationship problems, identity issues, childhood sexual abuse including incest,
childhood abuse and neglect, eating disorders, obsessional behavior and thoughts.

People to Contact

Ilona Haberska

31. Galway Rape Crisis Centre View More Details on Galway Rape Crisis Centre Visit the Galway Rape Crisis Centre Website Email Galway Rape Crisis Centre
Address: Contact Details:
The Lodge
Forster Court
Telephone: 1800 355 355
091 564800
Email: admin@grcc.ie
Website: www.galwayrcc.org

Galway Rape Crisis Centre is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) based in Galway City. The centre opened its doors in 1984 and since then has been providing counselling and support services to survivors of sexual violence and abuse in the West of Ireland. The centre also provides Education and Training Services to the general public, and to specific groups in the community. Our cutting edge services include a 24 hour call out service supporting survivors after recent assault or rape,a dedicated clinic supporting asylum seekers and many more which you can find out about by visiting our website.

32. Heal Your Life / Relax Kids / Metaphysical Teaching View More Details on Heal Your Life / Relax Kids / Metaphysical Teaching Visit the Heal Your Life / Relax Kids / Metaphysical Teaching Website Email Heal Your Life / Relax Kids / Metaphysical Teaching
Address: Contact Details:
Telephone: 086 793 0196
Email: bodymindtherapy@me.com
Website: www.bodymindtherapygalway.com

Nicole teaches powerful and very healing workshops based on Louise Hay's best seller 'You Can Heal Your Life'.

These workshops increases self-awareness by giving participants a focused opportunity to identify limiting beliefs, negative behaviour patterns and deep rooted fears that may be holding them back in life.

Nicole uses these following techniques:

meditation, visualisation, affirmations, relaxation, positive thinking, guided imagery, anger releasing, forgiveness work, fear exercises, awareness exercises, mirror work.

Through these programs you will learn to . . .

.. Release negative emotions that block your joy and creativity
.. Discover unconscious beliefs that are driving your life
.. Understand your barriers to love
.. To find your inner wisdom & power
.. Work with body, mind and spirit to transform your life
.. Gain emotional freedom from the past
.. Free yourself from unwanted behaviors
.. Open yourself to more love, better health, and greater prosperity
.. Create more harmony & balance in your Life
.. Love yourself and others more fully and deeply

Nicole is also available for one-to-one coaching sessions.

For more details: www.bodymindtherapygalway.com

Nicole Lordan,
Body Mind Therapy Galway
Certified and Licensed Heal Your Life® Workshop Leader / Relax Kids Teacher
Massage Therapist / Reflexologist / Wellness Trainer / Certified Advanced Dorn Method Therapist & Authorised Dorn Instructor

33. Healing Touch Galway View More Details on Healing Touch Galway Visit the Healing Touch Galway Website Email Healing Touch Galway
Address: Contact Details:
Healing Touch Galway
1 Shantalla road,
Cookes Corner,
Contact: Emer Hennelly
Telephone: 086 3642886
Email: info@healingtouchgalway.com
Website: www.healingtouchgalway.com

Emer Hennelly is a qualified psychotherapist, counsellor, Grief  Recover Specialist & Massage Therapist.
Emer works in a holistic way with people. She views people as experts on their own experience and health and herself as a facilitator of the process of change. She has extensive experience working with people from all walks of life over the past number of years. She enjoys her work immensely and gets no greater satisfaction than to see people coming home to themselves and making the changes necessary to live a more fulfillng and joyous life.

People to Contact

Emer Hennelly
086 3642886

34. Helplink View More Details on Helplink Visit the Helplink Website Email Helplink
Address: Contact Details:
Third Floor,
Ross House,
Merchant's Road,
Telephone: 091 520963
Email: info@helplink.ie
Email: counselling@helplink.ie
Email: eap@helplink.ie
Website: www.helplink.ie

We are Ireland’s leading social enterprise. From our offices in Galway we provide our award winning, innovative, accessible and affordable services nationwide.

• Helplink’s confidential counselling service operates online via Skype by phone or face-to-face. Our team of professional, accredited counsellors will communicate with you by webcam, voice only, instant messaging, email, telephone, in person or a combination of these. It is up to you how you want to conduct your session! You can now sit with our counsellors in person as well in our Galway offices on The Crescent. Helplink's counselling service is about being there for you in a way that is more comfortable affordable and accessible. Our professional, Garda vetted counsellors are available 7 days a week from 1 pm to 9 pm (last bookable session is 8 pm) at €38 a session for online or by phone or €50 for in person (Bundle sessions are also available and keep an eye out for our promotions!). Initial counselling sessions are available online or by phone FREE of charge for up to 20 minutes

• We also have an online by phone or in person low cost career guidance including psychometric testing. 

35. Helplink’s Play Therapy and Creative Therapy Services View More Details on Helplink’s Play Therapy and Creative Therapy Services Visit the Helplink’s Play Therapy and Creative Therapy Services Website Email Helplink’s Play Therapy and Creative Therapy Services
Address: Contact Details:

1st Floor
The Plaza
Headford Road

Telephone: 091 759887
Email: helplinksupport@helplink.ie
Website: www.helplink.ie/counselling/pl...

Helplink’s Play Therapy and Creative Therapy Services

Play Therapy with Helplink is for children aged 3 to 10 years old and our Creative Therapy  service is for young people aged 11 to 15 years old.

These forms of therapy allow children and young people the time and space to work out what may be troubling them and also to express their feelings through their most natural method of communication – PLAY.

In our Galway Play Therapy and Creative Therapy service appointments are 45 minutes long, they are non-directive and non-investigative in nature, whereby the child/young person leads the sessions and the therapist follows. The room holds the play/creative therapy ‘tool kit’ which includes sand, clay, puppets, role play, art materials, therapeutic stories, creative visualisations and music/movement. The aim is that when the child/young person feels comfortable they will begin to express the negative or difficult emotions through their actions, the therapist is able to track and observe what is happening and gently guide the child/young person when necessary.  The therapist provides the space which allows the child/young person to play/be creative as they need to with as few limits as possible but as many as necessary (for physical and emotional safety). All play/creative therapy sessions are confidential, details of the sessions shall only be disclosed in line with child protection procedures.

Who is this service for?: Any child over the age of 3 years can benefit from play therapy appointments as this type of therapy nurtures creative thinking, builds self-esteem, confidence, resilience and much more. Play therapy can be specifically used to support children with any emotional or behavioural difficulties, who have suffered bereavement/loss, suffering with anxiety or are having any family issues but to name a few referral reasons. Creative therapy is for older children aged 11 to 15 as above this service can assist these children across multiple areas. At this time appointments are only available in Galway City.

Our Play/Creative Therapist: Denise Gordon is graduate of NUI Galway and the Academy of Child and Play Psychotherapy. She holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Practice Based Play Therapy (NFQ:Level 9), as well as this Denise has completed her Degree in Arts with Children Studies (NUIG).  All of Denise’s work is guided by the Play Therapy International Framework and she is a member of Play Therapy Ireland. For more on Play Therapy Ireland, you can visit their Website at http://www.playtherapy.ie/. Furthermore, Denise is supervised, insured and Garda vetted.

Fee for appointment/s: If either parent is working the fee for one appointment is €65. It both parents (or if lone parent) are (is) unemployed one appointment is €45.

Contact: talk to us at (091) 759887 or email us at helplinksupport@helplink.ie or check out more of our information at www.helplink.ie.

36. Joe Murphy Counselling & Psychotherapy View More Details on Joe Murphy Counselling & Psychotherapy Visit the Joe Murphy Counselling & Psychotherapy  Website Email Joe Murphy Counselling & Psychotherapy
Address: Contact Details:
Co. Galway.
Contact: Joe Murphy
Telephone: 086 3858536
Email: joe@joemurphy.ie
Website: www.joemurphy.ie

As a counsellor and psychotherapist I use a person-centred approach seeking to develop a trusting, honest relationship with the client. I put emphasis on listening and accepting people for whom they are. My personal style is warm and compassionate.

I have experience of working with a wide range of issues including the following;

Depression                       Anxiety                            Grief                  Sexuality and Identity          Bullying

Relationship problems      Trauma                           Illness and Disability                                      Self harm and suicide

Sexual Abuse                   Mental health                  Loneliness                                                     Self Esteem

Over the past 25 years I have worked in guidance and training roles in the private sector, with youth, in disability services and community organisations. I have gained broad experience of helping people to address difficult issues and I believe that I can help people to achieve their potential and to live fulfilling lives.

As a counsellor and psychotherapist I use a person centred style but also embrace styles such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness and Reality Therapy, all of which are designed to support the client.

The main benefits which  my clients have toltd me that they got from counselling are;

- Live with greater ease and peace of mind
- Address problems which cause stress and anxiety
- Increased reslience
- Helps to see new opportunities and choices for growth.
- Better relationships.

People to Contact

Joe Murphy
086 3858536

37. Marie Keegan BSc(Hons),Dip,MIACP View More Details on Marie Keegan BSc(Hons),Dip,MIACP Visit the Marie Keegan BSc(Hons),Dip,MIACP Website Email Marie Keegan BSc(Hons),Dip,MIACP
Address: Contact Details:
Royal Court Business Centre Liosban Industrial Estate Tuam Road
Telephone: 086 2465264
Email: amariek73@gmail.com
Website: www.mariekeegan.info

Fully accredited member of the Irish Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (IACP) Experienced in working with depression,anxiety,panic attacks,stress,work issues Consultation free

38. Marie Tierney Counselling, Psychotherapy, Internal Family Systems & EMDR Therapy View More Details on Marie Tierney Counselling, Psychotherapy, Internal Family Systems & EMDR Therapy Visit the Marie Tierney Counselling, Psychotherapy, Internal Family Systems & EMDR Therapy Website Email Marie Tierney Counselling, Psychotherapy, Internal Family Systems & EMDR Therapy
Address: Contact Details:
Granary Therapy Centre, 58 Dominick St Lower, Galway
Contact: Marie Tierney
Telephone: 087 6171472
Email: Info@marietierney.ie
Website: www.marietierney.ie

No matter where you're starting from, change is possible. Professional, confidential Counselling, Psychotherapy, Internal Family Systems Therapy and EMDR Therapy for adults and adolescents over 16 years. Specialising in anxiety, trauma, addiction and sexuality.

People to Contact

Marie Tierney

39. Mary Kilraine Hannon; Counselling, Psychotherapy & Play Therapy View More Details on Mary Kilraine Hannon; Counselling, Psychotherapy & Play Therapy Visit the Mary Kilraine Hannon; Counselling, Psychotherapy & Play Therapy Website Email Mary Kilraine Hannon; Counselling, Psychotherapy & Play Therapy
Address: Contact Details:
Ross House,
Merchant's Road (off Eyre Square)
Contact: Mary Kilraine Hannon
Telephone: 086 8110648
Email: mary@marykilrainehannon.com
Email: mary.kilrainehannon@gmail.com
Website: www.marykilrainehannon.com

Mary Kilraine Hannon; Counselling, Psychotherapy & Play Therapy Galway           Tel: 086 8110648 

Adults: Counselling and Psychotherapy

Counselling can a provide safe supportive place to find new ways to address a crisis in work or a relationship. Psychotherapy works on long standing problems often rooted in difficult traumatic early life experiences which when spoken about in detail can enable you to make better choices in relationships and life in general.

Counselling, sometimes called “talk therapy,” is a conversation or a series of conversations between the counsellor and client.  Counselling usually focuses on a particular problem and in taking steps decided by the client to address this problem.  The problem is often discussed in the present tense without too much attention to past experiences. You do not have to be in crisis to benefit from counselling or psychotherapy – however, it can be a great support or resource at times of crisis or difficulty in our lives.

Psychotherapy, like counselling, is based on a healing relationship between the therapist and client. Psychotherapy takes place over a series of meetings between the therapist and client over a longer timespan  than counselling. It enables you to deal with deeper, more long-term issues that may have their roots in your past, (e.g. traumatic issues from childhood) which are affecting our present life.


Adolescents: Counselling

Adolescence is a complex developmental stage, starting around twelve years of age. It is distinct from childhood and yet is not adulthood. Adolescent therapy helps teenagers and their families to negotiate the difficulties that can sometimes emerge at this time.  These include challenges in relationships at home, school, moving to third level education, bullying, sexuality, eating disorders, withdrawal, depression, anxiety, aggression, suicidal thoughts, family changes and bereavement.  Counselling can help the adolescent understand and make sense of their feelings/behaviour and who they are and want to be. It can also be the place where they learn about relating with a safe and caring adult.

I provide confidential one to one counselling and psychotherapy. I offer teenagers a safe, non- judgemental space  to explore the issues and challenges that they are meeting their daily lives.

It is important that adolescents feel secure to talk in a confidential place.  As such parents will be asked to allow their child the freedom to attend their sessions on their own.

I am interest in working with this age group as I believe that many of the problems faced by adults later in life could be helped with counselling and psychotherapy earlier in life.


Children: Play Therapy

Play Therapy refers to a variety of techniques and methods used to help children  who are experiencing difficulties with their emotions or behaviour.  Playing, drawing, building, using sand and pretending, as well as talking, are important ways of sharing feelings and resolving problems for children and adolescents.

Play Therapy helps children understand confused feelings and upsetting events. Rather than having to explain what is troubling them, as adult therapy usually expects, children use play to communicate at their own level and at their own pace. Play Therapy helps children work through emotional, social and behavioural difficulties and helps address family problems. It uses the medium of play, rather than talk, to help the child learn to express themselves, explore and make sense of the world in which they live and resolve any difficult or painful experiences.

Play therapy may involve an individual child, a family, or multiple families or a group of children. In children and adolescents, playing, drawing, building, using sand and pretending, as well as talking, are important ways of sharing feelings and resolving problems.


People to Contact

Mary Kilraine Hannon
086 8110648

40. mikewardcounselling.ie View More Details on mikewardcounselling.ie Visit the mikewardcounselling.ie Website Email mikewardcounselling.ie
Address: Contact Details:
Charter House,
Liosban Industrial Estate,
Telephone: 087-2678610
Email: mike@mikewardcounselling.ie
Email: mikeward4691@gmail.com
Website: mikewardcounselling.ie

I provide a compassionate and a confidential counselling/ psychotherapy service for those that are affected by mental health issues.
These issues may include stress, anxiety, anger, relationship problems, isolation, grief, suicidal thoughts or feelings of emptiness. 

41. MRSA and Families Network West View More Details on MRSA and Families Network West Visit the MRSA and Families Network West Website Email MRSA and Families Network West
Address: Contact Details:
Co, Galway
Contact: Tony Kavanagh
Telephone: 093 49928
Email: tony@mrsaandfamilies.com
Email: noeleen@mrsaandfamilies.com
Email: margaret@mrsaandfamilies.com
Website: www.mrsaandfamiliesnetwork.com

MRSA and families network is a national organisation who provide advocacy/ councilling/support to survivors and their families of mrsa, c/diff hospital and healthcare acquired infections.

People to Contact

Tony Kavanagh

Noeleen Freel

Margaret Dawson
42. New Choices View More Details on New Choices Visit the New Choices Website Email New Choices
Address: Contact Details:
Neale Park,
The Neale,
Co. Mayo
Contact: Valerie Farragher
Telephone: 0949546107
Email: valfarragher@ymail.com
Website: homedetoxireland.com

We provide help for anyone who is having problems in their lives because they are drinking alcohol heavily or dependently. The treatment is done in your own home.This may also include an Alcohol Detox and this is done, again in your own home, by a registered, qualified nurse. Our treatment is called Integrated Treatment or Dual Diagnosis Care. Dual Diagnosis are the words you may hear when someone is talking about a person that has a mental health difficulty, like anxiety, stress or depression and along with that they also have an alcohol or drug problem. This means that the person is treated for their mental health condition along with their addiction or alcohol abuse problem. If both problems are diagnosed then both must be treated or neither will get better. 

People to Contact

Valerie Farragher

43. No. 4 Youth Service View More Details on No. 4 Youth Service Visit the No. 4 Youth Service Website Email No. 4 Youth Service
Address: Contact Details:

No. 4 Augustine Street,


Telephone: 091 568483
Email: youthservice@no4.ie
Website: www.no4.ie

'No.4 Youth Service' provides a range of supports for young people aged 13-25 years in areas including education, physical and mental health, homelessness prevention and employability.

How Can We Help?

  • Support to work towards individual goals
  • Careers Guidance to assist in making informed decisions and develop skills to enter education, training or employment
  • A safe place where young people can talk
  • Counselling
  • Tuition for those at risk of or out of school
  • Information on any topic of interest or concern
  • Assistance to complete applications and forms
  • Access to computers, daily meals and shower and laundry facilities
  • Help to find or sustain accommodation
  • Non-structured and health promoting activities

44. Optimum Health Psychotherapy View More Details on Optimum Health Psychotherapy Visit the Optimum Health Psychotherapy Website Email Optimum Health Psychotherapy
Address: Contact Details:

Merchants Road,

Galway City

Contact: Aisling
Telephone: 0876722396
Email: aisling@optimumhealth.ie
Website: optimumhealth.ie/galwaypsychot...

A non-judgemental and confidential space to explore your symptoms and set goals for your personal therapy program.

  • Couples Therapy & Relationship Issues
  • Depression
  • Anxiety, Stress & Panic Attacks
  • Trauma
  • Grief & Bereavement
  • Anger
  • Fear
  • Self Awareness
  • Mindfulness



People to Contact


45. Polish Psychotherapy Service View More Details on Polish Psychotherapy Service Visit the Polish Psychotherapy Service  Website Email Polish Psychotherapy Service
Address: Contact Details:

Les Grandes Argentes, Killucan, Westmeath N91VP03


Contact: Marcin Bogucki
Telephone: 089 958 1809
Email: mypsychotherapies@gmail.com
Website: mypsychotherapies.com

People to Contact

Marcin Bogucki

46. Pro Consult View More Details on Pro Consult Visit the Pro Consult Website Email Pro Consult
Address: Contact Details:
1 St Helen's Street,
Cookes Corner,
Telephone: 091 589581
087 235 6414
Email: office@proconsult.ie
Website: www.proconsult.ie

Professional Counselling service for adults.
Sliding scale fee from €25 to €65.
Appointments available office hours, evenings and Saturdays.
Marriage and relationship counselling, bereavement counselling, stress, anxiety and mood problems.
Pro Consult is a non-profit, community based organisation providing a counselling service since 1992.

Fridays in Clifden Health Centre

47. Safe Space Counselling View More Details on Safe Space Counselling Visit the Safe Space Counselling  Website Email Safe Space Counselling
Address: Contact Details:

Safe Space Counselling,
Liosban Holistic Centre,
Royal Court Business Centre,
Liosban Retail Park,
Tuam Rd,

Telephone: 087 9040381
Email: safespacecounsellinggalway@gmail.com
Website: safespacecounselling.ie/contac...

Do you feel you need to talk with someone neutral who is outside your circle of family and friends and will listen to your concerns in a non- judgmental way? If so, both counselling and psychotherapy can help you.

I am a fully qualified counsellor and psychotherapist with a BA in Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy. 

My approach is integrative which means I use a variety of approaches to suit the individual needs of the client

Issues I commonly work with include:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Bereavement
  • Loss
  • Self-esteem
  • Confidence
  • Stress
  • Fear
  • Identity
  • Separation or Relationship Break- down
  • Gender
  • Work Related Issues
  • Life changes
  • Trauma and Abuse


Offering a complimentary phone consultation whereby you can discuss your issues, or concerns and decide if you want to book an initial appointment. All contact is completely confidential.

48. Soul Focus Therapy Galway View More Details on Soul Focus Therapy Galway Visit the Soul Focus Therapy Galway Website
Address: Contact Details:
Contact: Jenni
Telephone: 087 432 9466
Website: www.soulfocustherapy.com

I offer both long and short term talking therapy, lasting between 6 weeks and ongoing as long as you feel comfortable and the therapy is beneficial to you. I also offer counseling for couples. Each session lasts for 50 minutes. We can discuss the likely duration for the therapy in your first session, but many clients prefer to leave it open rather than working to time limits. 
As a therapist trained in both Transpersonal and Integrative techniques, I tailor my approach largely to you as an individual as well as to the stage in the therapeutic process that you are at. In addition to therapeutic discussion on the issue you present, we may work with the creative imagination which can be very powerful, should you be open, ready and willing to do this kind of exercise. For example, we may use dreams, music, sand trays, visualisations, imagery and more in order to guide you to an exploration of your own inner knowing.
I work with issues such as (but not limited to) the following:
Abuse (emotional, sexual, physical, verbal)
Career / life direction
Eating disorders
Low self esteem
Personality Disorders i.e., Borderline personality
PTSD and trauma
Relationship difficulties
Spiritual direction
Sexual problems

I am experienced in working with clients from all over the world, including refugees, immigrants and asylum seekers, and speaking a variety of languages in the therapy. 

Persian (Farsi) 

People to Contact

087 432 9466

49. State of Mind Psychotherapy (Elva Glynn) View More Details on State of Mind Psychotherapy (Elva Glynn) Visit the State of Mind Psychotherapy (Elva Glynn) Website Email State of Mind Psychotherapy (Elva Glynn)
Address: Contact Details:
1st Floor Ross House,
Mechants Road,
Contact: Elva Glynn
Telephone: 087 7778954
Email: info@stateofmindpsychotherapy.com
Website: www.stateofmindpsychotherapy.c...

State of Mind offers a Professional and Confidential Counselling and Psychotherapy service in the Galway, Mayo and Roscommon regions.

There are times in our lives when we may encounter difficulties and stresses. We may feel stuck and unable to move forward. If you would like help I can support you in the process.

State of Mind offers a professional and confidential one to one counselling and psychotherapy service to adults. I provide a neutral objective space to talk about what you feel is causing difficulty at this time. You will be respected, truly heard and listened to without judgement. We will work collaboratively on what you may need at the moment. Together we will create a space in which you can become aware of what may be preventing you from living your life to its fullest. Everyone has different needs at certain points in their lives. Come and safely explore your options in a secure and safe surrounding.

People may come to therapy if they are affected by:



Suicidal thoughts

Self Harm




Not having a meaning in Life

Extreme mood changes

Eating Problems

Low self esteem



Family or Relationship Issues

Work Related Issues

I have had clients that have come to therapy with a sense of unease and uncertainty about why they are feeling this way. There are times when we don’t know what is happening but we feel stuck or unsure about where we are in life. I can help you explore what is happening for you in this time and would hope that we could come to an awareness and clarity about what you want for your life.

Elva Glynn Bsc (hons), Dip, Pre Accredited Member of IACP

I am a fully trained professional Psychotherapist working on a one to one weekly basis with people in the Galway City and County area. I am a pre accredited member of IACP and work within their code of ethics. I work from a Humanistic Integrative framework. Working in this way results in an integration of your personality and needs. This is an exploration of the human experience and as a client you will  become aware of what is holding you back and you can begin to live your life to its true potential. I will encourage your capacity and will foster a movement towards self-healing.

People to Contact

Elva Glynn
087 7778954

50. Student Counselling Service, NUI Galway View More Details on Student Counselling Service, NUI Galway Visit the Student Counselling Service, NUI Galway Website Email Student Counselling Service, NUI Galway
Address: Contact Details:

5 Distillery Road,

Telephone: 091 492484
087 6644299
Email: counselling@nuigalway.ie
Website: www.nuigalway.ie/counsellors

Free and confidential counselling service for all registered NUI Galway students. Drop in service (no appointment necessary) during term time, 2.00pm to 4.00pm, Monday to Friday.