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Counselling support services in Mayo

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1. Accord Marriage and Relationship Counselling View More Details on Accord Marriage and Relationship Counselling Visit the Accord Marriage and Relationship Counselling Website Email Accord Marriage and Relationship Counselling
Address: Contact Details:
Telephone: 01 5053112
Email: info@accord.ie
Website: www.accord.ie

ACCORD's essential function is to provide you with access to information and support if you are:

  • Looking for help with marriage and relationship difficulties
  • Preparing for marriage
  • Seeking to enhance your relationship
  • Learning more about marriage and family issues

Counselling - the service is based on the client's needs rather than their ability to pay.  A contribution is requested if the person or couple can afford to make one


Accord has centres in:

Ballina                        096 21478
Ballinasloe                  090 9643573  
Castlebar                    094 9022214
Charlestown               094 9254944
Galway                       091 562331
Tuam                          093 24900      

For further information and email addresses please see our website.


2. Adult Counselling Service for Survivors of Childhood Abuse View More Details on Adult Counselling Service for Survivors of Childhood Abuse
Address: Contact Details:
58 Upper Newcastle Road,
Contact: John Foden
Telephone: 091-528030 or 1800 234 114
091-585927 (Fax)

Individual and/or Group counseling for anyone who suffered childhood abuse, which includes sexual, physical, emotional and neglectful abuse.  There may be a short wait once contact is made with the service.  People can refer themselves.  The service is confidential, highly professional and person centred.  Service is available in Newcastle, Galway and other centers in Ballinasloe, Roscommon and Mayo.

AGE GROUP:   Anybody over 18years

People to Contact

John Foden

3. Affordable Counselling Service by Helplink View More Details on Affordable Counselling Service by Helplink Visit the Affordable Counselling Service by Helplink Website Email Affordable Counselling Service by Helplink
Address: Contact Details:

1st Floor
The Plaza
Headford Road

Telephone: 091 759887
Email: helplinksupport@helplink.ie
Website: www.helplink.ie

We provide traditional in person (face-to-face) counselling in our offices in Galway City. Helplink’s professional, insured, supervised and Garda vetted counsellors are there at times to suit you, 7 days a week.

We also provide counselling services online or by phone nationwide

Research shows that online (video) counselling or phone counselling works the same as traditional face-to-face counselling. The only difference is that appointments happen through your computer, smartphone or your standard phone in a place that can be more comfortable and more convenient for you; like your own home, car, office or other private setting!

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 9 am to 9 pm

Saturday & Sunday: 12 pm to 6pm

Closed: Bank Holidays & Christmas/New Year's Eve


If you are a Full-Time Student or Unemployed and in receipt of a Social Welfare payment (e.g. Jobseeker’s Benefit/Allowance, Disability Benefit, Illness Benefit), one appointment costs €30. Part-time workers under 20 hours can also avail of this rate Terms & Conditions apply.

One standard appointment for employed people costs €50 or €45 with a GP referral (letter or email)

We can help if you are dealing with:

Feeling unhappy, feeling low, being constantly worried, not sleeping, feeling stressed out and/or anxious, behaviour problems, anger issues, feeling sad, difficulty dealing with a death, being bullied/cyber bullied, feeling confused, drinking too much, addiction problems, problems with eating, not feeling good about yourself, lacking in confidence…

Contact: talk to us at (091) 759887 or email us at helplinksupport@helplink.ie or check out more of our information at www.helplink.ie.

Warning: we do not provide a crisis service, people seriously contemplating suicide or in need of immediate help should go to their local A&E; Dial 999 for assistance.

4. Amanda Walsh - Northwest Therapy and Hypnosis View More Details on Amanda Walsh - Northwest Therapy and Hypnosis Visit the Amanda Walsh - Northwest Therapy and Hypnosis Website Email Amanda Walsh - Northwest Therapy and Hypnosis
Address: Contact Details:
IPI Centre, Breaffy Road, Castlebar, Co.Mayo.
Contact: Amanda Walsh
Telephone: 0834147013
Email: amanda@therapyandhypnosis.ie
Website: www.therapyandhypnosis.ie

Stress & Anxiety Management, Overcoming Panic Attacks, Anger Management, Overcoming Sleep Difficulties ( including Insomnia), Cessation of habits (e.g. nail biting, skin picking, smoking), Fears & Phobias.

People to Contact

Amanda Walsh

5. Angela Black MIACP View More Details on Angela Black MIACP Visit the Angela Black MIACP Website Email Angela Black MIACP
Address: Contact Details:


Co Mayo

Telephone: 0894463132
Email: hello@essentialcounselling.ie
Website: www.essentialcounselling.ie

I am a qualified Counsellor and Psychotherapist and I provide confidential, non-judgemental Counselling and Psychotherapy in a safe and pleasant environment. Counselling has been proven to help people with many personal and emotional issues. Sometimes it’s easier to talk to a professional about your problems even when you have supportive family or friends.

Through counselling, we can explore together your concerns to help you understand your situation better.

I offer low cost counselling based on a persons financial circumstances.  www.essentialcounselling.ie for further information. 

6. Angela Broderick Counselling & Psychotherapy View More Details on Angela Broderick Counselling & Psychotherapy Email Angela Broderick Counselling & Psychotherapy
Address: Contact Details:
  • Abbeygate St, Galway
  • Ballinrobe Co Mayo
Telephone: 0892340712
Email: angiebroderick@gmail.com

7. Arlene Naugthen @ Sugru Therapy View More Details on Arlene Naugthen @ Sugru Therapy Visit the Arlene Naugthen @ Sugru Therapy Website Email Arlene Naugthen @ Sugru Therapy
Address: Contact Details:
Main Office:
Co Roscommon
Outreach Service in Various Locations
Telephone: 0867920925
Email: arlene@sugru.ie
Email: info@sugru.ie
Website: www.sugru.ie

Arlene Naughten, the Clinical Director at Sugru, provides a range of services to meet the developmental and therapeutic needs of families, children, young people, teenagers, and parents. The main aim of Sugru is to provide a service that is fully accessible and thus has an option for everyone. 

For New & Expectant Mothers - Child Development & Parenting Workshop - Offering a valuable support to new mothers to equip them with tools to improve their emotional health and the well-being of their child.

For Families -  

An Individual Parenting Consutation is the first port of call for any parent experiencing any difficulty, where parents will get professional advice based on their individual needs as identified. 

Family based Therapeutic Intervention is designed to meet the needs of a family as a whole and will often include play therapy for younger children, cognitive behaviour therapy for teenagers, parenting support for parents, and attachement work with the whole family. (see www.sugru.ie for more information on each of these therapeutic techniques)

Parening Workshops - Small numbers per group, gives parents the opportunity to learn parenting skills specific to their families needs

o Communicating with your Child, From Baby to Toddler: The Early Years
o Managing the Family: A Tool for Busy Families
o Parenting a Teenage
o Parenting through Divorce/Separation
o Parenting a Child with Special Needs

For Children:

o Developmental Play Groups (age 2-3 years)
o Individual Therapeutic Play (age 3 - 12 years)
o Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (age 10 - 18 years)

Mindfulness for Everyone - Learn important relaxion technique and have the opportunity to practice same in the variety of sessions on offer

o Mammy & Baby Mindfulness
o Parent & Toddler Mindfulness
o Parent's Mindfulness
o Childrens Mindfulness
o Adult Mindfulness

Specialised Services for Children with Additional Needs - such as Autism, Dyspraxia, etc.

o Specialised Developmental Play Groups
o Social Skills Workshops
o Meditation & Movement Classes
o Socialisation Camps
o Sibling Support Groups

Your Practitioner: Arlene Naughten BA, PGDipPsyc, PGDipEd, MScPsyc, MScFPsycC, PGCertPBPT, mBPsS, mPsSI, mPTI, mTCI is a highly trained and experienced practitioner with a range of specialisms including working with Domestic Violence, Neuro-Developmental Needs, Fears, Anxiety, Attachment, Early Childhood Trauma, and Family Communication Breakdowns, to name but a few. Arlene's full biography can be seen at http://sugru.ie/?page_id=38. 

8. Art Therapy by Helplink View More Details on Art Therapy by Helplink Visit the Art Therapy by Helplink  Website Email Art Therapy by Helplink
Address: Contact Details:
1st Floor, The Plaza, Headford Road, Galway (also available in Castlebar).
Contact: Admin
Telephone: 091 759887
Email: helplinksupport@helplink.ie
Website: helplink.ie

Art therapy is the use of art materials for self expression and reflection in the presence of a qualified art therapist. Art therapy is a unique process, combining creativity and psychotherapy for growth, awareness and healing. It is done in a supportive, non-judgmental environment. Why do people see an Art Therapist? Some people can find it difficult to talk directly about their feelings and experiences. Using art materials can be an alternative form of expression. The art process itself can be deeply relaxing, satisfying and positive. It can provide some physical and emotional relief as we express feelings using tactile art materials. Art therapy can potentially provide a space where people can experiment, make a mess, be playful and spontaneous. Do I need to be artistic? No artistic skill is necessary. It is not about making realistic drawings or painting a masterpiece. The artistic quality of the end product is unimportant. The therapist will not make judgments and all work is accepted in its own right. What will happen in a session? Sessions usually last for between 50 minutes to an hour, at the same time and place each week. A range of art materials will be available in each session and you can choose what to make or do, with freedom to express your experiences and thoughts in your own individual way. All images you make, and what you may say about them is treated as confidential Art Therapy can help with: addiction and recovery, anger, bullying, depression, low self esteem and confidence, grief and bereavement, stress and anxiety and much more! Group workshops are also available. Please contact us for further information. The cost for this specialist counselling service is only €50 Euro an appointment. *To cancel or postpone an appointment you must contact us 48 hours before your appointment is due to take place or you may be subject to a cancellation fee. (Caregivers must give written permission to us for young people under 16 and children to participate in art therapy). CRA Number: 20143237 CHY Number: 21366

People to Contact

091 759887

9. Billy Brogan Counselling and Psychotherapy View More Details on Billy Brogan Counselling and Psychotherapy Visit the Billy Brogan Counselling and Psychotherapy Website Email Billy Brogan Counselling and Psychotherapy
Address: Contact Details:
Kiltullagh Glenamaddy County Galway
Telephone: 0949659966
Email: info@billybrogan.com
Website: www.billybrogan.com


Billy Brogan is a multi qualified therapist based in County Galway. He is qualified as a counsellor, psychotherapist, analytical hypnotherapist and a certified reality therapist. Billy is trained to assist people who are in distress or have reached a point in their lives where they have realised that they are not achieving their full potential.

According to the VHI's web site" The type of therapist you choose is less important than the emotional connection you make with that person. Studies have shown that successful therapy depends more on fit than on technique or training. "

There are a number of different areas and styles of counselling and psychotherapy. The counselling approach that Billy uses invites people to develop a deeper awareness and understanding of themselves. He empowerspeople to find what might be preventing them from accessing their true nature. This approach is aimed at the entire person - physical, emotional, spiritual and mental. The therapeutic relationship invites you to explore your own resources, your capacity for self determination and your ability to improve your life.

Billy uses a combination of different therapies depending on what the clients needs are. Each person is different and what works for one person may not work for another. Because of the nature of the relationship between therapist and client, Billy works in a style that suits the individual client.

10. BodyWhys View More Details on BodyWhys Visit the BodyWhys Website Email BodyWhys
Address: Contact Details:
Bodywhys - The Eating Disorders Association Of Ireland.
PO Box 105,
Co Dublin.
Telephone: 1890 200444
01 2834963
Email: helpline@bodywhys.ie
Website: www.bodywhys.ie

Bodywhys is the national voluntary organization dedicated to supporting the 200,000 people in Ireland affected by eating disorders.

Bodywhys provides a range of support services for people affected by eating disorders, including specific services for families and friends.

Our vision is that people affected by eating disorders will have their needs met through the provision of appropriate integrated, quality service being delivered by a range of statutory, private and voluntary agencies.

BodywhysConnect - Online Support Group

Who is it for?: BodywhysConnect is a free, internet support group currently offered to people with eating disorders aged 19 years and over. If you are aged 13-18 years, we also have a Teens Online Support Group.

BodywhysConnect aims to provide support to those who may be geographically isolated from a support group or those who find it too difficult to attend a face-to-face group. Meetings last for an hour and a half and are facilitated by two trained Bodywhys volunteers.

Please see the website for more details: http://bodywhys.ie/supportServices/online-support-group/

11. Cancer Care West View More Details on Cancer Care West Visit the Cancer Care West Website Email Cancer Care West
Address: Contact Details:
Cancer Care West Support Centre
72 Seamus Quirke Road
Telephone: 091 545 000
091 540 040
Email: info@cancercarewest.ie
Website: www.cancercarewest.ie

Cancer Care West is a cancer patient and family care organisation whose aim is to enhance patient and family care and well being in a holistic way, and in support of conventional medical treatment and interventions. The Charity also undertakes research on care for patients and families and also undertakes educational and awareness initiatives in this area.

The Charity's activities and supports seek to add value for patients and their families to the treatments and care provided within the public and private healthcare systems in Ireland.

We offer a variety of support groups geared towards the different needs of patients and their families. 

We also have an individual support service to help you in your journey whether you are a cancer patient or someone you love has been diagnosed with cancer. Offering information, psychology consultations, benefits advice and a range of complementary therapies our cancer support specialists are here to work with you in whatever way you find helpful. 

See our website for further information.

12. Counselling View More Details on Counselling Visit the Counselling Website Email Counselling
Address: Contact Details:
Work for the HSE as a Primary Care Counsellor. Also run private practise in Ballina Town, Co. Mayo
Contact: margaret
Telephone: 0860536797
Email: magsfinnegan40@gmail.com
Website: counsellinginballinamayo.com

B.A. M.A. M.I.A.C.P.
Psychology and Counselling 

15 years experience in mental health
Primary Care Counsellor with the HSE

People to Contact


13. Counselling West View More Details on Counselling West Visit the Counselling West Website Email Counselling West
Address: Contact Details:
Co Galway
Contact: Gina Dowd
Telephone: 087 9913179
Email: counsellingwest@gmail.com
Website: www.counsellingwest.ie

My name is Gina Dowd and I work as a Counsellor/ Psychotherapist with Adults, Teenagers and Children. I have been providing counselling and support to individuals and families for over 15 years in various settings.  A qualified Psychotherapist, I trained with the Tivoli Institute in Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy. I am a member of the Irish Association of Counselling Practitioners and am Garda vetted by the HSE.
My initial training was in Social Work. I have worked within both the public and private sector of the HSE and NHS in Ireland and the U.K. Having completed a Degree and Masters in Social Work I gained further training in Bereavement and Loss, Family Therapy, Children and Loss, Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. My experience includes work with Bereaved adults and Children in Hospice and Palliative Care Teams, Adult Survivors of Childhood Abuse, direct work with young Children and Teenagers with anxiety and loss. Personal development in Yoga training with adults and children has enabled me to incorporate and understanding of both body and mind in my counselling approach.

This work offers an opportunity to young children to explore issues of anxiety, loss change or upset that may be happening in their lives. Working alongside parents in family sessions promotes the interaction and communications patterns that facilitate change. All work requires parental consent and initial family consultation. I work with children from age 4+.

Teenagers/ Adolescents
One to one work which supports the sharing of feelings regarding anxiety, change & loss, sexual identity, fears and worries loneliness or frustration. The therapeutic space I offer is an opportunity for a young person to begin to get to know themselves and figure out their own place in the world. Family sessions are offered in consultation with the younger person as a way to encourage communication and facilitate positive change within the family network.

The work of therapy is most often associated with present difficulties and a sense of unease in the world. For many this often relates to childhood memories, experiences and introjections. My training in the psychodynamic and eclectic model affords me the opportunity to work with adults who face many challenges and upsets in their lives. For many feelings of stress, despair or anxiety lead to unhappiness in themselves and confusion around identity and the way forward. I offer adults the opportunity to talks through their concerns in a helpful and supportive way so that a person can make sense of both their feelings in body and mind. Short or long term support is offered depending on individual need and requirements.

The Older Adult
From my experience over the years older people today face many issues which are unique to the 65+ age range. Elder Abuse, Issues of identity, Bereavement and Separation are some of the many issues which face the older adult today. Having worked with older people for most of my career to date I have found that support to enable the older person to express feeling of loss and change due to illness, death or abuse are so important. The support I offer is grounded in an appreciation of the wisdom and challenges faced by many older people today and the opportunity to share and express all that is relevant about ageing today.

The many issues that I deal with include:
Childhood Issues & Trauma, Sexual Identity, Grief, Loss& Relationship Separation Anxiety & Depression, Personal Development, Sexual, Physical & Emotional Abuse, Self Esteem Confidence & Assertiveness.

People to Contact

Gina Dowd
087 9913179

14. Counselling with Mind and Body Solutions View More Details on Counselling with Mind and Body Solutions Visit the Counselling with Mind and Body Solutions Website Email Counselling with Mind and Body Solutions
Address: Contact Details:
Central to Galway, Mayo and Roscommon Mind and Body Solutions clinic in Milltow Tuam Co.Galway is within 45mins of Galway city, Castlebar, Roscommon Town.
Contact: David
Telephone: 085 7637059
Email: dofarrell@mindandbody.ie
Email: dofarrell@mindandbody.ie
Email: dofarrell@mindandbody.ie
Website: www.mindandbody.ie

At Mind and Body Solutions, the first session focuses on a needs Assessment, this will enable us and the client to focus on the issues that will impact on their quality of life immediately, by using a Solution Focused Approach to counselling we can ensure an immediate improvement in how you are feeling and a timely resolution to your difficulties.

Too often we put our own difficulties on the back burner, so why don't you begin to look after yourself."When You correct your Mind, everything else will fall into place" Lao Tsu

As an NLP Mind Coach and Counselling Psychotherapist my goal is to help you uncover your true potential and lead a life that is worth celebrating. While we can't change difficult situations of the past, we can work together to better understand and resolve challenges in your life. By applying Scientifically proven therapy approaches and techniques, we will unearth long-standing behavior patterns or negative perceptions that may be holding you back from experiencing a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

We are trained in Reality Therapy, CBT, CBT-E for Eating Disorders, Emotion Focused Therapy for Depression, Grief, Relationship Counselling. Mindfulness and Guided Imagery, NLP, using a holistic Multi disciplinary approach to our clients allows us to work towards a solution focused resolution to all presenting issues.If you're looking for extra support and guidance through a challenging situation or you're just ready to move in a new direction in your life, I look forward to working with you to achieve your goals.Please call or email me for a consultation today!Corporate stress . CBT Child Counselling . CBT & RT Teen counselling . Relationship counselling.Mind & Body Solutions use an accredited integrative approach to all psychological support, we work together with your medical practitioner to ensure a Holistic  outcome. We also offer specific CBT for Children & Teens experiencing Anxiety or Bullying.

Psychotherapy is an Evidence based appraoch for a wide range of Psychological Issues, including the Psychotheraputic treatment of ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Fibromylagia.

By using a Solution Focused Approach to counselling we can ensure an immediate improvement in how you are feeling and a timely resolution to your difficulties.

David is the only Brainspotting Psychotherapist in Ireland, recently trained to level2 certification by the founder of Brainspotting David Grand Ph.D. ( see Video below).Brainspotting is a new Brain Based Therapy for dealing with trauma and complicated issues such as severe Depression, Anxiety, Complicated Grief, PTSD.

There is no need to struggle on in silence, seek help from your GP or Contact Mind & Body Solutions for a consultation to start the journey on the road to recovery.

Mind & Body also specialise in Corporate related Stress Solutions.

We are trained in Reality Therapy, CBT, CBT-E for Eating Disorders, Emotion Focused Therapy for Depression, Grief, Relationship Counselling. Mindfulness and Guided Imagery, NLP, using a holistic Multi disciplinary approach to our clients allows us to work towards a solution focused resolution to all presenting issues.

Mind & Body Solutions " Helping You To Help Yourself

"When you correct your mind, everything else will fall into place"Lao Tzu

People to Contact


15. Couples and Marriage Counselling by Helplink View More Details on Couples and Marriage Counselling by Helplink Visit the Couples and Marriage Counselling by Helplink Website Email Couples and Marriage Counselling by Helplink
Address: Contact Details:

1st Floor
The Plaza
Headford Road

Email: helplinksupport@helplink.ie
Website: www.helplink.ie/counselling/co...

Couples/Marriage Counselling by Helplink Support Services

There are three options available:

  • Online (video) counselling available nationwide from your home, private setting, or from two different locations if you are apart for work etc.
  • Telephone counselling
  • In person at our Galway City office for face-to-face sessions.

Couples counselling can be benefical if your relationship is in distress or if you experience:

  • Poor communication (tools and skills will be introduced to achieve results)
  • Trust issues
  • Lack of intimacy (tools & skills will be introduced to establish deeper levels of intimacy)
  • Incompatibility (issues might be explored to establish mutual goals for you live together as a couple & family)
  • Domestic violence
  • Spectrum of psychological disorders including Alcoholism, depression, anxiety, Erectile Dysfunction, psycho-sexual issues etc Ref: http://www.minddisorders.com/Br-Del/Couples-therapy.html
  • Maybe you notice that things just aren’t ‘right’, and need some objectivity to explore what’s going on.

The Goal of couple’s therapy is to identify stresses and devise a treatment plan designed to establish harmony and alleviate relational distress. 

The Objective of couple's therapy is to restore healthy functioning, so that the couple can move forward in their lives.

Cost: the fee for this specialist counselling service is 65 euro or 60 euro with a GP referral (email or letter). 

Contact: talk to us at (091) 759887 or email us at helplinksupport@helplink.ie

16. Deirdre Blewitt Counselling & Psychotherapy View More Details on Deirdre Blewitt Counselling & Psychotherapy Visit the Deirdre Blewitt Counselling & Psychotherapy Website Email Deirdre Blewitt Counselling & Psychotherapy
Address: Contact Details:



Co. Mayo

Telephone: 087 652 1039
Email: yourjourney2dblewitt@eircom.net
Website: www.facebook.com/DeirdreBlewit...

Counselling & Psychotherapy within a safe, confidential space for a wide range of issues including; Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Trauma, Grief & Loss.

17. Deirdre Judge Psychotherapist View More Details on Deirdre Judge Psychotherapist Visit the Deirdre Judge Psychotherapist Website Email Deirdre Judge Psychotherapist
Address: Contact Details:
Kiltimagh Co Mayo
Telephone: 0857830091
Email: mayocounselling@gmail.com
Website: www.deirdrejudge.ie

I hold a Master of Science (Psychotherapy) and a professional Postgraduate Diploma in Psychotherapy from Dublin City University, Ireland. This highly professional training ensures that I have the necessary skills to deliver Integrative Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy, Systemic Family Therapy and Couple Therapy to my clients. I am a fully accredited member of the Irish Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (IACP) and I work within the ethical framework provided by this organisation. I have also been garda-vetted in accordance with IACP ethical procedures. In addition, I hold a Batchelor of Education degree from Carysfort College, Dublin and have previously worked as a primary teacher for many years in Dublin. I have also been garda-vetted in accordance with IACP ethical procedures. I provide counselling and psychotherapy services to individuals, couples, families and children in my private practice. My current work involves supporting those who present with a wide range of issues including anxiety, depression, eating disorders, suicide ideation, bereavement, work-related stress, school related issues (staff or children), relationship issues and many more. I am one of a few psychotherapists in the west of Ireland to have reached a master’s level in psychotherapy. My training in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) ensures that I am one of the few therapists in Co. Mayo offering this evidence-based therapy which is proven to be very effective in dealing with such issues as anxiety and depression.

18. Dr Sean Foy View More Details on Dr Sean Foy Email Dr Sean Foy
Address: Contact Details:

36 Castlegrove East
Co Mayo

Contact: Dr Sean Foy
Telephone: 0877554307
Email: sean@thelearningcurve.ie

Sean has worked in the caring profession for over 25 years and has gained knowledge and experience in the delivery of a broad range of education. He holds a Docorate in Clinical Psychology (NUI, Galway), a Masters in Addiction Studies (Middlesex University), an Honours degree in Social Work (Metropolitan University, London) and Honours degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy (Middlesex University), a Dipolma in Drug Dependence (The Maudsley Hospital London), and a Higher Dipolma in Education (Bristol Univerity of the West of England).

Some of the areas which Sean works with are Addiction, Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar, Schizophrenia, Eating Disorders, OCD, ADHD,Sexual Abuse.

Some of the organisations that Sean has provided training to over the years are: The Dublin, Galway, Cork and Belfast Simon Communities, DePaul Ireland, The Homeless Agency, The Peter McVerry Trust and various Drugs Task Forces.Sean is an adjunct lecturer at NUI Galway on the Masters in Social Work and the Clinical Doctorate in Psychology and is a frequent guest lecturer with the school of Social Work faculty in the London Metropolitan University. He has delivered presentations to a variety of international conferences and continues to be involved in research. 


People to Contact

Dr Sean Foy
087 7554307

19. Eating Disorder Solutions View More Details on Eating Disorder Solutions Visit the Eating Disorder Solutions  Website Email Eating Disorder Solutions
Address: Contact Details:
Milltown Tuam Galway
Contact: David O'Farrell
Telephone: 085 7637059
Email: dofarrell@mindandbody.ie
Website: eatingdisordersolutions.ie


CBT-E One Therapist

Out patient Treatment available to fit in with your work, college, and personal lifestyle. One therapist to assess, treat and monitor your progress beyond the nightmare of Eating Disorders. No need for psychiatrist, psychologist, nurse, dietitian or nutritionist, all your needs are addressed by David.

Client specific treatment, designed to address the maintaining mechanism keeping the eating disorder in place.

CBT-E is designed to address: Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating Disorder, Other Eating Disorders. It is the only treatment which has extensive research findings proving it's effectiveness in treating eating disorders in children and adults worldwide.

"Helping You to Help Yourself" contact David @ 085 7637059 for appointment / assessment. Find me in Milltown, Tuam, Co. Galway.

People to Contact

David O'Farrell
085 7637059

20. Galway Rape Crisis Centre View More Details on Galway Rape Crisis Centre Visit the Galway Rape Crisis Centre Website Email Galway Rape Crisis Centre
Address: Contact Details:
The Lodge
Forster Court
Telephone: 1800 355 355
091 564800
Email: admin@grcc.ie
Website: www.galwayrcc.org

Galway Rape Crisis Centre is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) based in Galway City. The centre opened its doors in 1984 and since then has been providing counselling and support services to survivors of sexual violence and abuse in the West of Ireland. The centre also provides Education and Training Services to the general public, and to specific groups in the community. Our cutting edge services include a 24 hour call out service supporting survivors after recent assault or rape,a dedicated clinic supporting asylum seekers and many more which you can find out about by visiting our website.

21. Geraldine Mc Weeney Counselor and psychotherapist M.I.A.C.P. View More Details on Geraldine Mc Weeney Counselor and psychotherapist M.I.A.C.P. Visit the Geraldine Mc Weeney Counselor and psychotherapist M.I.A.C.P.  Website Email Geraldine Mc Weeney Counselor and psychotherapist M.I.A.C.P.
Address: Contact Details:
2nd Floor,
Bradys building,
Main Street,
Carrick on shannon,
Co. Leitrim
Contact: Geraldine Mc Weeney
Telephone: 086 8759803
Email: gmcweeney@eircom.net
Website: www.psychotherapist-counsellor...

I am a fully qualified/accredited and experienced psychotherapist, I provide 100% confidental help and support with any of the following issues: depression, anxiety, eating disorders, berevement and loss, self harm and suicide, alchol and drug abuse, trauma or other dificulties.

People to Contact

Geraldine Mc Weeney
086 8759803

22. Helplink View More Details on Helplink Visit the Helplink Website Email Helplink
Address: Contact Details:
Third Floor,
Ross House,
Merchant's Road,
Telephone: 091 520963
Email: info@helplink.ie
Email: counselling@helplink.ie
Email: eap@helplink.ie
Website: www.helplink.ie

We are Ireland’s leading social enterprise. From our offices in Galway we provide our award winning, innovative, accessible and affordable services nationwide.

• Helplink’s confidential counselling service operates online via Skype by phone or face-to-face. Our team of professional, accredited counsellors will communicate with you by webcam, voice only, instant messaging, email, telephone, in person or a combination of these. It is up to you how you want to conduct your session! You can now sit with our counsellors in person as well in our Galway offices on The Crescent. Helplink's counselling service is about being there for you in a way that is more comfortable affordable and accessible. Our professional, Garda vetted counsellors are available 7 days a week from 1 pm to 9 pm (last bookable session is 8 pm) at €38 a session for online or by phone or €50 for in person (Bundle sessions are also available and keep an eye out for our promotions!). Initial counselling sessions are available online or by phone FREE of charge for up to 20 minutes

• We also have an online by phone or in person low cost career guidance including psychometric testing. 

23. HSE Drug Service Mayo View More Details on HSE Drug Service Mayo
Address: Contact Details:
Hill House
Mountain View
Telephone: 094 9020430
096 60060

The HSE Drug Service provides support for those concerned about drug use.  Please telephone for further information.

Services Provided:

    One -to-one drug counselling
    Under 18 alcohol counselling
    Education service for parents and community groups.

24. Irish Online Counselling & Psychotherapy Service View More Details on Irish Online Counselling & Psychotherapy Service Visit the Irish Online Counselling & Psychotherapy Service Website Email Irish Online Counselling & Psychotherapy Service
Address: Contact Details:


Co. Mayo

Telephone: 0860713963
Email: info@counsellingonline.ie
Email: donijka@counsellingonline.ie
Email: mary@counsellingonline.ie
Website: www.counsellingonline.ie

Established in 2011, our motto is "Wherever you are, we are". Choose a therapist that suits you, at a time that suits, through a medium that suits (text, telephone or video call).

 For more information on who we are and the work we do visit our website and Facebook page.

25. Josephine Duffy Counselling and Psychotherapy View More Details on Josephine Duffy Counselling and Psychotherapy Email Josephine Duffy Counselling and Psychotherapy
Address: Contact Details:
Castlebar Counselling and Therapy Centre,
Clogher, Breaffy, Castlebar, Co. Mayo
Telephone: 087 9683155
Email: duffyj123@hotmail.com

Josephine Duffy is a fully qualified Counsellor and Psychotherapist.   She is accredited with IAHIP (The Irish Association of Humanistic and INtegrative Psychotherapists).   She studied in NUI Galway where she obtained an Honours BA Degree with Psychology being her main subject.   She also achieved a Post Grad Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy at Castlebar Counselling and Therapy Centre.

Josephine works from a Humanistic and Integrative Orientation.    She offers a warm and supportive service where she deeply values the humanity of her clients and officer a consistent acceptance and compassion towards them where they can feel safe to explore what it going on for them and can become empowered to take the necessary steps to grow and self actualise.

Josephine has experience in working with a variety of clients and issues including
Pabic Attacks,
Family and Relationship Concerns,
Confidence and low self-esteen,
sexual issues,
work related issues and any other emotional difficulties.

26. Knock Counselling Centre View More Details on Knock Counselling Centre Visit the Knock Counselling Centre Website Email Knock Counselling Centre
Address: Contact Details:

c/o Our Lady's Shrine of Knock
County Mayo

Contact: Fiona McCarthy, Director
Telephone: 094 9375032
094 9388100
Email: counselling@knock-shrine.ie
Website: www.knock-shrine.ie/counsellin...

Counselling for any individual who wishes to attend to issues affecting emotional or mental well being.  Examples of such issues include:

  • Anxiety or depression
  • Low self esteem
  • Personal relationships
  • Neglect or abuse
  • Loss and bereavement
  • Lack of direction in life
  • Sexual issues


People to Contact

Fiona McCarthy, Director
094 9375032

Alison Dalleywater, Secretary
094 9375032

27. Lisa-Anne Campbell Counselling and Psychotherapy View More Details on Lisa-Anne Campbell Counselling and Psychotherapy Email Lisa-Anne Campbell Counselling and Psychotherapy
Address: Contact Details:
Willow Cottage
Co Roscommon
Telephone: 09496 40801
087 1031521
Email: lisaannecampbell@eircom.net

Lisa-Anne Campbell offers a counselling and psychotherapy service in Ballinlough on the Roscommon / Mayo / Galway border.  She is expereinced in working with clients who wish to explore and acknowledge thoughts and feelings that are troubling them, and who wish to work towards a greater understanding of themselves and increased awarness and insight leading to a better understanding of themselves and their relationships.

Lisa-Anne has worked with wide variety of clients and issues including; depression, anxiety, panic attacks, loss and grief, family and relationship concerns, low self esteem, sexual abuse, domestic violence, post traumatic stress, sexuality, work related problems, life stage crisis and illness. 

28. Mayo Couple Counselling Services View More Details on Mayo Couple Counselling Services Visit the Mayo Couple Counselling Services Website Email Mayo Couple Counselling Services
Address: Contact Details:
Lahardane Ballina Co Mayo
Telephone: 0861500713
Email: cateheffernan@gmail.com
Website: couplecounsellingmayo.com

Specialist in relationship and couples counselling Marriage Preparation Courses (accepted by Catholic Church) 3 hour private course - One couple to one counsellor Individual counselling Supervision for Counsellors and Psychotherapists

29. Mayo Rape Crisis Centre View More Details on Mayo Rape Crisis Centre Visit the Mayo Rape Crisis Centre Website Email Mayo Rape Crisis Centre
Address: Contact Details:
Co. Mayo
Contact: Loretta McDonagh
Telephone: Freephone: 1800 234 900
Business: 094 9025657
Mobile: 0861659063
Email: Mayorcc@eircom.net
Email: lorettamayorcc@gmail.com
Email: niccimayorcc@gmail.com
Website: www.mrcc.ie

Free confidential prefessional service for anyone affected by sexual violence recently or int he past. A safe place for someone who is a survivor of child sexual abuse, incest, rape or sexual assault to talk and get the support and information they need.Our philosophy is informed by the values of equality, empowerment and inclusiveness. All our staff and volunteers are accredited to the Rape Crisis NewtworkIreland.
Services provided are:
Information and support for anyone affected by sexual violence
Counselling on a short or long tem basis with professional accredited counsellors
A telephone counselling service
A 24 hour answer service
Accompaniment through all aspects of the legal process
The centre accepts and makes referrals to/from voluntary and statutory bodies and support groups

Opening hours
Monday - Thursday 9am to 5pm
Friday 9am to 1pm

People to Contact

Loretta McDonagh

Nicci Rowntree-Carroll

30. mikewardcounselling.ie View More Details on mikewardcounselling.ie Visit the mikewardcounselling.ie Website Email mikewardcounselling.ie
Address: Contact Details:
Charter House,
Liosban Industrial Estate,
Telephone: 087-2678610
Email: mike@mikewardcounselling.ie
Email: mikeward4691@gmail.com
Website: mikewardcounselling.ie

I provide a compassionate and a confidential counselling/ psychotherapy service for those that are affected by mental health issues.
These issues may include stress, anxiety, anger, relationship problems, isolation, grief, suicidal thoughts or feelings of emptiness. 

31. MRSA and Families Network West View More Details on MRSA and Families Network West Visit the MRSA and Families Network West Website Email MRSA and Families Network West
Address: Contact Details:
Co, Galway
Contact: Tony Kavanagh
Telephone: 093 49928
Email: tony@mrsaandfamilies.com
Email: noeleen@mrsaandfamilies.com
Email: margaret@mrsaandfamilies.com
Website: www.mrsaandfamiliesnetwork.com

MRSA and families network is a national organisation who provide advocacy/ councilling/support to survivors and their families of mrsa, c/diff hospital and healthcare acquired infections.

People to Contact

Tony Kavanagh

Noeleen Freel

Margaret Dawson
32. New Choices View More Details on New Choices Visit the New Choices Website Email New Choices
Address: Contact Details:
Neale Park,
The Neale,
Co. Mayo
Contact: Valerie Farragher
Telephone: 0949546107
Email: valfarragher@ymail.com
Website: homedetoxireland.com

We provide help for anyone who is having problems in their lives because they are drinking alcohol heavily or dependently. The treatment is done in your own home.This may also include an Alcohol Detox and this is done, again in your own home, by a registered, qualified nurse. Our treatment is called Integrated Treatment or Dual Diagnosis Care. Dual Diagnosis are the words you may hear when someone is talking about a person that has a mental health difficulty, like anxiety, stress or depression and along with that they also have an alcohol or drug problem. This means that the person is treated for their mental health condition along with their addiction or alcohol abuse problem. If both problems are diagnosed then both must be treated or neither will get better. 

People to Contact

Valerie Farragher

33. Play Therapy Mayo View More Details on Play Therapy Mayo Visit the Play Therapy Mayo Website Email Play Therapy Mayo
Address: Contact Details:
Ross West, 
Contact: Siobhan Gallagher
Telephone: 087 6652463
Email: playtherapymayo@gmail.com
Website: www.playtherapymayo.ie

Play is a child’s natural way of expressing themselves, and Play Therapy provides them with an opportunity to “play out” their thoughts, feelings and problems in a non-directive way, in a safe environment with a caring therapist. In a Play Therapy session, the therapist follows the child’s lead and allows them to explore the wide range of toys available. As their relationship develops the child gains greater insight into their personal problems, through their play. The therapist uses a Play Therapy Tool Kit as well as specialist techniques such as empathetic listening and reflection to aid the therapeutic process. Play Therapy can also be more directive, for example when used with groups rather than individuals. The therapist will form a plan for the group, incorporating different parts of the Play Therapy Tool Kit, and working toward a therapeutic aim – for example, to increase self esteem, or to develop an understanding of loss.

At Play Therapy Mayo, play therapy is administered through one-on-on sessions. How this works is there will be a initial meeting with the parent/guardian to discuss the best way of working with the child. If the pre-therapy conditions are met the child will come to play therapy for a weekly hour long session. After the first 5 sessions there will be a parent review with the therapist to discuss how the child is engaging in the process.

People to Contact

Siobhan Gallagher
087 6652463

34. Sharon Molloy Counselling and Psychotherapy View More Details on Sharon Molloy Counselling and Psychotherapy Visit the Sharon Molloy Counselling and Psychotherapy Website Email Sharon Molloy Counselling and Psychotherapy
Address: Contact Details:


Co Mayo.

Telephone: 085-2545515
Email: sharonmolloytherapy@gmail.com
Website: facebook.com / Sharon Molloy C...

Counselling is conducted in a safe and confidential space. Sharon's approach is tailored to meet the needs of the individual client, incorporating Humanistic, Psychodynamic and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Counselling services Includes: Depression, Panic and Anxiety, Stress, Bereavement and loss, Work related issues, Self-esteem and Adoption.

35. State of Mind Psychotherapy (Elva Glynn) View More Details on State of Mind Psychotherapy (Elva Glynn) Visit the State of Mind Psychotherapy (Elva Glynn) Website Email State of Mind Psychotherapy (Elva Glynn)
Address: Contact Details:
1st Floor Ross House,
Mechants Road,
Contact: Elva Glynn
Telephone: 087 7778954
Email: info@stateofmindpsychotherapy.com
Website: www.stateofmindpsychotherapy.c...

State of Mind offers a Professional and Confidential Counselling and Psychotherapy service in the Galway, Mayo and Roscommon regions.

There are times in our lives when we may encounter difficulties and stresses. We may feel stuck and unable to move forward. If you would like help I can support you in the process.

State of Mind offers a professional and confidential one to one counselling and psychotherapy service to adults. I provide a neutral objective space to talk about what you feel is causing difficulty at this time. You will be respected, truly heard and listened to without judgement. We will work collaboratively on what you may need at the moment. Together we will create a space in which you can become aware of what may be preventing you from living your life to its fullest. Everyone has different needs at certain points in their lives. Come and safely explore your options in a secure and safe surrounding.

People may come to therapy if they are affected by:



Suicidal thoughts

Self Harm




Not having a meaning in Life

Extreme mood changes

Eating Problems

Low self esteem



Family or Relationship Issues

Work Related Issues

I have had clients that have come to therapy with a sense of unease and uncertainty about why they are feeling this way. There are times when we don’t know what is happening but we feel stuck or unsure about where we are in life. I can help you explore what is happening for you in this time and would hope that we could come to an awareness and clarity about what you want for your life.

Elva Glynn Bsc (hons), Dip, Pre Accredited Member of IACP

I am a fully trained professional Psychotherapist working on a one to one weekly basis with people in the Galway City and County area. I am a pre accredited member of IACP and work within their code of ethics. I work from a Humanistic Integrative framework. Working in this way results in an integration of your personality and needs. This is an exploration of the human experience and as a client you will  become aware of what is holding you back and you can begin to live your life to its true potential. I will encourage your capacity and will foster a movement towards self-healing.

People to Contact

Elva Glynn
087 7778954

36. STOPSuicide View More Details on STOPSuicide Visit the STOPSuicide Website Email STOPSuicide
Address: Contact Details:
Bee Park Resource Centre
Co Leitrim
Contact: Dermot Lahiff
Telephone: 1850 211 877
086 777 2009
071 9856070 (for calls not seeking counselling services)
Email: info@stopsuicide.ie
Website: www.stopsuicide.ie

We aim to provide information on Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Promotion in the North West.

Our workshops, presentations and group sessions can cover a variety of topics including

  • Self-esteem
  • Self Efficacy (belief in oneself)
  • Emotional Wellbeing
  • Suicide
  • Self-harm
  • Depression
STOP Suicide also provides:
  • Free counselling service; crisis intervention for those at risk.
  • Bereavement Support Groups for those bereaved by suicide.
Please Note: All our counsellors and psychotherapists are fully qualified and Garda vetted.

People to Contact

Dermot Lahiff
071 9856070