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Disability support services in Galway City

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1. Ability West View More Details on Ability West Visit the Ability West Website Email Ability West
Address: Contact Details:
Blackrock House
Telephone: 091 540900
Email: enquiries@abilitywest.ie
Website: www.abilitywest.ie


Ability West provides services and supports to over 520 children and adults with intellectual disability across 11 geographical areas in Galway.  Since establishment in 1962 we have been to the forefront in developing community based services for people with intellectual disability.  Services and supports we provide include:

Rehabilitative Training
Employment Opportunities
Adult Day Services
Active Ageing
Residential Services
Short Breaks
Supported Living
Psychology and Positive Behaviour Support
Occupational Therapy
Social Work
Speech and Language

Rehabilitative Training

St. Joseph’s Training Centre is an approved centre for the delivery of rehabilitative training.  The main programme operates in St. Joseph’s Training Centre, Snipe Avenue, Galway, however, with outreach rehabilitative training programmes operating in Clifden, Mountbellew and Tuam.  Rehabilitative training is a three year programme which focuses on further personal development with an increasing emphasis on the development of occupational skills which includes work experience.  Each trainee attending has an individual training plan for the course of the three years and the aim is to complete FETAC approved courses which can be submitted for certification as evidence of the qualifications that they have achieved.

Employment Opportunities

Ability West has close links with Employ Ability Galway and was in fact one of the founder members of the Supported Employment Consortium which was a precursor to Employ Ability.  It provides the necessary supports to assist people with disabilities access the world of work.  A number of adults have been referred or self-referred to Employ Ability and have successfully gone through job profiling and job matching to find paid employment in a variety of occupations.  Further information is available on www.employabilitygalway.ie.

Adult Day Services

Ability West provides a wide range of day services aimed at supports for service users to achieve their desired goals as outlined in their personal plan.  We endeavour to support service users achieve these individual goals in line with National directives and guidelines including the HSE New Directions Policy 2013.  These supports include:

Therapeutic Programmes
Community Based Activities
Health and Leisure Activities
Access to further education and development
Access to employment opportunities
Access to supported living options
Personalised Care Programmes

Ability West encourages service users to live the life of their choice.  For many, engaging in everyday activities in the community can have a profound effect on a person's health and well-being.  Our staff are skilled in working with service users to identify the difficulties they may face and work with them to build confidence and skills to participate, work and live in a community setting of their choice.  Ability West has a referral and admission policy which outlines how to access our day services.

Active Ageing

Ability West has recognised that adults with an intellectual disability are enjoying increased longevity and are likely to experience early age related mobility and health changes.  Responding to this challenge and to support this older population to continue to realise their dreams and ambitions we have established active ageing programmes in a number of areas throughout the city and county.  These are for people who have attended Adult Day Services and are now getting to the age where they wish to have a more gentle paced service and one that is more appropriate for their age.  Rather than just retiring to live full-time at home or in an Ability West residential service this programme offers them a five day opportunity to meet with people at a similar stage in life and to ensure they have a varied programme of activities available to them.  We liaise closely with Active Retirement Groups/Programmes in the local communities.

Residential Services

Ability West provides residential services throughout Galway City and County.  A typical residential service would have five residents.  We provide part-time residential services, five day care and seven day care.  Everyone living in a residential service attends a day service or employment on a Monday to Friday basis.  Service users are encouraged and helped to personalise their home to reflect their individual taste.  Staff are available to provide support necessary for people to live fulfilling lives in their homes and communities.  Emphasis is placed on maintaining contact with family members who are welcome to visit their relatives at any time.  While the home provides the basic security and comfort that all of us would value, there is strong emphasis on engaging with the local communities and the use of community services.  At any one time, we would have approximately 130 people availing of residential services.  These services are provided in line with the National Standards for Residential Services for Children and Adults with Disabilities (HIQA) and Statutory Instruments No. 366 and 367 of 2013.

Short Breaks

The aim of short breaks respite support is to support people within their family and community.  Ability West aims to assist families to engage their own supports through their own natural support networks such as family, local community, neighbours and through the Volunteer Programme.  However, Ability West recognises the need for more formalised supports. We recommend that where possible, respite supports should be provided in the home and in the community via Host Families, Community Support, Outreach Projects and in other innovative and inclusive ways.

All funded respite options are resource dependent.  Ability West provides Short Breaks Respite support in the following ways:
Social Groups and Summer Camps where individuals are supported in small groups to develop their social skills
Host Families where families provide short and long term breaks in their homes to children and adults.  This is a shared service between Ability West and Brothers of Charity Services Galway
Grants to Families where the organisation pays a grant to the family so they can fund support from a support person on a private basis
Volunteers is where an unpaid, vetted person offers support to individuals and groups
Community Support is where a paid support worker is provided to the person with a disability in their own home and community.  These Community Support Workers are aligned with individuals who have particular requirements and again provide a service which is very much valued by the individual and their family.
Residential Respite is where the person with a disability accesses respite in a residential building supported by staff along with other people with a disability.  Residential Respite will only be provided in specific circumstances and will be assessed and decided on an individual basis.

To access these forms of short breaks, it is necessary to complete the Short Breaks Application form, which is available on the intranet, under Home Sharing and Community Support.

On completion, the form is then sent to the Respite and Community Support Manager who logs the request on the waiting list and puts the original copy of the form on the service user’s central file.  The request is considered by the appropriate team along with the Social Work team if required.  Short breaks are prioritised and offered should resources be available.

Supported Living

Supported living aims to enable people to live in homes of their choosing with the support they require.  Two fundamental principles of supported living are that:

Individuals have their own tenancies
Individuals are supported to access mainstream housing options only.

For individuals this means being able to:

Choose who they live with
Choose where they live
Choose how they are supported
Have their own home
Get good support
Choose their friends and relationships
Choose how to be healthy and safe
Choose how to take part in their community
Have the same rights and responsibilities as other citizens
Get help to make changes in their life

If you or your family member wish to find out about more about your supported living options please contact Denise Higgins, Supported living Coordinator at 091 540900.

Steps to Supported Living

1.Talk to someone who can help you decide if you want to apply for supported living.  Your wishes for your future living arrangements should be part of your PCP plan, and also should be included in your Case Review meetings.

2.You can contact Denise Higgins, Supported Living Co-Ordinator for advice or guidance on how to apply (see application form).  This form needs to be completed and sent to Denise Higgins.

3.You must apply to either Galway City Council or Galway County Council (depending on whether you want to live in the city or county) in order to be assessed as having a housing need.  This involves filling out a form which can be sourced from Galway City and County Councils or it can be downloaded from their websites: www.galwaycity.ie or www.galway.ie.

4.Once you have completed and submitted this form and you are deemed as requiring housing support, you will be given a letter of housing need.  As the waiting list for council houses is so long (currently up to 10 years) this letter will be necessary when you are applying to the Department of Social Protection for rent supplement.  Voluntary housing associations such as Cluid and Respond also take their tenants from the Council housing waiting list.

5.Rent supplement is paid to people in private rented accommodation who cannot provide for the cost of their accommodation.  In general you will qualify for rent supplement if your only income is a social welfare payment and you satisfy the other conditions.  The rent supplement form can be sourced from your local Social Protection office or downloaded from www.welfare.ie.  This form can be partly filled out and the necessary documents complied in advance of finding a suitable property, however it does not need to be submitted to the Department of Social Protection until a suitable property has been found and the landlord has agreed to rent the property to you.  The landlord must fill out his details on the form.

6.The rent supplement caps are €280 per month per person sharing or €475 per month per person renting alone.

7.The form can then be brought to your local Social Protection office, where the Social Protection Officer will decide if you are approved for rent supplement.  The Social Protection Office in Galway City is located in the Fairgreen, beside the Radisson hotel.  If you are applying in Galway County then you must submit the form to your local Social Protection office.


Ability West Physiotherapists provide support and services to people who avail of our services and their families.  As part of the multidisciplinary team, we provide assessments, recommendations, and therapy to children in St. Teresa’s Special School, Ballinasloe; Tigh Nan Dooley Scoil Speisialta, Carraroe; St. Oliver’s Special School, Tuam; and St. Joseph’s Special School, Galway.  The Physiotherapy Department provides services to adult service users in the area of mobility, transfers and in maintaining healthy muscles and joints in a variety of settings throughout Galway City and County.  We aim to involve all key members of a person’s life to provide services in a meaningful and family-focused way.

Areas where Physiotherapy can help:

24-Hour Postural Management: To provide assessment of Service users with physical disability, Seating and Mobility equipment, Sleep Systems, etc.
Mobility: Gait training/strength training/balance, prescribing Standers, Crutches, Walkers, Tricycles etc.
Orthotics: Prescription of splints, braces, orthosis, prosthetics, footwear, insoles, gaitors, thera-togs, second skin and other lycra splints, specialised helmets
Beds Committee: Prescription of beds, mattress
Respiratory: Chest physio/postural drainage
Horse riding/hippo therapy
Intervention post botox: Exercise prescription/advice
Rheumatology/Orthopaedics/post Fracture/Surgery: Rehabilitation programme
Multi-Sensory Activity Advice including Sensory Integration with focus on motor co-ordination difficulties
Balance and falls prevention
Clamping and Lift Equipment: Training and advice on transport safety
Manual Handling: Provision of Manual Handling Training, training for hoists/slings, manual handling risk assessments, ergonomics

Further information is available by contacting Renjith Joseph, Physiotherapy Manager at 091 540900 or Renjith.Joseph@abilitywest.ie.

Psychology and Behaviour Support

The Psychology Department comprises of Psychologists, the Positive Behaviour Support Manager and the Behaviour Support Therapist.  Psychologists work with individuals who attend services and who are referred for specific work such as an assessment or for therapy.  The Positive Behaviour Support Service provides support to individuals who have significant behavioural needs.  Psychologists do not work with all service users, and are involved only when there is a particular need or difficulty that requires input.  Psychologists can be asked to carry out work with an individual by the person themselves, or by a family or staff member.  Once the work has been completed, the psychologist may not be involved again unless another matter is referred for follow up.

Areas of work include

Assessment Work
Support and Consultation
Positive Behaviour Support
Clinical Therapeutic Work
Child and Adult Protection
Staff and Family Training
Service Development and Staff Support

Psychologists mainly rely on unit teams and family members to identify individuals’ needs and to seek psychological support when necessary.  Psychology input can be requested by using the Psychology Referral Form, or by contacting the Head of Psychology, at Blackrock House. Tel: 091-540900.

Speech and Language Therapy

This department provides a service to both children and adults and is committed to the promotion of successful “Total Communication” for service users to understand and express themselves.  Total Communication means use of all modes of communication; both non-verbal and verbal.  It is recognised that successful communication is vital for person centred planning as follows:

Making choices
Giving consent
Self-advocating and acting independently
Creating and sustaining relationships
Understanding and being understood
Accessing and giving information
Engaging in supported employment
Experiencing positive communication

The role of the Speech and Language Therapist includes the assessment, diagnosis and management of communication and feeding, eating, drinking and swallowing difficulties (FEDS).

The Speech and Language Therapy Department aims to work collaboratively with service users, their families, their support network, teachers, staff, and other members of the multidisciplinary team.  The department maintains a close link with other agencies including the HSE and makes onward referrals as appropriate.

Areas of Work

Intervention is focussed on the development of functional communication and may involve the following areas:

Receptive and expressive language
Oral motor skills for feeding and speech
Use of appropriate augmentative and alternative communication systems, for example: Lámh, PECS, picture communication systems and communication aids
Staff and family training and support
Accessible information for service users
Development of shared resources to support the communication environment is ongoing and available to all centres.

This department has developed comprehensive training packages for staff and families including:

Communication strategies training
Certified Lámh training
Family Lámh training
Visual communication supports
Communication passports
Accessible information (service user friendly documents, easy to read documents, etc.)

Social Work

The aim of the Social Work Department is to support service users and their families by assessing need and identifying with them the most appropriate ways of meeting these needs.  Social Workers will advocate on their behalf within Ability West and within the wider environment such as the Health Service Executive (HSE), local Authorities, etc.

Social Workers provide practical and emotional support to assist families and service users in coping with any difficulties they may encounter in relation to the disability.  The department has a special responsibility to ensure that the requirements of service user s’ families are known and included in service planning within Ability West.  Social Workers liaise with day, residential and respite services to ensure that service user’s needs are being met in so far as possible within resources.

Areas of Work

Family Support
Client Protection
Short Breaks/Respite
Crisis Intervention
Support with Bereavement and Loss
Future Planning
Staff Training
Policy Development
Service Development and Planning
Person Centred Planning
Empowering Families


Ability West currently has over 200 male and female volunteers who facilitate activities focused around personal choice such as swimming, yoga, bowling or doing social activities.  Many share their talents, skills and interests with service users and some are involved in art programmes, drama and music sessions.  Others are involved in community skills where they accompany service users to the shop, library, post office or beauty salon.  Volunteers help with the everyday things that we take for granted.  The role of the volunteer can even include driving a bus, cleaning or doing DJ at our discos.  No matter what the involvement, volunteers enjoy the contribution they make.

The Volunteer Programme is all about engaging with Ability West, services and most importantly, our service users.  It is all about having fun and sharing that fun with a person with an intellectual disability.  Volunteers find volunteering with Ability West to be flexible and rewarding.  The opportunity to make a positive difference to the life of another person is always very satisfying at every level.

For further information, please contact Linda Keane, Volunteer Programme Manager at 091 540900 or click here Volunteer.

Special Schools

Ability West is patron of four special schools located in Ballinasloe, Carraroe, Galway City and Tuam.  The special schools are under the remit of the Department of Education and Skills and Boards of Management are in situ in all schools.  Ability West nominates two representatives to each Board of Management, one of whom takes on the role of Chairperson.

Tigh Nan Dooley Scoil Speisialta, Carraroe                Aisling Heskin, Chairperson

St. Joseph’s Special School, Galway City                 Eileen Costello-Conneely, Chairperson

St. Oliver’s Special School, Tuam                             David Joyner, Chairperson

St. Teresa’s Special School, Ballinasloe                   Gerry Haslam, Chairperson


2. Arlene Naugthen @ Sugru Therapy View More Details on Arlene Naugthen @ Sugru Therapy Visit the Arlene Naugthen @ Sugru Therapy Website Email Arlene Naugthen @ Sugru Therapy
Address: Contact Details:
Main Office:
Co Roscommon
Outreach Service in Various Locations
Telephone: 0867920925
Email: arlene@sugru.ie
Email: info@sugru.ie
Website: www.sugru.ie

Arlene Naughten, the Clinical Director at Sugru, provides a range of services to meet the developmental and therapeutic needs of families, children, young people, teenagers, and parents. The main aim of Sugru is to provide a service that is fully accessible and thus has an option for everyone. 

For New & Expectant Mothers - Child Development & Parenting Workshop - Offering a valuable support to new mothers to equip them with tools to improve their emotional health and the well-being of their child.

For Families -  

An Individual Parenting Consutation is the first port of call for any parent experiencing any difficulty, where parents will get professional advice based on their individual needs as identified. 

Family based Therapeutic Intervention is designed to meet the needs of a family as a whole and will often include play therapy for younger children, cognitive behaviour therapy for teenagers, parenting support for parents, and attachement work with the whole family. (see www.sugru.ie for more information on each of these therapeutic techniques)

Parening Workshops - Small numbers per group, gives parents the opportunity to learn parenting skills specific to their families needs

o Communicating with your Child, From Baby to Toddler: The Early Years
o Managing the Family: A Tool for Busy Families
o Parenting a Teenage
o Parenting through Divorce/Separation
o Parenting a Child with Special Needs

For Children:

o Developmental Play Groups (age 2-3 years)
o Individual Therapeutic Play (age 3 - 12 years)
o Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (age 10 - 18 years)

Mindfulness for Everyone - Learn important relaxion technique and have the opportunity to practice same in the variety of sessions on offer

o Mammy & Baby Mindfulness
o Parent & Toddler Mindfulness
o Parent's Mindfulness
o Childrens Mindfulness
o Adult Mindfulness

Specialised Services for Children with Additional Needs - such as Autism, Dyspraxia, etc.

o Specialised Developmental Play Groups
o Social Skills Workshops
o Meditation & Movement Classes
o Socialisation Camps
o Sibling Support Groups

Your Practitioner: Arlene Naughten BA, PGDipPsyc, PGDipEd, MScPsyc, MScFPsycC, PGCertPBPT, mBPsS, mPsSI, mPTI, mTCI is a highly trained and experienced practitioner with a range of specialisms including working with Domestic Violence, Neuro-Developmental Needs, Fears, Anxiety, Attachment, Early Childhood Trauma, and Family Communication Breakdowns, to name but a few. Arlene's full biography can be seen at http://sugru.ie/?page_id=38. 

3. Arthritis Ireland View More Details on Arthritis Ireland Visit the Arthritis Ireland Website Email Arthritis Ireland
Address: Contact Details:
Clanwilliam Square,
Grand Canal Quay,
Dublin 2
Telephone: (01) 661 8188
Email: e.info@arthritisireland.ie
Website: www.arthritisireland.ie/

Arthritis Ireland,Ireland's only arthritis charity enabling people with arthritis to take their lives back. We provide real solutions. We empower people with arthritis and those caring for them to take positive actions to manage the effects of their disease on their lives.

We dramatically improve the quality of life of people affected with arthritis through the provision of innovative and life changing education and support programmes which are specially designed to give people with arthritis the information and skills they need to take back control of their disease and their life.

We actively support research into arthritis to ensure that Ireland is at the forefront of new break-through’s leading to possible cures.
We fund training of health professionals  through university medical schools to create a direct and positive improvement in patient care.
We lobby Government departments to invest the necessary funding in rheumatology services to provide a world class service that will positively  change  the outlook and outcome of patients lives.

4. At Home Counselling Service by Helplink View More Details on At Home Counselling Service by Helplink Visit the At Home Counselling Service by Helplink  Website Email At Home Counselling Service by Helplink
Address: Contact Details:

1st Floor
The Plaza
Headford Road

Telephone: 091 759887
Email: helplinksupport@helplink.ie
Website: www.helplink.ie

Helplink provides many support services. One of these is our online or by phone counselling service:.

Assisting the disabled with their mental health - our online/phone counselling service is particularly useful for people in rural areas and people with physical disabilities as they do not have to leave the comfort of their own home or private setting.

Our qualified, insured and Garda vetted counsellors provide counselling appointments from people's homes or private settings seven days a week

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday - 9 am to 9 pm

Saturday & Sunday - 12 pm to 6 pm

Closed: Bank Holidays & Christmas/New Year's Eve


If you are in receipt of Disability Benefit or Illness Benefit one appointment costs €30.


What is Online or Phone Counselling?

It is counselling but through your computer, smartphone or your standard phone. You can take part in your session in a place that feels more comfortable and is more convenient for you, like your own home, office or private setting!

Who is it for?

Our online or phone counselling service is for anyone over 18 in Ireland who believes they may benefit from professional, one-to-one counselling, whether they are dealing with depression, anxiety, phobias, addiction or simply just need someone to talk things out with.

We also work with young people age 15 - 18 who may be dealing with these issues and/or are being bullied or are under stress with exam pressure; with the written permission of their parent or caregiver.

Couples and families are also welcome and the ease of access to this service makes counselling more readily available to members of the disabled community.

I want to know more before I book an appointment!

Contact: you can email us at helplinksupport@helplink.ie, or call us on (091) 759887 and/or go to our website for more information www.helplink.ie.

5. Autism Support Ireland View More Details on Autism Support Ireland Visit the Autism Support Ireland Website Email Autism Support Ireland
Address: Contact Details:
Telephone: (01) 853 1572
Email: info@autismsupport.ie
Website: www.autismsupport.ie/

Autism Support Ireland is a coordinated initiative which aims to enhance and support the whole person and family affected by Autism by providing access to information.

6. Bluebird Care View More Details on Bluebird Care Visit the Bluebird Care Website Email Bluebird Care
Address: Contact Details:
Ground Floor, Block 13
Galway Technology Park
Contact: Carolyn Corless
Telephone: 091 480048
Email: galway@bluebirdcare.ie
Website: www.bluebirdcare.ie/

Bluebird Care is a provider of a wide range of care services to people of all ages in their own homes. We have a growing network of offices throughout Ireland and we work with private individuals (and their families), the HSE, GPs, Public Health Nurses and Social Workers. We also offer live-in care for people who would like, or who need, a greater level of care provision.

Bluebird Care is a nation wide service, we provide home care throughout Galway.

People to Contact

Carolyn Corless

7. Brí - Independent Brain Injury Support & Advocacy View More Details on Brí - Independent Brain Injury Support & Advocacy Visit the Brí - Independent Brain Injury Support & Advocacy Website Email Brí - Independent Brain Injury Support & Advocacy
Address: Contact Details:
St Catherines Sports Centre
Marrowbone Land
Dublin 8
Telephone: 01 482 4802
Email: info@briireland.ie
Email: support@briireland.ie
Website: www.briireland.ie

Brí, Independent brain injury support & advocacy is a charity organisation that provide support, information & advocacy to people with brain injury, their families and carers all over Ireland. Our Head Office is based in Dublin but we have support groups in Mayo and Roscommon:

Mayo group:
3rd Monday of every month
7:30pm - 9:00pm
Le Cheile Family Resource Centre

Roscommon group:
1st Tuesday of every month
7:00pm - 8:30pm
Abbey Hotel, Galway Road, Roscommon

We also provide telephone and email support through: 01 482 4802, support@briireland.ie 

8. Brothers of Charity Services Galway View More Details on Brothers of Charity Services Galway Visit the Brothers of Charity Services Galway Website Email Brothers of Charity Services Galway
Address: Contact Details:
Woodlands Centre
Telephone: 091 721400
Email: contact@galway.brothersofcharity.ie
Website: www.brothersofcharity.ie/galwa...

Our services are divided about equally between children (48%) and adults (52%). We provide a wide range of services with an emphasis on community based services provided mainly through four community-oriented teams, our Early Childhood Services, our School Age Team, our Aftercare team and Supported Employment, and our Ballinasloe-based multidisciplinary team. This work is supported by a range of multidisciplinary specialists and there is a network of respite care and a family support system.

Centre-based services include specialist pre-schools, special schools, centre-based services for adults in Ballinasloe, Casla, Galway, and Gort; and we have two village-type residential centres, The John Paul Centre and the Kilcornan Centre. About 48% of those who use our services attend centre-based services for some or all of their programme while the other 52% are supported in their local preschools, schools, and in other community settings.

While the Brothers of Charity Services Galway work in close association with the other Brothers of Charity regions around the country (Clare, Limerick, Roscommon, the South East, and the Southern Services), the Galway Region’s autonomy is recognised and protected by our National Structure.

9. Comfort Keepers View More Details on Comfort Keepers Visit the Comfort Keepers Website Email Comfort Keepers
Address: Contact Details:
Comfort Keepers,
Unit 1 Liosban Business Park,
Tuam Road,
Contact: galway
Telephone: 1850 911 800
091 455100
Email: care@comfortkeepers.ie
Email: galway@comfortkeepers.ie
Website: www.comfortkeepers.ie/

At Comfort Keepers, we provide care and support services so your loved one can stay at independent and happy in the comfort of his or her own home, ensuring peace of mind for you and your family.

We offer personal, homecare and companionship services and cater for a wide range of clients.

People to Contact

091 455100

comfort keepers
1850 455 100

ruth collins
091 455100
10. DeafHear View More Details on DeafHear Visit the DeafHear Website Email DeafHear
Address: Contact Details:
9A St. Francis Street,
Telephone: 091 564871 (Text: 086 8648659)
Email: galway@deafhear.ie
Website: www.deafhear.ie

Support service for members of the deaf community in Galway.

11. Department of Social Protection View More Details on Department of Social Protection Visit the Department of Social Protection Website Email Department of Social Protection
Address: Contact Details:
Áras Mhic Dhiarmada,
Store Street,
Dublin 1
Telephone: 01 7043000
Email: info@welfare.ie
Website: www.welfare.ie

The Department's role is to promote a caring society through ensuring access to income support and other services, enabling active participation, promoting social inclusion and supporting families. Older people are supported through income and other support services including the following;

– Information Services – 1890 66 22 44
– Free Travel, Household Benefits, State Pension, Domiciliary Care, Widow(er)s Pension, Widowed Parent Grant, Blind Persons Pension - Tel: 1890 500 000
– Carer's Allowance, Carer's Benefit, Disability Allowance, Disablement Benefit, Invalidity Pension, Bereavement Grant - Tel: 1890 927 770
– Supplementary Welfare Allowance - 071 9157100
– Homemakers Te 1890 690 690
– Respite Care Grant – Tel: 01 6732222
– Illness Benefit, Injury Benefit, Medical Care – Tel: 1890 928 400
– Treatment Benefit -Telephone 1890 400 400 
Social Welfare Local Office Galway Tel 091 500800 
Hynes Building, St. Augustine Street, Galway, Co. Galway

12. Disability Support Service View More Details on Disability Support Service Visit the Disability Support Service Website Email Disability Support Service
Address: Contact Details:

Institute of Technology Blanchardstown
Block A, Blanchardstown Rd Noth
Dublin 15

Telephone: (01) 8851382
Email: disabilitysupportservice@nln.ie
Website: www.nln.ie/Centres/Disability-...

The National Learning Network/CDVEC Disability Support Service (DSS) is an exciting and innovative partnership between the National Learning Network and the City of Dublin Vocational Educational Committee which offers a wide range of supports to students with disabilities in eight VEC Colleges of Further Education in Dublin.

13. Enable Ireland Galway View More Details on Enable Ireland Galway Visit the Enable Ireland Galway Website Email Enable Ireland Galway
Address: Contact Details:

Seamus Quirke Road

Telephone: 091 545800/526321
Email: info.galway@enableireland.ie
Website: www.enableireland.ie/

Enable Ireland’s mission is to work in partnership with those who use our services to achieve maximum independence, choice and inclusion in their communities

Enable Ireland provides free services to children and adults with disabilities and their families from 40 locations in 14 counties. Covering childhood to adulthood our expert teams work with the individual and their family on a plan for each life stage.

Our services for children and their families cover all aspects of a child's physical, educational, and social development from early infancy through adolescence.

For adults we offer a range of services covering personal development, independent living, supported employment, social and leisure activities.

14. Galway Autism Partnership View More Details on Galway Autism Partnership Visit the Galway Autism Partnership Website Email Galway Autism Partnership
Address: Contact Details:
Galway Autism Partnership
Tigh Ronan
36 Laurel Park
Galway city
Contact: Louise Sheehy
Telephone: (091) 588 899
Email: info@galwayautismpartnership.com
Website: www.galwayautismpartnership.co...

Galway Autism Partnership GAP is a registered charity for Autism Spectrum Disorders in Galway city and County.

Galway Autism Partnership was formed to support, assist and identify requirements of families living and support a person with autism.  Our current aim is not to re-create a system but identify the 'gap'.

GAP was formed in 2011 by parents struggling with the lack of information and support while raising children with autism IN THE WEST, through a facebook page.  Our patron is President Michael D. Higgins.  We are currently based at Tigh Ronain, Laurel Park Newcastle from 9.30-1.30pm four days a week, provide telephone support seven days a week and facilitate a facebook page and website.  We have one part time office manager.

Our current membership is just peaking at over 400 families.  Our families are based in Galway City and County, however we do have families from surrounding counties in the region who liaise with us and we have established fantastic links with other autism groups in the country.  An average of 3 families join GAP a week.

What does GAP do?
As stated above we aim to bridge the gap in current support systems for families living with the challenges of autism.  We liaise with our members on an ongoing basis and take our direction from them.  Based on that we have established -

1. A junior youth group - in conjunction with foroige this group facilitates children with autism aged between 11-14 years with the aim of easing the transitions to teenage years and secondary school.  This has been identified by parents as a hugely problematic area with some serious consequences for these kids.  This group facilitates 12 children and has been established since September 2012.

2. A senior youth group - this group again delivered in conjunction with Foroige continues to support individuals aged 15-18 years with mainstream challenges and liviing with autism.  Our facilitators encourage the group to work on social interaction with an aim to problem solving and being able to advocate for themselves.  This group facilitates 12 individuals.

3. 3 afterschool groups - we currently provide three afterschool groups for children aged 4-7 years in Tuam, Knocknacarra and Doughiska.  The groups are facilitated by primary schools presently.  The groups provide a fun environment for children with autism to work on social skills through play and necessary respite support for parents/caregivers on that given afternoon.

4. 1 Saturday kids club - we are launching our first Saturday kids club next week for children with autism and complex sensory needs.  The children in this group have a complex level of autism and do not partake in mainstream activities.  The group will be based at Tigh Ronain with an emphasis on outings in the community.  The group provides essential respite support to these families to concentrate on other family requirements of siblings.  It would be our vision to have a 2nd Saturday kids group in 2014 as demand for weekend activities is evident.

5. Summer camps - In 2013 GAP undertook their first summer camps for children with autism TO INCLUDE their siblings.  When schools close for Summer the majority of families with children with autism struggle.  We identified this and facilitated 40 children over 4 weeks in August.  We offered a range of activities from swimming, yoga, music therapy, circus skills, computers, cooking and outings in the community.

6. Social Care Respite Program - In March 2013 GAP did a pilot study with students of the Social Care Degree program at NUI Galway.  These students are required to avail of 200hours practical placement during each academic year.  GAP identified this opportunity and through talks and alot of work we will have 30 families availing of student placement to assist their families one day a week for 3 hours.  This service will provide an essential support system for families.

7. Assisted support - GAP has launched a major recruitment, interview and assessment campaign for volunteers in 2013.  Galway is academically rich due to our 2 fantastic third level institutions and we identified the need for the students studying relevant childcare/education courses for practical experience.  Based on this recruitment GAP has a wonderful network of volunteers to assist all of our programs and also assist any child with autism on a 1:1 capacity should they wish to participate at a mainstream activity i.e. Art classes at Galway Arts Centre.

8. GAP holds monthly support meetings at our base in Tigh Ronain and quarterly family days out in a variety of locations i.e. Loughwell farm, Kilcornan walled garden and Busy Bees.

Based on the above information alone 80 families in Galway City and County will be availing of direct practical support and a service this September.

Partnership Models
At GAP we are totally aware of our limitations on services we can provide.  However to maximise our service provision we buit valued partnerships in the community.  Some of those partnerships include
School awareness packs - In March 2013 GAP produced a school awareness pack for 50 primary schools in Galway city and county.  This information pack and 10 minute CD presentation was very well received with schools from all over Ireland requesting copies of same.
Brothers of charity services and use of their facilities at Kilcornan, Clarinbridge
Forogie - use of their facilities at Foster Street Galway for Youth groups
Health and Leisure clubs - facilitated swim sessions for members at Salthill hotel & Maldron hotel Galway.
City Taxis- this taxi company kindly facilitated our summer camps this summer.
Rosedale school - Through a very generous offer of practical support from Celestrica Galway, GAP identified the need for support for Rosedale school and its children.  Rosedale school facilitates 68 children with severe to profound intellectual disability and severe autism.  The condition of this school is an absolute disgrace in modern society and GAP has endeavoured to to built on community spirit and generosity to engage with these wonderful schools and facilities who work tirelessly with autistic children.  Through much work and meetings Celestica has committed financial support and personnel to improving this school.

GAP was recognised for their contribution to the community and its valuable resource to its members with an invite to speak at the World Autism Conference at NUI in April 2013.  Many worldwide professionals attended and presented at this event.  We continue to liaise with ICAN (Irish Centre for Autism and Neurological Disorders) at NUI Galway on projects, including managing challenging behaviour and oral hygiene.
We also won the Volunteer Organisation Section of the 2013 national Better Together Awards and were recogised by Galway City Council in 2013 for our contribution to social inclusion

Short Term goals
GAP has began the process of identifying the individuals with severe to profound intellectual and autism who are now 18 and have left the education system.  This group have profound needs and to date are being returned home to their families with no structured placements for many and no respite system in place for families.  GAP are working on identifying the current plans in place and bridging these gaps.
GAP will be producing 50 more school awareness packs November 2013
A strategic plan to engage more multinational companies in Galway to pursue practical projects for much neglected special needs facilitates in Galway city and county
A planned conference to liaise with all teachers of children with autism in Galway to also include social workers and early intervention teams, Iin November 2013.
Planned week long event to celebrate World Autism Week to encompass World Autism Day April 2nd 2014 and our very successful Light It Up Blue Campaign, see Galway Cathedral Light It Up Blue 2013.

Long Term goals
A sustained service delivery model with core government funding.
A GAP transport system!!
A permanent well functioning base!!

People to Contact

Louise Sheehy

15. Galway Centre for Independent Living View More Details on Galway Centre for Independent Living Visit the Galway Centre for Independent Living Website Email Galway Centre for Independent Living
Address: Contact Details:
Unit 53
Briarhill Business Pk
H91 X4VR
Telephone: 091 773910
Email: info@gcil.ie
Website: www.gcil.ie

Works to enable people with disabilities opportunities to live meaningful independent lives.

16. Home Care Plus View More Details on Home Care Plus Visit the Home Care Plus Website Email Home Care Plus
Address: Contact Details:

6b Woodbine Park,
County Dublin

Telephone: (01) 2605002
Email: info@homecareplus.ie
Website: www.homecareplus.ie/

Home Care Plus is a dynamic private home care & home help company providing care in the home to all age groups, to the highest possible standards. Numerous international studies have shown that people prefer to stay in their own home for as long as possible. Home care& home help is an alternative to nursing home care and hospital care in certain circumstances and it enables people to remain independent longer than would otherwise be possible and to continue enjoying life and contributing to society in a positive manner.

17. HSE Disability Service View More Details on HSE Disability Service
Address: Contact Details:
HSE Newcastle Road,
Telephone: 091 546209

The Disability Services Office works with a range of voluntary services in the area to provide care, training and development for children and adults with learning or physical disability.

18. HSE Home Help Service View More Details on HSE Home Help Service
Address: Contact Details:
HSE West,
Newcastle Road,
Telephone: 091 546344

The Home Help service is a discretionary service which may provide personal care essential practical care and social care to the following care groups. Older people over 65 years, people with physical and sensory disability. In special cases families and children in need of practical and emotional care and support. The Home Help can be requested by a Public Health Nurse, any discipline within the HSE and potential clients and their families can also apply.

19. IASE View More Details on IASE Visit the IASE Website Email IASE
Address: Contact Details:

No 3 Broadhaven House
Lower Barrack Street
Co Mayo


Contact: Sarah Togher
Telephone: 00 353 97 82894
00 353 97 82895
Email: info@iase.ie
Email: admin@iase.ie
Email: media@iase.ie
Website: www.iase.ie

IASE (Irish Association of Supported Employment) is a national voluntary organisation which was established in February 1994 with the aim of promoting and developing supported employment throughout Ireland.  IASE is the representative voice of almost 800 members in Ireland who in turn work with over 5,000 people with disabilities who are receiving supports through a range of supported employment initiatives.  The organisation is currently funded by the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government under the white paper for voluntary services.

IASE is a nationwide service.


People to Contact

Sarah Togher
097 82894

20. Independent Healthcare Service Ltd. View More Details on Independent Healthcare Service Ltd. Visit the Independent Healthcare Service Ltd. Website Email Independent Healthcare Service Ltd.
Address: Contact Details:

Unit 3
Wespoint Business Park
Dublin 15

Telephone: (01) 4433390
Email: info@ihsltd.ie
Website: www.ihsltd.ie/

Company founded in 2006. I.H.S staff have over 30 years combined experience in the area of Healthcare, building up a reputation for Quality, based on total commitment to a changing market. Our goal is to deliver a comprehensive range of products and services designed to ease the workload of the carer and to improve the quality of life for patients.

21. Independent Living Ireland View More Details on Independent Living Ireland Visit the Independent Living Ireland Website Email Independent Living Ireland
Address: Contact Details:
5 The Parade
Bastion Court
Connaught Street
Telephone: 090 64 92702
Email: info@independentlivingireland.ie
Website: www.independentlivingireland.i...

Independent Living Ireland Ltd provides telecare and assistive living services to promote independence, dignity and quality of life to the elderly, people with disabilities and their carers.

Our products assist those in need to live safely in their homes by reducing the risks of fire and flood, improving security and providing peace of mind in emergency situations e.g fall detection, that a family member/neighbour/monitoring centre will be alerted immediately.

We have two demonstration houses in Athlone town and Ballyconnell Co.Cavan which allow carers, families and individuals to view a wide range of telecare and assistive living products and to test their application.

22. Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind View More Details on Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind Visit the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind Website Email Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind
Address: Contact Details:

National Headquarters and Training Centre,
Model Farm Road,
Cork City,

Telephone: Locall: 1850 506 300
Email: info@guidedogs.ie
Website: www.guidedogs.ie/

Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind is a national charity dedicated to helping people improve their mobility and independence.
The charity provides training for persons who are blind or vision impaired and also for the families of children with autism.

All services are provided free of charge and training takes place at our newly redeveloped residential National Headquarters and Training Centre which is located on Model Farm Road, Cork City.

Our Vision Impaired Services are available to people throughout the Republic of Ireland, who are blind or vision impaired and include:

Guide Dog Mobility Training
Orientation and Mobility (Long Cane) Training
Independent Living Skills Training
We also have an Assistance Dog Programme, where we provide trained Assistance Dogs to families of children with autism.

23. Joe Murphy Counselling & Psychotherapy View More Details on Joe Murphy Counselling & Psychotherapy Visit the Joe Murphy Counselling & Psychotherapy  Website Email Joe Murphy Counselling & Psychotherapy
Address: Contact Details:
Co. Galway.
Contact: Joe Murphy
Telephone: 086 3858536
Email: joe@joemurphy.ie
Website: www.joemurphy.ie

As a counsellor and psychotherapist I use a person-centred approach seeking to develop a trusting, honest relationship with the client. I put emphasis on listening and accepting people for whom they are. My personal style is warm and compassionate.

I have experience of working with a wide range of issues including the following;

Depression                       Anxiety                            Grief                  Sexuality and Identity          Bullying

Relationship problems      Trauma                           Illness and Disability                                      Self harm and suicide

Sexual Abuse                   Mental health                  Loneliness                                                     Self Esteem

Over the past 25 years I have worked in guidance and training roles in the private sector, with youth, in disability services and community organisations. I have gained broad experience of helping people to address difficult issues and I believe that I can help people to achieve their potential and to live fulfilling lives.

As a counsellor and psychotherapist I use a person centred style but also embrace styles such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness and Reality Therapy, all of which are designed to support the client.

The main benefits which  my clients have toltd me that they got from counselling are;

- Live with greater ease and peace of mind
- Address problems which cause stress and anxiety
- Increased reslience
- Helps to see new opportunities and choices for growth.
- Better relationships.

People to Contact

Joe Murphy
086 3858536

24. Kare Plus West View More Details on Kare Plus West Visit the Kare Plus West Website Email Kare Plus West
Address: Contact Details:

Hazel House,
Headford Road,
H91 V6RK

Contact: Debbie O Flaherty
Telephone: 091 706690
Email: west@kareplus.ie
Website: kareplus.ie/

Kare Plus - The Caring Company was originally founded in 1989 in the United Kingdom and from the very beginning it has grown alongside, and established itself as an important part of the UK and International healthcare marketplace.

Kare Plus Ireland was founded in 2018 and is a rapidly expanding network of independently owned franchises providing a full range of homecare, nursing & healthcare services to clients in their own communities. 

Kare Plus specialise in personalised, person centred care and we believe in providing a holistic service to our clients, putting them at the centre of everything we do. We pride ourselves on offering unrivaled support to our clients and staff in both establishment & home care settings.

As a HSE-approved provider, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality of care and support services consistently. Our highly-experienced management teams guarantee that we only deliver superior homecare, nursing and healthcare services.

  • Alzheimers and Dementia Care
  • Domicilliary & Paediatric Care
  • Disability Services & Mental Health Care
  • End of Life Care and Palliative Care
  • Respite Services
  • Private Care & Nursing at Home


People to Contact

Debbie O Flaherty
+353 (0) 863514682

Tobias Feibh
+353 (0)83 063 2200

25. Motability Ireland Ltd View More Details on Motability Ireland Ltd Visit the Motability Ireland Ltd Website Email Motability Ireland Ltd
Address: Contact Details:

Unit 21 Ashbourne Industrial Park
Co. Meath

Telephone: (01) 8359173
Email: sales@motabilityireland.com
Website: www.motabilityireland.com/

Motability Ireland Ltd was established in 1999 by Malachy McElmeel. Based in Ashbourne Co Meath, Motability Ireland manufactures car adaptations to assist disabled drivers and passengers. The most common type of adaptations are hand controls for disabled drivers and swivel seats for disabled passengers but the list of adaptation solutions available is vast.

The company has also grown to be the leading supplier of wheelchair accessible cars for disabled passengers. Whether you are in the market for a new wheelchair accessible car or a pre owned one, Motability Ireland have the vehicle in stock and offer free home demonstrations. Motability Ireland is also the country’s specialist in Drive from Wheelchair Vehicles to give wheelchair confined drivers complete independence.

26. Myhomecare View More Details on Myhomecare Visit the Myhomecare Website Email Myhomecare
Address: Contact Details:

Unit 19, 3rd Floor

Dockgate, Merchant's Road


Contact: Donna McCrystall
Telephone: 1 800 400 900
Email: info@myhomecare.ie
Website: myhomecare.ie/

Evidence has shown that people are happier and live longer within their own homes. All of our home care service programmes are designed to promote independent living within a safe and comfortable environment. Whether you’re looking for basic home help from qualified carers or advanced home nursing or home care services, our Home Care company can work with you to design a home care service package that meets your needs.

Our home care services include:

Respite Care
Assisted Hospital Discharge
Care for Children with Special Needs or Illness
Assisted Living
Dementia/Alzheimer’s Care
With offices in Dublin, Galway, Dundalk, Cork, Waterford and Limerick and a team of nationwide carers and registered nurses, our Home Care company, myhomecare.ie, is a leading supplier of home care services and home nursing solutions right across Ireland.

Would you like to work as a carer for myhomecare.ie?

If you have completed a carer course
If you are a caring person and have a genuine interest in helping others
If you have experience of caring for a loved one and would like to become a Homecare Assistant
If the answer is yes, we would love to hear from you.

People to Contact

Donna McCrystall

27. National Advocacy Service for People with Disabilities View More Details on National Advocacy Service for People with Disabilities Visit the National Advocacy Service for People with Disabilities Website Email National Advocacy Service for People with Disabilities
Address: Contact Details:

National Office, C/O Citzens Information Board.
George's Quay
House 43 Townsend Street
Dublin 2, D02 VK65

Telephone: 0761073000
Email: info@advocacy.ie
Website: advocacy.ie

The National Advocacy Service (NAS) is an organisation which helps adults with disabilities. If you have a disability, like a physical or intellectual disability, one of our staff could help you with an issue you are having.
NAS provides a free and confidential advocacy service to adults with a disability, aged 18 years and over.  NAS is independent from Service Providers and funders.
NAS has a particular remit to work with people with disabilities who are in vulnerable situations, such as people who are isolated from their community of choice or mainstream society, may communicate differently and who have limited information or natural supports.  Our staff are called advocates, and they can assist you with problems like deciding where you want to live, healthcare decisions, your personal finances and family or relationships issues.

28. National Council for the Blind of Ireland View More Details on National Council for the Blind of Ireland Visit the National Council for the Blind of Ireland Website Email National Council for the Blind of Ireland
Address: Contact Details:

NCBI Galway,
9a St. Francis Street,

Telephone: 1850 334353
091 564926
Email: info@ncbi.ie
Website: www.ncbi.ie

NCBI is a not for profit charitable organisation which provides support and services nationwide to people experiencing sight loss.

We also provide a range of services to public and private organisations to make sure that their services are accessible to people who are blind and vision impaired.

29. National Federation of Arch Clubs View More Details on National Federation of Arch Clubs Visit the National Federation of Arch Clubs Website Email National Federation of Arch Clubs
Address: Contact Details:

74 Meadow Grove,
Churchtown Upper
Dublin 16,

Telephone: 01 2951081
Email: archclubs@eircom.net
Website: www.archclubs.com/

Friendship Clubs For People With Special Needs
The National Federation of Arch Clubs is the umbrella body in Ireland for 50 friendship clubs catering for people with special needs.

From the formation of one club in Dundrum to 50 clubs nationwide, Arch has continued to grow, with up to 2000 club members enjoying various club activities around the country. Well done to all the volunteers, committee members, fundraisers and parents who help to make their clubs possible.

Arch Clubs provide a secure social environment for people with special needs. We aim to enhance and enrich the lives of people with special needs and their families by providing choices, opportunities and respect for all those who have special needs in community-based Arch Clubs.

30. Post Polio Support Group View More Details on Post Polio Support Group Visit the Post Polio Support Group Website Email Post Polio Support Group
Address: Contact Details:

Unit 319 Capel Building,
Mary's Abbey,
Dublin 7,

Telephone: (01) 889 8920
Email: info@ppsg.ie
Website: www.ppsg.ie/

The Post Polio Support Group CLG (PPSG) is a charitable organisation set up by Polio Survivors to assist their fellow survivors.


Regular meetings are held countrywide at which Polio Survivors can get together.  This can provide a focus for sharing information on the Late Effects of Polio, often with the help of specialist practitioners who frequently attend the meetings by arrangement.  If there is not a social support meeting near you and you have ideas for meeting with other Polio Survivors please let us know by telephone at 01 889 8920 or E-mail  info@ppsg.ie.

31. Special Needs Parents Association View More Details on Special Needs Parents Association Visit the Special Needs Parents Association Website Email Special Needs Parents Association
Address: Contact Details:

Special Needs Parents Association

13 Upper Baggot Street

Second Floor

Dublin 4

Telephone: 087 0986019
087 7741917
Email: info@specialneedsparents.ie
Website: www.specialneedsparents.ie/

Special Needs Parents Association exists to support all parents of children with special needs irrespective of age or diagnosis, by advocating on a national level for improved treatment, education, welfare and acceptance for our children.

The Special Needs Parents Association was set up early in 2010 by likeminded parents from all over Ireland who realised that there was a need for a national organisation to represent the views of all parents who had children with special needs, regardless of their diagnosis or age.

We chose not to distinguish between parents who had children with physical disabilities; intellectual disabilities, sensory disabilities, autistic spectrum disorders, learning difficulties and non-diagnosed conditions, for all parents of these children had one thing in common. We are parents of children with special needs.

What do we do?

We do not seek to compete with other local groups, but to help point parents in the right direction who may be looking for a local group or service and to provide parent to parent support in the areas where there is none. The Association has a network of Area Representatives offering local support to parents and to liaise with local groups and services. If there is no support group in your area, we can help you get one started by promoting it online for you.

On a national level the Association aims to represent parents who feel strongly about their children’s access to the Irish education system as well as to society in general.

We provide information on

Special education and accessing resources
Social Welfare
Local parent support groups

32. The Asthma Society of Ireland View More Details on The Asthma Society of Ireland Visit the The Asthma Society of Ireland Website Email The Asthma Society of Ireland
Address: Contact Details:

Asthma Society of Ireland
42-43 Amiens Street,
Dublin 1

Telephone: 01 8178886
Email: office@asthmasociety.ie
Website: www.asthma.ie/

The Asthma Society's vision is for Ireland to take a leading role in Europe by developing an integrated public health approach to asthma management, delivering evidence based care; enabling patients to enjoy optimal asthma control and quality of life.

The Asthma Society of Ireland's mission is to optimise asthma control through support, education, effecting change and research.

The Asthma Society of Ireland has a clearly defined role in providing support services for people living with asthma. With over 470,000 people living with asthma in this country alone, we actively engage with the general public, healthcare professionals, the government, third party organisations and other stakeholders to keep asthma high on the agenda.

33. The National Disability Authority View More Details on The National Disability Authority Visit the The National Disability Authority Website Email The National Disability Authority
Address: Contact Details:

25 Clyde Road,
Dublin 4

Telephone: (01) 6080400
Email: nda@nda.ie
Website: www.nda.ie/

The National Disability Authority (NDA), as the independent statutory body provides information and advice to the Government on policy and practice relevant to the lives of persons with disabilities. We have a role to assist the Minister for Justice and Equality in the co-ordination of disability policy.

Our functions include research, developing and collaborating on the development of relevant statistics; assisting in the development of standards; developing codes of practice and monitoring the implementation of standards, codes and employment of persons with disabilities in the public service.

We work through our Centre for Excellence in Universal Design to promote the universal design of the built environment, products, services and information and communication technologies so that they can be easily accessed and used by everyone, including persons with disabilities.

34. UCD School of Psychology - Disability Studies View More Details on UCD School of Psychology - Disability Studies Visit the UCD School of Psychology - Disability Studies Website
Address: Contact Details:

Dublin 4

Telephone: (01) 716 7225
Website: www.ucd.ie/

The Centre for Disability Studies was established in 2002 with the appointment of the NDA Chair in Disability Studies at University College Dublin and joined The School of Psychology within The College of Human Sciences in September 2005.
The Centre is dedicated to the emerging field of disability studies, a multi- and inter-disciplinary area of research, teaching, training, and practice that aims to develop a better understanding of disability.

This includes looking at the nature of disability (both historically and currently), the impact of disability on people with disabilities, their families and wider social context, and how services can met the needs and maximise the potential of people with disabilities and their families.

Through the MSc in Rehabilitation and Disability Studies and the various research projects based in the Centre, we work to make a contribution to national and international understanding and practice in the field of Disability Studies.

35. Women with Disabilities in the West View More Details on Women with Disabilities in the West Email Women with Disabilities in the West
Address: Contact Details:
4 The Links,
Ballymoneen Road,
Telephone: 087 694 33 40
Email: marianmaloneynolan@eircom.net

This group of women came together to support one another and advocate on behalf of women with disabilities and to network with agencies.

36. Work4You - Acquired Brain Injury Ireland View More Details on Work4You - Acquired Brain Injury Ireland Visit the Work4You - Acquired Brain Injury Ireland Website Email Work4You - Acquired Brain Injury Ireland
Address: Contact Details:
Acquired Brain Injury Ireland
Upper Chapel Street
Co., Mayo
Contact: Mairead Bradley
Telephone: 0949026630
012804164 ext 301
Email: work4you@abiireland.ie
Email: mbradley@abiireland.ie
Website: www.abiireland.ie

Work4You is a vocational assessment service for people who have an acquired brain injury (ABI) and who want to return to work, training or education. Work4You also provides essential ABI information and education for employers, tutors and trainers who are supporting people affected by an ABI. ABI Ireland has three Work4You teams located in the Border, Midlands and West Region. Each team includes an Occupational Therapist and two Vocational Facilitators who will carry out one-to-one assessments as well as providing on-going vocational guidance and support. Every Work4You participant will be supported to develop a Personal Progression Plan (PPP) which will enable them to set, and achieve goals relating to education, training and employment. The west team covers the counties Mayo, Galway, Roscommon, Sligo, Leitrim and Donegal.

A full Work4You assessment is carried out by an Occupational Therapist, highlighting each Work4You participants work skills, knowledge and experience. The Work4You team use Valpar assessment tools while also taking a holistic look at the participants’ life. Focusing on the individuals functional and work capacity, identifying transferrable skills.
Work4You will:
- Give the individual a chance to get involved in tasks which they may find more challenging, such as identify areas of work they find difficult or impossible to do
- Provide assistance in setting vocational goals; which include outlining potential work, training and education options
- Ensure that those with an ABI receive feedback, recommendations and strategies with which they can build on their vocational strength
- Develop a sustainable working environment for both the employee, employer, student, tutor and trainer. 

Work4You referrals can be made by the person with an ABI, a family member, or employer as well as healthcare and allied professionals. Work4You participants must meet the following criteria:
- Have sustained an ABI
- Live in counties Donegal, Sligo, Leitrim, Mayo, Roscommon, Galway, Offaly, Longford, Westmeath, Louth, Cavan, Monaghan or Laois
- 16-65 years
- Receive a Department of Social Protection payment
- Be approved by the Department of Social Protection to participate in Work4You

ABI Ireland will coordinate an eligibility check on behalf of the Department of Social Protection. Once approval has been received the Work4You team will begin to work with the individual to ensure an effective Personal Progression Plan is put in place to help them return to work, training or education. In the event of someone not being eligible for this programme, the team will link them in with appropriate community support services.

Work4You is funded by the Department of Social Protection and the European Social Fund under the Disability Activation Project (DACT). The programme ‘Work4You’ is the first community based neuro-assessment service of its kind in Ireland.

The Work4You hub for the West and North-West Region is located at Upper Chapel Street, Castlebar. For more information about Work4You contact 094 9026 630 or see www.abiireland.ie 

People to Contact

Mairead Bradley

Zoe Barnett

Rosaleen Gaffney