Vita House Family Centre

Abbey Street
Co. Roscommon

Vita House Family Centre is a community and voluntary organization located in Roscommon town which provides a holistic service to the community, including a wide range of enrichment and family support programmes, courses, seminars and workshops.  Professional counselling  / psychotherapy and family mediation services are offered.

Vita House also engages in ongoing research and outreach programmes as requested by the local community and groups in the community.

Born out of the Christian Tradition, Vita House Family Centre, a voluntary organisation is open to all faiths.   It aims to:

    facilitate the community to identify their needs and develop services accordingly

    provide a space and place of listening during times of crisis

    address disadvantage in its many forms and maintain the
    focus on vulnerable / marginalized groups in research and in developing services

    offer outreach, especially to disadvantaged groups and ethnic minorities

    facilitate ethnic and minority groups in analysing and responding to their needs

    promote the well-being of the family and to value the uniqueness of each person, irrespective of age, status, social class or religion

    adopt a holistic approach recognising the emotional, physical, social and spiritual dimensions of the human person

    work in co-operation with all agencies and bodies in the statutory and voluntary sectors whose focus is the well-being of family in its diverse forms



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